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David Caruso
Sun: 16 Capricorn 23' [solar chart noon], planet ruler Saturn, the Safety Urge
Moon: 17 Scorpio 47'
Mars 25 Scorpio 49' conjunct Saturn, and trine Uranus
Mars square Pluto and Jupiter
Neptune 0 Scorpio 15' sextile aspect [60 degrees] Jupiter and Pluto
Neptune square [90 degrees] Mercury and Uranus
Season: Autumn
Autumn is the dramatic, brilliant and dynamic time of year that takes us into the laboratory of Mother Nature, when she cleans house and assembles all raw materials created during the entire agricultural cycle just transpired. Everything she collects is broken down to the smallest unit, catagorized and delegated as part of the resurgence of life that will spring up again above the surface when the snow begins to melt. The spiraling leaves of sunset red, persimmon, gold, orange, copper and bronze fall gracefully from the trees so they will be raked into colourful mulch for the garden. They remind us of dances during harvest rituals and the week of the Autumn Equinox.
The CSI laboratory is the scientific version of this natural, exclusive, underground workshop that contains all the tools of the trade necessary for annual renewal. Instruments used for research and technicians to ascertain DNA, tissue samples, the double helix, carbon 14, atomic tracking, digital footprints, and more, all operate in the labs of Nature and science.
Colour Navigation check power color and focalizer pages for Autumn types.
See Late Autumn and Early Winter, Red-Orange and Sunset,
and Tawney Autumn

Ted Danson
Sun 7 Capricorn 44', planet ruler Satun, the Safety Urge
Moon 12 Leo 08'
ASC: 25 Virgo 56' with MC 25 Gemini 37'
Sun trine Mars, Mercury trine Mars, Venus inconjunct Mars

Laurence Fishburne
Sun: 7 Leo 16' [solar chart noon], ruler Sol
Moon: 17 Pisces 53' [uncorrected], planet ruler Neptune, the Utopia Search
Mars 19 Virgo 09' sextile Mercury, trine Saturn
Mars square Venus, Moon opposite Mars
Neptune 8 Scorpio 34' square Sol and Jupiter
Neptune sextile Pluto
The Truth, Morpheus Superbowl 2014
interview re Apocalypse Now Inside the Actors Studio
The Meeting Morpheus and Neo, Heart O The City

Gary Sinise
Sun: 26 Pisces 22', planet ruler Neptune, the Utopia Search
[solar chart noon] Moon: 08° Capricorn,planet ruler Saturn, the Safety Urge
Mars 13 Taurus 26' opposite Saturn, square Venus
Mars trine Moon [uncorrected Moon]
Neptune 27 Libra 40' rx sextile Pluto and trine Mercury
Neptune square Jupiter and Uranus

In a TIME Magazine article about the CSI explosion on prime time TV, executive producer Zuiker says that CSI: NY is meant to be more character driven than its two siblings. Detective Mac Taylor, we learn, lost his wife in the World Trade Center. In the first episode, Taylor describes throwing out all the effects that belong to his wife except a beach ball she blew up the weekend before she died. Her breath is still in there, he says. The promise of emotional scenes, says Sinise, helped persuade the Oscar nominee and Golden Globe and Emmy winner to take a role that still largely involves staring very, very seriously at garbage. That, the Bruckheimer pedigree and the relative job security. It seemed like the right thing for my family, he says. It shoots in Los Angeles with occasional location shoots in New York City, and that’s where my kids are.

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CSI: Miami Cast

David Caruso Lieutenant Horatio Caine
Emily Procter Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez Eric "Delko" Delektorsky
Eva LaRue Natalia Boa Vista
Omar Benson Miller Walter Simmons
Jonathan Togo Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn Detective Frank Tripp
Eddie Cibrian Jesse Cardoza
Khandi Alexander Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods
Rory Cochrane Tim "Speed" Speedle
Kim Delaney Megan Donner
Sofia Milos Detective Yelina Salas

CSI theme
by The Who, their classic anthem Baba O’ Riley

CSI: Miami Season 2 Episode 23
AIRED: 5/17/04

When a teenage girl returns home from a big party night at an underage nightclub to find her parents murdered, the search for the killer leads Horatio to New York City. Before he arrives, the New York detectives, led by Detective Mac Taylor, are called out to investigate the shooting of an undercover police officer, who, it turns out, is the lead suspect in the Miami case. However, the medical examiner determines that he has been dead for 72 hours and could not even have been alive at the time of the double-murder in Miami. After further investigation, Horatio and Mac determine that the real killer murdered the New York cop, then used his ID to get to Miami, and is still on the loose.

Horatio Trail ends here...I want first bite at prosecution, as you know Florida has the death penalty.
Mac: So does New York.
Horatio: Yes but you haven't executed anyone...Since '76.

Note Trivia

Actually, the last execution in the State of New York was Eddie Mays in 1963. From 1972 to 1976, the death penalty was suspended in all United States by a Supreme Court decision.
Curiously, a month and a week after this episode was first aired, the New York Court of Appeals declared the New York State death penalty statute unconstitutional under the due process clause of the New York State Constitution.

Caleigh's Prayer

Angels of God
From heaven so bright
Watch over my children
And guide them aright
Fold your wings around them
And guard them with love
And sing to them softly
From heaven above

CSI: Miami episode aired 12-15-10

Thought-forms produced by thought waves, when someone says the prayer above,
are similar to this image. This wonderful figure is generated by a mechanical device
that allows a free-swinging pendulum to create it.





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