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Copyright note~ menu varies from page to page. If you use lengthy quotes, we appreciate our copyright notice for the following. Each article is copyrighted by The West Coast Magazine, The Divining Nation, or The San Francisco Pocket Astrologer as indicated by author of page or copyright/Rev. DonnaKova Dauser if there is no indication as to author. Thank you.


Astrology Navigation, Jupiter Navigation and Table, and Mercury Mercury in the Signs

Colours Around the Zodiac Sun Sign Palettes

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Bonus Amulets and Talismans Articles!
  Harry Potter navigation new and updated pages and star charts
Legend: Robin Hood and Maid Marion
The Lord of The Rings
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The Alchemy Page: A series of excerpts and articles related to Alchemical Knowledge. Includes the Alchemist's Prayer and Quiz!.

The Aura Page: The fascinating study of energy envelopes and energy fields around human anatomy. Some articles include aura illustrations. Currently available for review are a full range of examples, drafts and completed drawings.   
The Etheric, Matrix Fields - electromagnetic insulation envelopes, Mirror, Matrix Aura Palette. new - Seraph
Spy Game energy diagram

Prismatic Waves of Color: The Colour Index lists an expanding series of articles regarding the internal and external utilization of diffused light.
  Innkeepers Company see Colour Me Cornucopia Inn, The Mountain Lake Wave

Cultural Revolution in San Francisco - review of inner space exploration during transformations of the counter culture, The Bus ~ The Beat Goes On, featuring Cassady, Kerouac, and Kesey. Digger Space

Akasha On The Enterprise and 1 0 F O R W A R D and The Galley, link up to Star Trek Captains



The Need for BEAUTY by Rudolph Schaeffer

One of Rudolph Schaeffer's last lectures on color, form, and harmony. Rudolph Schaeffer was the principle designer and instructor of the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design,  considered to be one of the premier design schools in the world. Very cool.

Good for reflection and study * Exercise 2a review significant films [foreign],  Study 2b Inner Plane Outlines * 2b/2b, * Tarot and alchemy exercise for green with grey at Study 2c review some binary solutions.  exercises for meditation R & R see Study 2d.  Good for concentration or melting  mood: Candle articles @ 3a. Visual examples are found on pages 4a for centering, 4b for Galadriel's Glade, 4c thought and form examples, and 4d

Blind Spot in The Mind ~ Refreshing meditation, serene as the great outdoors! 
Butterfly World
Chidakasha Geetha: A wonderful meditation for those working to coordinate the elements of Sound with Color Frequencies in daily life!
Daily Meditation Angel Musings for every day people.
Dowser Links

Meditation Index
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. at Warm Springs, VA: Excerpts from "The Salad Days" ~ Text pertaining to Jupiter and Tin, and Jupiter in the signs of the zodiac at the World Server page highlighting Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.  
My favorite Heartwarmers and World Servers, Heartwarmer * Bread & Roses, The Trail of Painted Ponies


Peter Albin ~ My interview with founding member of Big Brother & The Holding Company
Jim Gary ~  My interview with one of the most fascinating artists in the USA.
Mickey McGowen ~ Curator of The Unknown Museum - all the things you knew and forgot
Yogeshwar Muni ~ Rare interview with Yogeshwar Muni at Sanatana Dharma Foundation, guiding the  Enlightenment Intensives
People Are Talking!  KPIX Channel 5 sampler of interviews with Chet Helms and other 60s alternate culture survivors,
by Jennifer Montana and regular host Ross Magowen. Features comments about 49er great Joe Montana. Part One.
Robert Redford at The Press Club ~ transcription, Q&A included
Rolling Stones [press on] - pilfered article



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - are you ready for quizzies? Go to QuizHarry Potter Quiz.

Matrix Related WE'RE GOING INN  Menu page links with the star charts for Zion's popular trans-mediums Neo,
Morpheus, and Trinity
Luxurious Dining - check also Numbers Number 1-9 | 11-22-33 | and Stone Gallery

Oracle Homepage Contents include these transcriptions from The Book of Fate as well as modern

oracles utilized by media and spiritual organizations:
PART  I ~ Introductory Account of Ancient Oracles, Oracle of Delphos, Oracle of Delos
PART  II ~ Oracle of Ammon, Oracle of Dodona, The Roman Augers, The Sibylline Books

READ    Article  ~ The Deva at Raglan Castle, Hammerwood Park architecture
                                               based on Oracle ~ Island of Delos

                            ~ The Dowser Page with examples * Dowsing Resource Page
                            ~ Energy Management
                            ~ Sacred Space, Power Sites, Tranquility Zones
                            ~ Site - power sites in the USA and global points to research
                            ~ Stonehenge Brief relating background for ancient standing stones,
                                               the Druids and their rituals.
                            ~ The Zone a variety of Tarot and film channel examples

Tarot Card Directory guide to all posted articles on Tarot Trump and Trump related exercises, including The House
System webpages. House System examples @ Trump VII and VIII, @ Trump IX and X, @ Trump XI and XII, and
Trump XIV. See Transcriber Errors and Omissions to find more about transcriber history. 


QUIZZIES  Quiz Navigation
Gladiator Trivia Quiz
Matrix Quix Oracle Lab and quiz
                                 ~  Robin of Sherwood Greenwood Quiz #I and Greenwood Quiz #II


Babylon 5 Quiz ~ STAR TREK CAPTAINS ~ SPACE STATION * Shore Leave Space Station takes you to Trek Quiz and Trek-Space * Star Wars; 1 0 F O R W A R D and The Galley

Concerning Tolkien, Fantasy and MIDDLE-EARTH 

Middle-earth Inn:, Bilbo's PartyArwen's Garden just updated, Wizards, and hoe-down guidelines.

Support your local Elf: Middle Earth politics link with ancient Cabiri mystery plays. Visit additional Tolkien pages with The Professor's star charts. Read up on Fellowship Elves' and other invisibility cloaks.
Tarot page for Energy MASK dream symbols.
Vote for The Fellowship at star charts page.

Tolkien and Tarot ~ Tarot linked with Tolkien begins with San Francisco's seven ancient sacred sites, made popular in the 60s as the Haight-Ashbury. Lothlorien insight into Trump linked with Galadriel and Celeborn. Rivendell insight into Trump linked with Lord Elrond, Arwen, and the Astrosome. Tolkien images linked with Trump 0/22 and the zone. Kerouac and Cassady, fathers of the beat generation and godfathers of the hippie generation, The Beat Goes On.

[no Muggles allowed]

Diagon Alley Close Magical Creatures, real or imaginary
- Catwoman of Gotham
- LADYHAWKE - star chart for Michelle Pfeiffer
          Exercise 4C
          Hogwarts Ghosts
          Hermione Granger - the most brilliant witch of our time
          Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - the TDN fanpage for Hogwarts
          The Power of Divination - includes Hogwarts emblems and heraldry
          Transfiguration - go to Wizards Index below, or go to special 'Transfigure' page [examples]
          Wands - about Wands and Tetragrammaton [for Tarot student]


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