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Mr. Spock institutes Mind Meld with Lt. Valeris

























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After Life


The Grey Lady of Glamis Castle
If you know about Scotland, you know that Glamis Castle is reputed to be the most haunted place in the world. Many have driven up to the door at night, guided by a figure that disappears on arrival. Within the Castle are many disincarnate figures who seem to move through the apartments and rooms like the house ghosts in a Harry Potter film. The ghostly woman who walks down the aisle of the chapel, dressed in a long grey gown, arrives heralded by several loud knocks against the wood. She then kneels at the altar, pauses, and disappears.



















Trump XIII

Metamorphosis, The Grim Reaper, Death




The Vulcan Mind Meld

     Spock [Leonard Nimoy] locates information hidden from Starfleet, in the mind of Valeris, a brilliant protege sponsored by Captain Spock. She knew about the prototype ship piloted by aliens out to shut down the conference. The technique, known. as a mild meld, was introduced as an ancient Vulcan tradition on the television show, Star Trek. The meld sets up a powerful bond between two intelligent life forms; this would be the perfect diplomatic tool for representatives of any country in a serious dispute during our century.

     Left, Spock establishes the mind meld with Lieutenant Valeris [Kim Cattrall] on the bridge, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Leonard Nimoy [Spock] is now filming Star Trek (2008) 



Spock mind melds with V-ger



Tholian Web trailer scene shows Kirk in Interphase

  • THE THOLIAN WEB   Kirk is trapped in interphase, while the Enterprise is trapped by a powerful energy web. View the remastered episode from Season: 3  [Episode: 9]. A new digital model of the "ghost" Defiant was created for the remastered edition of this episode. Click here to compare the original and updated versions.  Click here for more vids of The Tholian Web.

  • Background The Ship:  Constitution-class 23rd-century Federation starship, registry no. NCC-1764. Caught in a spatial interphase in 2268, near Tholian territory, the U.S.S. Defiant was lost between dimensions for several hours, until it finally faded forever into interspace. Due to adverse affects on humanoid neurophysiology, caused by the interphased space, the crew of the Defiant went insane.

    font face="Arial" size="2">Star Trek defines a spatial interphase [re Memory Alpha] as an interphasic rift,   essentially a "tear in time" created in a location of space where its very fabric has weakened, and an overlap in numerous universes occurs.

    Because our universe coexists with a multitude of other universes in the same physical space, these tears may allow brief periods of time in an area of their space to overlap between universes. The dimensional structure of each universe is totally dissimilar and any use of power in one universe may cause another to be disturbed.

    Metaphysical definitions that cover the area of "interphase" as defined in the Star Trek universe, often embrace the skull senses [6th sense clairvoyance, and 7th sense radar], that is the universe "above the throat, in the skull" and the universe that exists outside the skull. Many Star Trek episodes touch on the area of "interphase" and the properties associated with it.

    Other related subjects discussed on Star Trek, the films as well as TV spins, include

    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Airdate: October 12, 1992
    Stardate: 46125.3

    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Airdate: February 15, 1993
    Stardate: Unknown

  • Check Star Trek Generations   James Kirk, Montgomery Scott and Pavel Chekov meet aboard the new U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B to give her a proper send off. The event is abruptly interrupted when two El-Aurian transport vessels call for help after they contact a strange energy ribbon in space. Kirk rushes to the vulnerable part of the ship to manually correct a tech problem, and save the rescue attempt. He is lost in space in the process of saving the ship.  Years later, through a tragic accident, Captain Picard learns the peculiar properties of an energy ribbon known as the Nexus.

    Two survivors of the El-Aurian incident that killed Captain Kirk are aboard his ship. Soran is 300 years old and, like Guinan [Whoopi Goldberg], continues to feel a strange euphoric connection with the Nexus that suspends linear time, and acts like a psychic magnet so strong a person cannot initiate thoughts of leaving the field. Guinan was able to learn how to live outside the Nexus and function in a world governed by time/space properties. Soran lost his ability to separate from the Nexus and decided to sabotage everything around it so he could redirect the trajectory of the ribbon and be swept up into it and rejoin his family.  With Guinan's help, Picard finds a slightly puzzled but happy James T. Kirk in the Nexus. Kirk wasn't killed 78 years earlier on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B, but was drawn into the Nexus instead.

From Life and Death, by George Ohsawa
Simplification of Mourning

The problem of death is treated in the same manner that sexuality was dealt with in the literature of the Victorian era. To mourn the dead is no longer stylish. Funeral services have become more and more simple. They have become so simple and so short that undertakers themselves are shocked.

According to the director of the Technical School of Interment at Dallas, Texas, the course offered there used to concentrate on the techniques of embalming. Today, four hours are devoted to that study, while the rest of the time, nineteen hours to be exact, is given to other theories, and techniques, the principal one of which is, How to Assume a Funeral Attitude Without Truly Being Affected By It. Mourning dress, the veil, the black hat, the arm band-ALL are passe. The unwritten law that inhibited people from remarrying immediately after the death of a loved one is a thing of the past.

Tennyson said
If there were no eternal life, I would throw myself into the sea!

If there were no other life after death, life itself would be valueless. It would even be useless to arise and dress in the morning.

Freud too
The oldest and strongest belief of man is that one which assures him that death is only an entry into a marvelous life. Nevertheless, death today is more like a barrier than an entry. The fear of it is responsible for many a neurosis.

Christianity teaches the hope of overcoming the fear of death, all the time implying that one will never have to experience it. Modern man has become increasingly materialistic in his attitude toward death; he now calls it a giving up.

Sarte declares that life exists only for itself and that this is its entire meaning. However, man is still left with no solution as regards the void after death!

How fair are the bright eyes in the grass! Evermind they are called, simbelmyne in this land of Men, for they blossom in all the seasons of the year, and grow where dead men rest.

Words of Gandalf, from The Two Towers
The King of the Golden Hall




  • Apocalypse Now
    Marlon Brando vs Martin Sheen
    Brando Preparation for movie  -  Francis Ford Coppola Interview @ Godfather page

  • The Americans are attacking a small village on the coast.
    VIDEO INFOS  - watch this movie clip
    Movie: Apocalypse Now
    Music: Richard Wagner - The Ride of the Valkyries
    Video capture: Fraps 2.7.3
    Video editing: Windows Movie Maker 5.1



AVATAR - Jake Sully: One life ends, another begins.
  • Writer and Director: James Cameron
    Stars: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver

    The first movie to be shot with a 3D camera, to be released in 3D, and released in IMAX 3D to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. Avatar 2009, became the first film to gross more than $2 billion. Nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, Avatar won three, for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction. The film's home release went on to break opening sales records and became the top-selling Blu-ray of all time. Following the film's success, Cameron signed with 20th Century Fox to produce two sequels, making Avatar the first of a planned trilogy.

    Jake Sully: I see you.

    Neytiri: I see you.

    Read more

    ILM steps in to help finish 'Avatar' visual effects



  • Boom explores the confrontation between Flora 'Sissy' Goforth [Elizabeth Taylor] the woman who has everything, including emptiness, and Chris Flanders [Richard Burton], a penniless poet who has nothing but the ability to fill a wealthy woman's needs. Sissy dresses Chris like a Japanese warrior, and he contemplates in that outfit the waves breaking against the rocks below. The witch of Capri [Noel Coward]- a neighbor - is invited to share their dinner, a larger than life - and still moving - monster of the sea.

  • Deja Vu  Director: Tony Scott 2006
    Stars: Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Val Kilmer and James Caviezel
    go Denzel Washington  [IMDb Deja Vu
    back to Crescent City

  • Freemasons who are well known artists and entertainers:W.A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jean Sibelius, Franz Liszt, Josef Haydn, Irving Berlin, Gutzon Borglum, Charles Peale, Alfons M. Mucha, Richard Wagner, John Philip Sousa, Gilbert & Sullivan, George Gershwin, George M. Cohen, Count Basie, Louise Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Sigmund Romberg, John Wayne, Red Skelton, Clarke Gable, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers, Danny Thomas, Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Hardy, Tom Mix, Audie Murphy, Gene Autry, Wallace Beery, Eddie Cantor, Roy Clarke, George M. Cohan, Walt Disney, Duke Ellington, Douglas Fairbanks, Leonardo da Vinci, Arthur Godfrey, Bob Hope, Harry Houdini, Al Jolson, Elmo Lincoln (Tarzan), Harold C. Lloyd,.jr, Tom Mix, Ronald Reagan, Will Rogers, Peter Sellers, William Shakespeare, Charles "Tom Thumb" Stratton, Paul Whiteman (King of Jazz), William Wyler (dir. of Ben Hur), Cecil B. DeMille, Sir Arthur Sullivan, John Zoffany.

  • Ghost Rider

    Director: Mark Steven Johnson
    Cast: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliot, Wes Bentley, Donal Loque, and Peter Fonda

    Sam Elliott - Caretaker
    Born: Sun 17 Leo 01
    Mercury: 14 Virgo 23 conjunction Mars 17 Virgo 46
    Venus: 29 Leo 04 conjunct Regulus conjunct Jupiter
    Jupiter 3 Virgo 05 sextile Saturn

    Birthpath: 8
    Cosmic Rule
    , pulsation, pendulum swing, Penelope’s tapestry, inner circle within Temple Arts; time and space management keys; cultural reforms, make-over skill, fixer upper. The 8 year and all eights refer to an executive, with business and money high on their priority list. Good organization, strong will, determined and successful strategist, understands law and equilibrium but frequently troubled by war/destruction in the world. Unique interior design, lights, shades, and blinds. General references to Trump VIII and the idea of the pendulum swing, suggests marriage with Trump 0/22.

    GHOST RIDER This is not standard superhero fare, which follows any of those traditional rules, Nicolas Cage explains. As a boy I was really attracted to the monsters that were in the Marvel universe, such as the Hulk and Ghost Rider, because I could not understand how something so terrifying could also be good, so it appealed to whatever complexities I was feeling about life, and that paradox to me is inherently interesting.

    Asked if he has a Ghost Rider tattoo on his arm, Cage said, I have a flaming skull on my arm, yes, but it is whatever you want it to be (laughing). Audiences will not see this tattoo in the film. No, no. My tattoos are for me.
    Director Johnson joked, But that was a great irony. We had to cover up his flaming skull tattoo in the Ghost Rider movie.

    Cage continues, "... the iconography of the flaming skull itself, even going beyond Ghost Rider that has been around for thousands of years, something about the flaming skull that depicts honesty... like there is no mask, you cannot hide, and there it is, the truth, and I like that. If you are speaking about my tattoo, I would say it is more akin to that than necessarily the Ghost Rider itself.

    Note Nicolas Cage re suspense thriller Next, Next is based on a Phillip K. Dick short story about a man who has the prescience ability to see two minutes within his own future, who he keeps seeing this girl, played by Jessica Biel, and he does not know why he keeps seeing her, so he has to find out [why she is in his vision]. When he does he realizes he can actually see further ahead when she is there and the powers that be, like the FBI, really want this person to help them find out where a nuclear bomb has been placed and they are running out of time. It is cool, romantic too and Jessica Biel is great in it.

    Cage is also committed to a National Treasure sequel. The history of it is interesting to me, the historical elements dealing with Confederate gold, Abraham Lincoln and the assassination is interesting. Potentially, it could be even more exciting than the first one - and that is the key to sequels. You only do it if it can be as good as or better than the first.

    A New Orleans comic book

    Cage has created a comic book series* with his son called Voodoo Child. He says that the series is different because it's "more spiritual than, say, a Superman or a Batman."

    Weston has always been a huge inspiration to me, Cage said of his son. He has been drawing comics since he was three. Weston says he had tinkered with the idea for Voodoo Child since seeing hurricane damage in New Orleans, where he and his father lived part time for years. The first of the six-issue miniseries was published in July 2007. check Voodoo Child

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  • The Last Wave - Richard Chamberlain  [Wallenberg: A Hero's Story]

  • The Matrix the Wachowski brothers 1999
    Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving

    The Matrix provides an alternate lifestyle smorgasbord for Thomas A. Anderson, aka Neo [Keanu Reeves] that serves up just about anything ordered, except the answer to his question. What is the matrix? The first movie provides evidence of the mechanical process of the waking conscious mind placed against several environmental backdrops. First, there is a universal belief in metaphysics is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Also, common wisdom suggests when the urge coalesces into a question, the answer is available somewhere within the collective. Taken to the next level we must reshape our personal self-wish to avoid an addiction to form, and, in tandem, we must rephrase the question. Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss] becomes the composite Goddess who leads the hero to his mentor, Morpheus [Laurence Fishburne]. Together, they answer the central question for Neo. It is only then that the really interesting questions take shape on the horizon, and Agent Smith [Hugo Weaving] enters the picture.

  • Meet Joe Black   - Brad Pitt
    William Parrish [ Anthony Hopkins], a media mogul acts as a guide to Death, Joe Black [Brad Pitt], who takes the form of a young man to learn about life on Earth and in the process, fall in love with his guide's daughter.

  • See The Mothman Prophecies - Richard Gere  
    A reporter is drawn to a small West Virginia town to investigate a series of strange events, including psychic visions and the appearance of bizarre entities.

  • Paths of Glory - Kirk Douglas

  • Star Trek moment
    [Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan] 

  • Thunderheart - based on real events that occurred on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975 in South Dakota (involving an armed standoff between Indian activists and the FBI, an event that prompted Thunderheart director Michael Apted to make a companion documentary, Incident at Oglala).  link  Incident at Oglala:
    The Leonard Peltier Story

  • Understanding Alternative Culture of the 60s

  • * Weston: I thought it would be interesting to have a character that was derived from that culture, ref. New Orleans, because it has to do with a lot of different things. There was a huge influence on the slaves that were once brought there. They have their religion, which was Voodoo, and they lived in a society that was also in line with the Cajuns who were white with a French background and the Creoles who were of a Spanish background. It was a huge melting pot, and I thought it would be interesting to bring someone from that area.

    later in the interview, Weston spoke about the sound.
    Well, I am really into the kind of music that comes from Norway called Black Metal. Its the type of music that is really, really raw. But some bands like Cradle of Filth like to add melodic factors to it, which I do myself, and what that does is create a very powerful piece that incorporates strong melodic backgrounds that could be rather like Bach or something very symphonic.

    Nicolas: There would be an eclectic mix, too. Obviously, we would get the sounds from the Voodoo culture as well. By the way, Voodoo gets a bad rap. Its not the Hollywood version of it being all curses and evil. Voodoo simply means spirit, and it is a world religion. There are 50 million people in the world who practice it, and so we would want to make sure that was understood and that we were not trying to paint it in any kind of negative light.

    But I definitely feel in the modern storylines that are coming, Westons music would be applicable. I have gone out in New Orleans, and I went to a place called The Dungeon where they play Black Metal, which I have always said to Weston is very honest music. A lot of people are afraid of it because they are afraid of death, and death is something that happens to all of us. So they are just being very honest about it and very strong, and Weston seems to be on the cutting edge of that right now.




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