The Blue Wave

The Blue Babies

During the 1960s, hospitals initiated a new classification of color bath treatment directly responsible for saving the lives of many thousands of newborns across this country since its inception. Although this technique was new by popular medical standards in the 60s, blue ray treatments were not regarded as experimental even when they began. Instantly following birth, hospital staff moves the at risk newborns into a controlled environment, flooded with blue light. Today these are known as "Blue Baby Wards". Their spiritual and physical influence has a 'rebirthing' effect that is profound.

By bathing these infants continually in this delicate blue light environment, significant changes are achieved and sustained in blood composition/chemistry. This treatment replaced difficult and tenuous transfusions or other medical procedures that had proven unsuccessful in many cases. The blue band of light within maxima (the white light wave) or sunlight has demonstrated it is capable of reversing the babies fragile tendencies and over time allows these infants a safe entrance into a normal environment. Rt, Hogwarts great hall at Christmas, from 'Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone.'

Nurses working within these special wards designed for babies blue wave treatment must be provided an alternate environment that is completely flooded by golden light. This is required to facilitate realignment and balancing in regulated intervals. By alternating both environments, moving back and forth between the blue ray and the golden ray (color compliments) hospital personae allow the appropriate compensation process to occur within their own physical systems.

There are various theories about endurance time exposure limitation under various colors of lighting designs. There is a marked physical reaction under any such lighting frequency composition, but studies provide variables applicable to the 7 colors of the spectrum, at least. For example, many people believe that the violet wave should be switched to yellow/golden after ten to twelve minutes. Cayce readings suggest exposure time could be extended a few minutes more. However, most people in the field of color research agree that the maximum length of time for anyone under a direct violet light would be fifteen minutes. At that point there could be detrimental side effects to the health. Visit The Blue-Violet Wave.

Exposure to any color without thoughtful designs in mind should be avoided. Even the popular social colors of amber and soft dawn/peach, over an extended length of time, should be balanced by the complimentary waves of color for both these universal light rays (amber and pastel peach lights are highly recommended for large public facility audiences and cultural diverse social gatherings). Most people can remain under constant lighting influences like those constructed for the lengthy blue wave absorption shifts in the blue baby ward for a limit of 20 minutes without noticing the effects of the color frequency. See The Orange Wave.  Please ask questions or contribute comments and personal experiences to these notes:

Aragorn and the Shards of Narsil

Subtle Wardrobes and Pore Breathing

Light and Sound Meditations

The Council meeting in The Hobbit 1.
Gandalf the Grey, The Lady Galadriel, Saruman the White, and Lord Elrond of Rivendell.

Preview Notes The Star Wars light saber is an extension of high soul meditation that combines light and sound. In Episode IV A New Hope, Obi-Wan describes the lightsaber as, not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Despite its scientific improbability, lightsabers look very impressive on-screen and make the Jedi stand out from other characters in the Star Wars universe.

As we have discussed in earlier exchanges, we can employ color to establish mood, tone, and level of power related to nervous system and many other subtle energies. Blue is generally associated with faith, trust, the belief system we have as our individual guide. Blue is often a symbol for the emotional state of people and any situation generally because it is the color of the sky, under which we are all workers in the vineyard. The cool spectrum varies from pastel iced pale blue to midnight blue every 24 hours. Transformations are often accompanied by darker blues, or blue-black during a potential ecological crisis. Like any other color, blue has positive and negative features. - view films What Lies Beneath, Top of the Lake, and All Is Lost, for examples of how blue can express not only the weather conditions, both internal and external, but also the variations in the relationship between the elements.
Masters of the arts The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Dali.
Nicolas Roerich gallery, look for Lahul in the Master of Mountains gallery, and many others, among them Lights On The Ganges and newly acquired Unspilled Chalice.

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobe duel with Jedi blue lightsabers in a volcanic environment. Their battle is a signal the new era is about to begin as the last gasp of breath is close for the remnants of The Old Republic. Lightsabers* depicted in the first two released films, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, had blades that were colored either dark blue, for the Jedi, or red, for the Sith. The strength of the Jedi Code and organization of the Order rested on the three core tenets of Force, Knowledge, and Self-Discipline.
Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Extended trailer
These may provide some help as well. Ten Most Powerful Jedi, top of the line. After The Emperor made his move, there were several Jedi who survived Order 66 and lived on, concealing their identity.

Kundalini: AKA the serpent-fire, may be set in motion to move through channels of the spine. Its color is blue for the most part, in a majority of esoteric illustrations on this topic. There are specific cautions about manipulating this energy or prematurely arousing its internal power. A word from Besant: "We hear much of this strange fire and of the danger of prematurely arousing it; and much of what we hear is undoubtedly true. There is indeed most serious peril in awakening the higher aspects of this furious energy in a man before he has gained the strength to control it, before he has acquired the purity of life and thought which alone can make it safe for him to unleash potency so tremendous."

The Etheric Double also contains information about the status of the energy blueprint in another language, but it is helpful verification if you are taking account human aura configuration for the seven layers that comprise it. Each vehicle can be designed with an independent play book by the self-realized practitioner. See the film, Youth Without Youth for more about regenerative layers within the human construction potential. check itemized articles Aura Navigation

The Stick of Brahma: The spine is called in India the Brahmadanda, the stick of Brahma. This image may be superimposed on Caduceus, the magic wand of Mercury. In the palm, power of the Mercurial type often registers as the Line of Intuition.

Home of The Worlds Mother: Eastern literature refers to the preponderance of the feminine aspect as kundalini moves through the physical temple into a certain chamber of the heart. Manly P. Hall often referred to this incredible power of kundalini within the lower left area of the heart during his lectures.
(Philosophical Research Society

Ida and Pingala: The two entwining serpents on Mercurys Wand. According to Freemasonry, in a man the Ida starts from the base of the spine just on the left and the Pingala begins on the right; for a woman read the anatomy as the reverse. When reading illustrations, remember to read the positions as your own right and left, not the illustration as placed right and left on the page.
(SnowLion Publication

Edgar Cayce wrote, Blue has always been the color of the spirit, the symbol of contemplation, prayer, and heaven. Pale blue, in a personal aura, indicates little depth, but a struggle toward maturity. This person may not be talented, but he tries. He will have many heartaches but he will keep going in the right direction. The middle blue, or aqua, belongs to a person who will work harder and get more done than the fellow with light blue, though there may be little difference between them in talent. Those with the deep blue have found their work and are immersed in it. They are apt to be moody and are almost always unusual persons, but they have a mission and they steadfastly go about fulfilling it. They are spiritual-minded.
Cayce is speaking in general terms, of course, because many types of blue can work within an individual aura field. For example, someone with an air-water personality may have the blue sky and clouds in the upper torso or even around the crown. This could mean one has their head in the clouds, but it may also symbolize someone who supervises things from above, a person with an overview. The same individual might have watery or flowing effects in the middle torso, suggesting empathic talent or a desire to float above conflict and enter a state of cognition.
As with an analysis of any complex formula, care should be taken to first ascertain all the parts that make up the whole picture, then proceed to find a similar trend within the whole. Blue always means energy that pertains to the quest for truth, and often that will fold in such interests as justice, harmony, and ideally wisdom. The flower children of the sixties lived their decade of alternate cultural blueprints in blue jeans. They are not the first culture to favor the color blue. Anciently, blue has been the signature color of immortals associated with heaven, and their devotees.
Blue is worn by sky and nature goddesses Isis, Nut, Hera, and the Virgin Mary, Queen of the Angels, to name only four. The blue clad Bards of the Druids were occupied with music, poetry, and the forces of nature. Krisna himself is blue as were many statues representing truth in the ancient world. There are many examples of the human response to the Blue Wave frequency within the Native American Indian community, especially linked to the powerful turquoise stones that are harvested from the pacific southwest. Turquoise, both blue and white, in necklace form, earring, and bracelets, are especially prized when they have been set in silver. These small objects link one directly back to the Earth and create a constant flow of energy between the wearer and the world in which we live.


The Fellowship of the Ring in the Enchanting Audience Hall of Elf-Queen Galadriel. The layer bathed
 in other-worldly blue is high within the golden wood. The Matrix city, Zion radiates gold in a blue world.


The Blues for All Seasons

All dressed up with some place to go. Some people open their closet door expecting to find the perfect ensemble. They got tired of living with the acceptable alternate whenever they wanted to wear blue. Blues lovers often have a more difficult time of it because the blues we love do not often match our seasonal palette. For example, only one person in a thousand has true blue eyes, according to scientific reports. Most people have blue-green eyes. The only two people I know of with genuine blue eyes are Neal Cassady and Frank Sinatra, aka Mr. Blue Eyes himself.
Suzanne Caygill, foremost color consultant during the last century, made the following recommendations for seasonal wardrobes, taking into consideration that blue is not suited to some color coordinated wardrobes, but there are always ways to modify what you have. This sampler for all seasons will give an idea of the way blue can interface with other colors so they can bring out the best in each other.

Spring Wardrobe for Women, with Blue Wave preferences should include accessories or apparel that will spotlight combinations of Shell, Aquamarine, and Navy. For Spring Men, ideal wardrobe combo would be Navy, Sapphire and White. Both look great in Pecan.

Summer Attire should be in step with the weather, rather than going where the weather suits your clothes, unless you plan to travel, of course. Women like to have plenty of Cranberry and Turquoise garments and accessories, or alternately, combine French Blue and Magenta. Men look fabulous in clothes selected in Silver Gray, Claret and Chalk Blue or another set with the emphasis on Steel Blue, supported by Light Gray and Burgundy.

Autumn is posted here. Tawny Autumn is posted with the Weasley Tent at the World Cup. Additions would include, for Women, Turquoise and Jade. For Men additional palette suggestions would be Bronze Green and Light Topaz.

Winter is posted with late Autumn here. Other options for Women could be the combined colors of Royal Blue and Jade. Men may find the combination of Winter Green with Electric Blue interesting.


* Lightsaber crystals of different hues could also be used in the same lightsaber to make a new blade color. For example, Galen Marek used the green crystal that belonged to Rahm Kota, along with the blue crystal his father had, to create an aqua blade.
Another list of the Ten Most Powerful Jedi.

Here are some blue lightsaber colors that have seen action around the galaxy, as listed on internet engines.

Blue-core, true white with blue core
Blue, w/ black core
Blue, w/ cyan core
Blue, Dark
Blue, Icy with a Permafrost crystal
Blue, Jade
Cyan w/ silvery glow
Electric Blue
Electric Blue
Transparent Blue

Thanks to Star Wars Wikia for great posts about lightsabers, from their origin throughout current time and space.


The Hero and Heroine Costume Department
Red and blue are a reliable combination for these champions. Find more examples here, at Champions, Fighters and Gladiators. Some background provided about each one of these action figures herein.
Dr. Strange his origin, Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Superman answers questions about Richard Donner cut, Tick and American Maid Friends of the Tick, Wonder Woman Season 1 Tribute

Check the Orange Wave and Red-Orange Wave for Blue Wave colour balance formulae.)
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