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Avebury UK

Your Key to Colour - an index to our posted TDN colour pages
 - The Stone Gallery for your meditation area and home tranquility zone 
~ The Transparency Wave

Gallia Cisalpina III, Celto-Ligurian Culture

Glastonbury Abby rt., King Arthur's Shield
"Here lies buried the famous King Arthur with Guinevere,
his second wife, in the isle of Avalon."

Glastonbury Tor - Tor Burr

Haunted Houses

Maps  FREE Maps

Newgrange The Winter solstice sun illuminates the mound at Newgrange.
Knowth, Ireland for more information.

The Niagra - Ontario Butterfly Conservancy
The annual migration of North American monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon. The monarch is the only butterfly known to make a two-way migration as birds do.
Pacific Grove The City of Pacific Grove created the butterfly sanctuary to preserve both this Monarch butterfly habitat and the opportunity to view this incredible natural display.
The sanctuary is free, and visitors are invited to visit, watch, admire and take Monarch butterfly photos and videos, so long as they refrain from touching.
Pismo Beach, California, famous central coast, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles along Pacific Coast Coast and 101 Highways, great place for monarch migration watch.

RAGLAN CASTLE Article - Introduction
Notes to The Deva of Raglan Castle article about Devas
at Hammerwood Park & Raglan Castle    (two locations
for Led Zeppelin concert film THE SONG REMAINS

Rob Roy Scotland's beautiful country - the power stones

POWER SITES America and the World

Sacred Places - check the Unicorn Pond and Tranquility Zones

Vincent van Gogh ~  The Life of Vincent van Gogh, LUST FOR LIFE,
starring Kirk Douglas, van Gogh Starry Night Over The Rhone

Walden; or, Life in the Maine Woods.Thoreau, Henry David.
Boston: Ticknor & Fields, 1854
First Edition Photo & Map


Candle for the Refugee of the World



For millennia people have been drawn to it on a search
for the mythical Isle of Avalon. A key part to its
mystery is water. It was once an island and water rises
and falls from its heart in profusion. Full of mystery
and symbolism, two springs rise within feet of each other
at the base of the Tor - the holy hill of Avalon.

Victorian built as a reservoir to provide
the greatest gift of clean water during a
cholera outbreak, it nestles under the base
of the Tor. The White Spring water flows
through it, as does the Ley Line known
as the Michael line. Cavernous and set apart,
in blackness or candle lit, mysterious it

A stark contrast to the wonderful gardens of
Chalice Well of the Red Spring.
One, tasting sweet with calcium, leaves a white trail.
The other, tasting metallic with iron, leaves its mark
in red. Both have healing in their flow.
According to a theory put forward by Geoffrey Russell,
they are the principal remains of a maze: not in the
sense of a puzzle, but in the sense of a long, twisting,
devious approach to a centre. Made in the remote past
for ritual purposes, it spirals round the Tor seven times,
and ends - or may be supposed to end - at the summit
where the tower now stands.


Power Site Source List

Archaeology Magazine
including 10 Greatest Wrecks in History
The first scientific archaeological excavation of a shipwreck took place just over 50 years ago. Since then, thousands of wrecks have been discovered, each with an important story to tell. Choosing 10 from among them to represent the endeavor of nautical archaeology is a difficult and subjective task. But each offers a profile of an age and a window into the lives of its people, as well as evidence of just how clever and innovative our ancestors were as they took to the seas. Through these stories, we also see why archaeologists continue to devote themselves, despite danger and difficulty, to the examination and excavation of wrecks, wherever they might be discovered.

The Astor Court at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The words feng shui mean, literally, wind and water. The word feng refers to moving air, and conjures up the notion of qi, Chinese for the universal breath that animates all of nature.

Biblical Archaeology Review

British Archaeology Magazine
new, interesting and important in UK archaeology, go facebook
The Wall: prehistoric fort or monumental labyrinth
London Underground is celebrating its 150th anniversary by installing a unique labyrinth design by artist Mark Wallinger in each of its 270 stations. Labyrinths on such a scale might seem a new arrival on the British cultural landscape. But illustrator Caroline Malim thinks there might have been a vast labyrinth in Shropshire over 2,000 years ago.

Coral Castle, Coral Castle is a stone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin north of the city of Homestead, Florida. A nine-ton revolving gate is the most famous structure of the castle and was documented on the television programs In Search of..., and That's Incredible! The gate is carved so precisely that it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls on both sides.

DOWSER:    Articles are part of the Energy Management Course

DEVA Ragland Castle: Deva part 1   Deva part 2       WOMAD

Grindelwald , river falls, and surrounding area, Lutschine River Falls only for
serious hikers/climbers

background info about the Dissolution of The Star, by Krishnamurti

Labyrinth US - Today labyrinths are used at hospitals, schools, churches, prisons and private practices. They balance the lower mind thought form reference pattern and thereby serve a holistic function that may promote  harmony in day-to-day relationships.

  •  The Harmony Society built three labyrinths, one in each of the three towns it settled in the American frontier from 1805-1905, in New Harmony, Indiana  and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  •  Herbal labyrinth in PA, a 7-circuit, Cretan labyrinth pattern, herbs sold

  •  The Odin Stone and the Orcadian wedding, specific binding rituals, particularly related to weddings, were carried out at the Odin Stone.

    North Carolina Odin Stone Labyrinth, at Oak Ridge, NC, description-directions provided
    5014 Seward Road, Pfafftown NC 27040, Lat: 36,10:58:1844 Lon: 80: 23:12:7716 adjust altimeter to 820'. Find monolith stone. Ring bell to announce your entry to the site, follow trail to Odin Stone Labyrinth

  •  Peace Labyrinth, Huntsville Alabama, always open

  •  Portable Labyrinth: Travelling Labyrinth - Robert Farre designed this
     20x22 feet classical seven canvas;  contact Pat Fogle
     Phone: 304-267-7193 in Martinsburg, WV
     Email:  for facilitated walks available for groups
     in MD, VA, WV, NJ, PA

  •  The Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation

  • Longleat House - Wiltshire UK, with five mazes-labyrinth patterns

    • King Arthur's Mirror Maze for little people
    • Lord Bath's great affection for mazes and puzzles: the Love Labyrinth, the Sun Maze
      and the Lunar Labyrinth - three recent additions
    • Made up of more than 16,000 English Yews, the spectacular Hedge Maze

    Parthenon pix/articles from free dictionary

    ~ The Rhone River, mouth. Among the early refugees from the political turmoil in 1st century Palestine
    were many major figures in the Gospels, such as Martha, Lazarus, the Roman centurion Maximinius,
    and Mary Magdalene.
    Legend says they had, by the mid-30's, 50 CE, converted a significant portion of the population to a form of Christianity. One key to this sudden conversion was the "trophy," or sacred object signified by the common St. Trophime legends, which could very well be the origin point of the story of the Holy Grail.  See Aubagne and on to the grotto of Mary Magdalene at Le Ste. Baume. Tours available - check search engines. 

    Stonehenge, the discovery in Germany - December 08, 2003
    SOLAR OBSERVATORY in Goseck, Germany, as it might have appeared in 4900 B.C.

    [part 1] 

         Circles for Space German "Stonehenge" marks oldest observatory  By Madhusree Mukerjee  A vast, shadowy circle sits in a flat wheat field near Goseck, Germany. No, it is not a pattern made by tipsy graduate students. The circle represents the remains of the world's oldest observatory, dating back 7,000 years. Coupled with an etched disk recovered last year, the observatory suggests that Neolithic and Bronze Age people measured the heavens far earlier and more accurately than scientists had imagined.

         Archaeologists reported the Goseck circle's identity and age this past August. First spotted by airplane, the circle is 75 meters wide. Originally, it consisted of four concentric circles--a mound, a ditch and two wooden palisades about the height of a person--in which stood three sets of gates facing southeast, southwest and north, respectively. On the winter solstice, someone at the center of the circles would see the sun rise and set through the southern gates."

    Photo Albums

    • Butterfly Dance
      1935, San Ildefonso Pueblo, N.M.

    • Didymaion, Miletus, and Priene

    • Dolmen of Weris - Durby - Belgium
      Dolmen and Megaliths
      A dolmen, also known as a portal tomb, portal grave, or quoit, is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal capstone.
      Dolmen are Neolithic monuments, features of the culture and ideology of Neolithic communities. Their evolution and function act as indicators of social development.

    • Film Festivals - Sundance, month by month Global  Guide

    • Garden
      Arwen and the Garden
      The Bach Centre Dr Edward Bach and the Bach flower remedy system. Honeysuckle Lonicera caprifolium
      Findhorn Foundation
      The Japanese sand garden is a unique tool that can assist you in letting go of the accumulated tensions and anxieties of day to day challenges. Zen Garden

    • Heron Island, Australia, Coral garden-undersea wonderland

    • Historic cities ,  maps concerning the past, present and future of important global village locations

    • Italy, today and yesterday

    • LISBON landmarks  recreated in pictures - SPAIN

    • Claude Monet's Garden, Giverny

    • Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Project. Free book download from Getty Publications Art and Eternity: The Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Project, 1986 1992
      This is the final report on the conservation of the wall paintings in the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens, Egypt. This highly successful collaborative venture launched by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Egyptian Antiquities Organization brought together scientists and conservators from all over the world to address the problems facing one of the most beautiful monuments of antiquity.
      go to KMT modern journal of ancient Egypt

    • Art-Mythology, Oracle, ancient

    • Nike by Paionios is in the green room and will return. She is  marble, with
      the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia -reconstructed model. (Classical, c.420 B.C.)

    • Palmyra 
      the meaning of the mosaics
      Bellerophon. on the winged horse, Pegasus, slaying the Chimera


  • Archeology of Britain


    • Neolithic Sites
      Neolithic discovery
      why Orkney is the centre of ancient Britain. Long before the Egyptians began the pyramids, Neolithic man built a vast temple complex at the top of what is now Scotland.

    • The Lodge Wars

    • In the Field With Dowsers part 2

    • Read Energy Map used for movie, Spy Game

    • The Standing Stones of Four Quarters
      and labyrinth, multi-faith, Artemas, PA

    • LIFE Washington, "I Have A Dream"
      from Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963

    • Interactive Dig is produced by
      ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine

    • Glastonbury
      The Round Table was constructed, not without great significance, upon the advice of Merlin. By its name the Round table is meant to signify the round world and round canopy of the planets and the elements in the firmament, where are to be seen the stars and many other things.
      La Queste del Saint Graal.
      Katharine Maltwood notes are not concerned with the Grail of the Christian era, but with an earlier Grail, that Cauldron of Wisdom already famous ages before Joseph of Arimathea brought his message here. It was, no doubt, the very reason for his choice of so remote a spot, for it is a matter of history that Christianity came to Glastonbury prior to any other place in the British Isles.

      Two Glastonbury Legends,
      by J. Armitage Robinson

      Glastonbury Festival of Contempory Performing Arts Glastonbury Abbey, August


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