The Akasha Black, Emerald Green, and Golden Wave



Demeter is the Corn Mother in Greek mythology, Goddess of the golden harvests, the mystery drama, and fertility of the proud earth. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Her daughter Persephone, also a mystery rite goddess [psychopompus 'soul guide' of all the candidates] is often named the corn maiden, the seed in which the corn, her mother, is continually reborn.

Demeter is home on Mount Olympus, whose cloud-capped summit was once thought to be the primary residence of the Olympian pantheon of Zeus, Hera, and Pallas Athena. Persephone resides in Olympus six months of the year, the other six she stays in the underworld with her husband, Hades, or Dis Pater.  Persephone is sometimes referred to as a Goddess of the Dead for this reason. The Eleusinian Mysteries were held regularly at the site of the grotto where it was believed Demeter recovered Persephone. Other festivities that helped to bind the Greeks together are Olympic Games, the observances of the Delphic Oracle, and the various Amphictyonies.

Demeter initiated the kings of Eleusis, including Triptolemos, into her mysteries and the art of natural alchemy, or modern day agriculture, which they then imparted to the rest of the world.

Her primary festival was the Athenian Thesmophoria. The Romans identified her with Ceres, inspiration for our word  'cereal,' a reference to the fruitful harvest and all grains in general.  Spiritual and physical nutrition is suggested as well as the two mouths that consume - the spiritual mouth [brow energy center, forehead] and the mouth beneath the nose to take in nourishment for the physical temple.
Ideally, both diets are maintained in balance so the person will remain in equilibrium. One of the symbols for this harmony, perhaps in reference to Hermes Trismegistis [the Emerald Tablet]  'that which is above is as that which is below,' is the six-pointed star. The star appears prominently in Ron Howard's movie, The Da Vinci Code, and many translations are presented through the script.

There is also a harmonious bond between the Earth and Moon goddess - they often appear in initiation rituals together as composite figures.





Akasha Black, Green and Golden Wave is associated with Tarot Trump VI, and by extension, the triad formed by Trump II, Trump VI, and Trump X. In simple language this is the wave that represents the mystic moment as the 'twinkle in the eye' of the intelligence of creation meets the bountiful harvest when an agricultural year is complete.

The planet Haruun Kal is generated by an intelligence that utilizes three central core energy expressions, at the frequencies of gold, green and black. The gold or vivid yellow supports those who live above the lower sea of toxic gases, native humans known as Korunnai, who were all Force-sensitive. These gifted individuals could touch the Force and transcend the strange contradictions and non-traditional laws of physics that tossed and churned in their own physical environment.

I created Vaapad to answer my weakness: it channels my own darkness into a weapon of the light.
―Mace Windu, to Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jedi Knight Mace Windu
Born 72 BBY, 37BrS, on planet Haruun Kal
Died 19 BBY, 16.5.22, on planet Coruscant

The great Jedi Master Mace Windu was born on this world, but transported to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when he was only six months old, as per the request made by the Jedi Council. Mace Windu was named by the Council when he entered the Academy and initially taught by Master Yoda as a youngling.

The newborn was destined to become Master Jedi Mace Windu. He carried a panoply of powerful Force skills with him, as well as a vision of a purple lightsaber that he constructed after he began his teen years. Windu required a purple crystal and so was born a quest for the unique power stone. After receiving permission from the Jedi Council, Windu went alone to the planet Hurikane, where he received, as a gift from the natives of the planet, the long sought violet crystal needed to build his lightsaber. The rest is history.
Mace Windu biography Star Wars Lore Episode XLIX

Native life, about 96 percent of the population, evolved above what would be known on Earth as the tree line, where the atmosphere was relatively nontoxic. It is likely this was the only part of Haruun Kal where potable water could be found and edible food could be grown. Everything in the jungle is in a constant struggle to vie for available nontoxic resources. One could say that the law of the jungle is a literal constant. Seen from space, a large part of the planetary landmass could be described as volcanic black, a reference to akasha and the rebirth factor, gold, and wide patches of emerald green where the jungle growth dominates the environment.
BACK Soulpower Trump XIX Opalesque-Lavender Wave and Peacock Purple Feather

Haruun Kal, though, we are a whole different place, you know, like the laws of physics are different. Not opposite, not up is down or black is white. Nothing that simple. Just different. So when you come here, you expect things to work a certain way. But they do not. Because things are different here. You understand.

Nick Rostu, Star Wars Universe




The Lord of the Rings:  Aragorn wears the Ring of Barahir

Strider In The Wild played by Viggo Mortensen

Aragorn wears the Ring of Barahir on his Jupiter finger for positive energy
The left hand is his non-dominant hand that indicates heredity and clan karma

Supper at Weathertop Amon Sul



Astrology:  Reflex action between the two basic Virgo and Pisces blueprints that pivot around the interaction between spiritual karma and physical karma.  Olympian mythology recorded in the work of Homer and Hesiod characteristically places the origins of Greek Goddesses and Gods in Crete. Pre-Olympian mythology repeatedly points to the top of the world [before the Earth crust shifted] as the true 'nest of origin' that belongs to immortals who walk among us.

Movies:  The agricultural system and all work pertaining thereto; spiritual and physical care-maintenance-nurturing, symbiotic relationship between natural forces, nature protection, pre-creation 101*, and all the selection process guidelines during any pre-creation phase

Films include:  emphasis on the binary solution, recommended and-or found in 1492: The Conquest of Paradise, Ben Hur, The Day the Earth Stood Still original and remake, The Defiant Ones, Deja Vu, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, Dreamscape, Enchanted April, The Fifth Element, Guess Whos Coming to Dinner, Harry Potter series, Jurassic Park, Kingdom of Heaven, The Lake House, Legend, Made In Heaven, Man On Fire, Mask, Minority Report, The Natural, Next, Star Trek movies II through V, Star Wars prequel series, and War of the Worlds.





Dakota Fanning films that have strong Akasha Black, Emerald Green, and Golden Wave themes include:  DREAMER, Elisabeth Shue [mother], Dakota Fanning [daughter], Kurt Russell [father], Kris Kristofferson [Pop Crane]

MAN ON FIRE,  Radha Mitchell [mother], Dakota Fanning [daughter], Rachel Ticotin [investigative reporter] ~ Our Lady of Guadalupe in VIP cameo appearance

WAR OF THE WORLDS, Miranda Otto [mother], Dakota Fanning [daughter], Tom Cruise [father]


Note: Light and life's primary molecular machinery, photosynthesis, follows an energy pattern that runs parallel with unveiling the universe as it truly seems to be as far as we are concerned. The awakening of human consciousness, the emerging of the human mind from the darkness of unknowing into the light of self awareness, can be seen in this colour wave. Our desire to understand the awakening that leads to the act of creation is linked to our desire to return to the centre, the collective as the monad, the roots of the Tree of Life bathed in the primordial ocean. We believe that creation-destruction of the universe occurs in one breath as much our capacity to construct-deconstruct our universe when we say the syllable OM.



Energy management includes the division of space into nine segments,
 with a colour rhythm in each area,  making a whole. Click band
of colour to go to the Mystic White Wave.


* Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull qualifies as a Virgo-Pisces movie with common denominators that link to both zodiacal signs. Indy can sneak in under the wire here because the film storyline suggests a prologue to the Book of Genesis that has, obviously, gone undiscovered or has not yet been translated. Trump VI is a corrupted version of the Genesis creation story, suggesting some of the absent details are yet to be found, and that the ancients clearly believed in a God/Goddess parallel to our modern idea of the Absolute.

George Lucas
Harrison Ford



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