X - M E N

mutatis mutandis

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center
Westchester County, New York


The X-Mansion is in the shape of an X. In the middle of the main courtyard is the Phoenix Memorial Statue, dedicated to the memory of Jean Grey. Notable rooms include the Danger Room and a room containing Cerebro. The Headmasters Office of Cyclops and Emma Frost is on the top floor. The basketball court is a popular hang-out; it was the site of a well-known basketball game in X-Men v2 #4 (January 1992) in which the X-Men used their mutant powers. Directly below the basketball court is the hangar, which houses many transportation vehicles.

The kitchen is located on the main floor of the mansion. Through the doors are a formal dining room, informal lounge, and a lavishly furnished sitting room - used for entertaining important guests and parents. Meals, afternoon and midnight snacks can be taken in the kitchen, when the dining room is a bit too formal. The ground floor lay out includes Professor Xavier's Office, the key mansion computer room, principal terminal to Cerebro, a library, and academy classrooms.

The ground floor interior, architecture, decorative palettes, flow chart, and focalizers, favor the line and colour rhythms of dramatic Gypsy & Metallic Autumn, and Soft & Exotic Winter, reminiscent of the past. The X-Mansion is the inherited property of Charles Xavier and has been in the Xavier family for ten generations. The school originally was funded from Magneto's inheritance, allowing them to neither accept nor seek out donations. Its policies have since changed, After Magneto's departure, Xavier took the reigns as the solo director.

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