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The Fellowship reach the Hall of Celeborn and Galadriel
allusion to Gen:28 Jacob's Ladder and Promise, gifts of bread, clothing, protection


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The Monuments Men
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Charlie Rose interviews Cate Blanchett on her role in Woody Allen's latest film Blue Jasmine.

Lady Galadriel shows Frodo the Mirror of visions past, present, and future. The ancient art
of water scrying is also known as hydromancy. See Trump XI The Enchantress

Galadriel passes the test

The Grey Havens

The Blue Wave
The Mystic White Wave


Middle-earth Inn


Galadriel represents the power of water expressed via the direct form of communication associated with the brow, the spiritual vision of the material world. Cate Blanchette has her Venus* in the first sign, Aries, most often symbolized as the ram or lamb, the traditional leader, pioneer, and ground-breaker.
Aries represents the transition, and transformation, that takes place when we move from Pisces, the global collective, to the rule of Nature found in Taurus, the second sign, a practical, earthy, and persevering mode of operation.
Venus in Aries is capable of imparting clear and diplomatic suggestion, as does Galadriel, by communicating telepathically with the members of The Fellowship. She is able to raise criticism when appropriate, but inside a private envelope, within the mind of the walker, rather than commenting in public on personal status or motivation. Consideration is usually preferred when Galadriel must call forth a more realistic picture of the present scenario rather than allowing people to live in a world they would prefer that can be too out of touch with the rest of the team.

Venus in the radix star chart indicates the department of life or house where the social urge is drawn, facilitated, and most confident. She inspires people to unite and combine creative ability to achieve goals common to the team, collective spirit, and universal good. The Fellowship went to Lothlorien immediately once they were outside the Mines of Moria, away from the ancient terror the dwarves had unwittingly uncovered. In the Hall of Galadriel and Celeborn, the small band could once again stand in a safe atmosphere and try to collect themselves, in order to begin the next phase of their journey, and eventually destroy the Ring. The Blue-white aura that surrounds the elf homes is linked with both Venus and Luna, traditionally the colours worn by the Virgin Mary and others prominent in New Testament stories.

Venus is also known for difficult tests that involve our attraction to things that lull us into a false sense of security. That is probably the reason Tolkien, no stranger to mysticism himself, allowed Galadriel to test herself and put on the Ring of Power. Galadriel had lived through so many experiences and had wisdom enough to know her threshold when it came to temptation. She passed the test and remained Galadriel and continued as the ring-bearer she had been.


February 14 1419
Half Moon

In the dusk of evening, Sam finally gets his wish: to see Elven-magic! He and Frodo are invited to look in the Mirror of Galadriel: a basin of water she pours, across which images pass. But Sam finds the experience bitter, as all three are torn by difficult choices. Sam sees the Shire ravaged, and his father homeless, and only on the verge of tears can he choose to continue following his master. Frodo himself sees the Eye of Sauron searching for him, and perceives the Elven-ring on Galadriel's finger whose power will be ended if his quest succeeds; he responds with the vast gesture of offering her the Ruling Ring. Galadriel refuses to take the Dark Lord's place, and announces that, their choices having been made, the time has come for them to depart.

Later the entire Company are called before the Lord and Lady, and Celeborn offers them boats on which they can ride the Anduin south for many miles before having to choose whether to turn west toward Minas Tirith or east towards Mordor. The Company returns to their pavilion for one last evening of rest, and debate long into the night which the direction they should choose.

Gandalf returns to life, now with the color White: the head of the order of Wizards. His body has lain atop Zirak-zigil for almost three weeks since the conclusion of his battle with the Balrog of Moria. Disoriented by his return, he lies in a trance upon the peak.


Crater The Cup, The Chalice
ALKES, Alpha     January 1900       22VIRGO19
LABRUM, Delta    January 2000      23VIRGO41

Destiny: Early reference to The Bowl with the gilt of its stars links with symbols
of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and to those who study
Hermetic Arts.  See The Chalice Well at Glastonbury
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May 13th 1917, Fatima, Portugal    
Three peasant children reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary.  
Uranus Decl/Labrum

Meduseld, Rohan, Middle-earth
Eowyn presenting cup to Theoden
"Hail, the victorious dead!"

Meduseld: Eowyn: "Westu Aragorn hal", in Rohirric Aragorn, be thou well!

Cate Blanchette has her Mars in Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Jupiter, far sighted Lord of Heaven. Jupiter was popularly associated with the great oak and the oracle at Dodona, probably linked from Druid arts, specifically to the seeker in search of self-realization. The word sagax of 'sagax ictus' belongs to the constellations of Sagitta [the arrow] and Sagittarius, the Archer, from Latin sagire, to seek, 'seek to know'. The keyword for Sagittarius is 'I seek'. Latin sagax, or 'I see,' 'of keen perception.'

Sagittarius has always been a sign associated with shooting for far off goals, great quests described by Tolkien, and champions, who pursued the hero's journey. An arrow is shot at the bull's eye with a bow. The constellation of Sagittarius, the Archer, or Centaur, is the zodiacal sign that rules professional sports, and in particular, archery.

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Galadriel at the Grey Havens
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Grey Havens

* Venus is Ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, the second and seventh zodiacal signs in the girdle about the earth. Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces, the Two Fish. Her fall is in the sign Virgo, The Virgin, Corn Maiden. She is detrimented in signs Scorpio and Aries.

Venus is one of the social planets, and one of the benefic influences in the star chart as a whole. In Alchemy, Venus is symbolized as copper and all metals that conduct energy. She is known as The Social Urge and her higher octave is Neptune, spiritualized Eros and The Utopia Search.

Venus represents the seven energy centers in the physical anatomy, symbolized as the seven letters to the churches in the new testament, and the seven steps of evolution in the construction of the physical anatomy every seven years the physical anatomy completely remakes itself. The sign of the Temple of Isis is Taurus and the sign of the Incarnation is Libra.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain


Cate Blanchette Screen Online

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