Mind in Balance


Three general principles underlie the production of all thought-forms:

1. Quality of thought determines color.
2. Nature of thought determines form.
3. Definiteness of thought determines clearness of outline.

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From Manly P. Hall, Lecture #307

     ...Long before most commoners had the idea even remotely, he [Pythagoras] was fully aware that the universe itself is a mass of mathematically ordered processes going on apparently forever, and that all things are based upon one pattern but differ in the number of their parts and the magnitude of their mass. Thus mathematics became involved in weight, in all of our calculations concerning the orbits of planets, in the seasons and everything that we know. Wherever there is an orderly sequence there is a mathematical factor. We number the days of the month, the days of the week. We number the days of the year and we number the number of years that make up the great Platonic year. All these things are mathematically ordered.

     Music is also ordered. Tonal harmonies had to be according to musical modes. There were seven modes of music corresponding to the planets, each dominated by mathematics. There are many types of music such as martial music, sacred music, romantic music, etc. If you could see this music, as Pythagoras pointed out, it is not simply sound; it is architecture, the music patterns are forms in space. They are harmonic forms. If you could see them in their full beauty and magnitude you would see tremendous, mysterious buildings rising in a mist according to the tone of the music. It is said that while Beethoven was looking at the skyline of the Alps once, he realized these peaks were harmonic.

     Pythagoras, following the Egyptians, pointed out that the greatest healing agent in the whole world is harmony. Sickness is inharmony. It arises from conflict in function or conflict between the person and the body. It is an inconsistency, a discordant state resulting from ignorance, perversion, or the transference of wrong attitudes in the function of the body. To Pythagoras, health was harmony, and harmony was bringing all things into order, into proper relationships, and this was possible by means of mathematics. Mathematics could determine inharmony and gradually transmute inharmony. It knew what constituted a constructive composition by its mathematical formula and also what was not a constructive composition by the asymmetry or discords that were built into it. It was Pythagoras, therefore, who was the first to decide the intervals which were discordant and he came to the conclusion that the intervals most likely to be discordant are the intervals of the even numbers as opposed to the intervals of the odd numbers, which were the constructive force. This odd/even pattern goes back to numerology with him.

    Pythagoras also found that beautiful music to honor the gods required a different type of composition for each of them, so that their mood might be experienced within the sensitive field of the human magnetic structure in a manner to convey the quality of the deities themselves. This led immediately to the gradual forming of these sound patterns into structures and these structures, in turn, became the basis of sacred architecture. This architecture was a completely mathematical formula which continued on down through the Vetruvian School in Rome and for a long time dominated the construction of buildings in nearly all parts of the world.

     If the individual is left alone, with nothing done to over-influence him--if he is a natural being, naturally maintained in order, his common sense and natural, intuitive intention expresses itself with a reasonable degree of normalcy. Primitive peoples, or those who have not been influenced by sophistication will nearly always live, think, and build harmonically. They will be in harmony with the development which they themselves have attained. But when the architectural aspect comes to be over-influenced by fashions, discordant circumstances, the determination to have a greater profit from the structure, and buildings are built not to perfect emotions but to produce material profit for the builder, then the quality of the architecture declines...

       -Manly P. Hall

Stairway to Heaven, Music and Our Moral Codes


Traditional Symbol for Harmony, Balance, Victory

Laurel Crown The ancient crown or wreath made of Laurus Nobilis was used as a mark of honor, given as the prize at the Pythian games, a forerunner of the modern Olympic games held in honor of Apollo. Laurus nobilis is an aromatic evergreen with green, glossy leaves, often planted around ancient amphitheatres with orange trees and other plants that emit an uplifting scent that promotes peace of mind.

Invitation to show:  Richard Gere Photographs



Richard Harris as King Arthur, Camelot


It is important to note the way in which the Celtic conceptions of the other-world, in Britain and in Ireland, have been coloured by the geographical aspects of these two countries, by their seas, their islands, their caves, their mounds, their lakes, and their mountains. The local other-worlds of these lands bear, as we might have expected, the clear impress of their origin... One Irish story has a naive description of the glories of the Celtic Elysium in the words, Admirable was that land: there are three trees there always bearing fruit, one pig always alive, and another ready cooked.

Celtic conceptions of the other-world are their consonance with the suggestions made by Celtic scenery to the Celtic imagination, the vagueness and variability of these conceptions in different minds and in different moods, the absence of any ethical considerations beyond the incentive given to bravery by the thought of immortality, and the remarkable development of a sense of possible inter-relations between the two worlds, whether pacific or hostile.


August 25, 1930, 6.05 PM Sun 1 Virgo 45 - Moon 23 Virgo 53

In Mental Alchemy Mercury, as ruling planet of Virgo, is considered more than a facilitator, conveyor, and stimulus for the convenience of the waking conscious mind. Mercury helps to determine the way new knowledge is brought in via examination, comparison, and adjustment to new situations. The process adds Intellectual power to the astral body, enabling such subtle internal systems to pick up in radio fashion, energies broadcast from planets, active radiant thought from people and from the minds of those on the inner planes of consciousness. Mercury is conjunct his Moon in Virgo, both in the Eighth House, gift memory as a marketable skill, always providing the linguist or public speaker the right word for the moment at hand. With Saturnian wisdom attainment in the field of scientific research may be profound. Mercury squares Mars exactly, and in wider aspect, Saturn as well. Both squares have been known to create difficult bridge building challenges, so connecting with or hearing what others are really saying is a skill developed over time. Even this combination will contribute to the chemistry that works magic on the Silver Screen.

Zain writes, The more powerful the Intellectual thought-cells are in the astral body, even though combined in discordant compounds as indicated by inharmonious aspects to Mercury in the birth-chart, the more activity are they able to impart to the physical brain cells. Up to the capacity of the brain cells to stand the strain thus imposed upon them, even discordant Intellectual thought-cells are an asset to mental ability.

Michael York CAMELOT
A Knight in Camelot
A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

go TEK WAR: Tek Lab Richard Stewart, Excalibur has been stolen and futuristic detectives
Jake Cardigan and Sid Gomez are assigned to track it down and to find out
who is trying to block restoration of the British heir.
Babylon 5 A Late Delivery from Avalon
David 'Arthur' McIntyre arrives on B5. He is an impressive man in medieval armor claiming to be King Arthur. Is he the genuine hero or the Earthforce gunner who obeyed his Captain's orders to open fire on a Minbari vessel, which started the war between Minbar and Earth.

Camelot has always been associated with the Search for Avalon, El Dorado, Shangra-la, and Utopia, those destinations we believe reside at the end of the rainbow. The two planets most associated with this vision of gracefulness and love of beauty are Venus and Neptune. Well known people with Venus and her higher octave Neptune, spiritualized eros, in their Ascendant or first house, are often called beautiful people.
check Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Grail Diary compiled by Professor Henry Jones.

Two Glastonbury Legends, By J. Armitage Robinson
What is the historical truth underlying the ancient traditions
which connect Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur?

Grail Legend, The King Arthur Cross, Abbots of Glastonbury

Katharine Maltwood and The Temple of Stars

Intro to the Glastonbury Landscape Zodiac Part 1 15mins
King Arthur is found within the area designated as Sagittarian territory, with the Phoenix
as representative of the Cup Bearer, Aquarius. The beak of the magical rebirthing bird
corresponds to geography where we locate Glastonbury chalice well.
Refs to the four Archangel Stars of the heavens and the primary ley line
that runs through the Maltwood zodiacal girdle. YouTube

KING ARTHUR Director Antoine Fuqua 2004
Stars Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, Keira Knightley, more
A demystified take on the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
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Le Morte D Arthur, Volume I of II, by Thomas Malory. King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table
Le Morte D Arthur, Volume II, King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table



    The horoscope is sometimes compared to an incarnation, a series of dreams (see Dylan) as translated via Jungian analysis, and a mandala or sacred journey as a complete overview of alchemical works within our elemental awareness. Above, Phil Lesh walks an eleven circuit labyrinth. To tread the labyrinth as a sacred journey, begin with a question, walk the  twists and turns to the centre, still yourself and ask your question. The answer will arrive in your thought or later as a waking dream or cognition. Such round art designs guarantee success because there is only one path that guarantees a pilgrim will achieve the goal as the centre. Phil may have encountered similar choreography at the international Glastonbury (Tor) Music Festival with The Dead on an early 70s UK journey.   More about Phil Lesh here.  More about Kalachakra, Sanskrit for the wheel of time. Ancient India - pillar detail and Stupa outside railing.  The Black Peacock

Imagine - the Spirit of Strawberry Fields

Tranquil Zone Floor Design
Amiens Labyrinth
Basic Blueprint Used for East-West
Energy Designs


Amiens, d?ite comme Francis Ier offrant

The Lord of the Rings
City of Kings
 Mandala architecture

Northumberland rock art
[north east England]

Petroglyph Provincial Park
[south end of Nanaimo]


Research:  The Ogdoad and The Shabako Stone

    The name of eight Egyptian deities who were especially worshipped in Hermopolis in Upper Egypt. They form the basis of the creation myth.

    The Ogdoad consist of four gods and four goddesses who together personify the essence of the primordial chaos before the creation of the world. They are Nun and Naunet (the primordial water), Huh and Hauhet (infinite space), Kuk and Kauket (darkness), and Amun and Amaunet (representing hidden powers. Their cult centered on the town of Khemnu (Greek Hermopolis) in Middle Egypt. They also had a sanctuary at Medinet Habu in western Thebes.


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