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Guitar Wizard

Eric Clapton is the first musician to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. He was first honored as a member of the Yardbirds in 1992, then with Cream in 1993, and finally as a solo artist on March 6, 2000. While his stints with the groups were relatively brief - he stayed with the Yardbirds only a year and a half, and Cream lasted barely two years - Clapton has managed to establish himself as a vital, hitmaking presence in every decade.

Cream Sunshine Of Your Love 7:25
Live 2005 Cream white room/crossroads/badge

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 released on DVD and BluRay to benefit
Crossroads Centre Antigua




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ARMS Concert

release September 2008

Recorded live in September 1983 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the ARMS Concert was the first of ten charity concerts in support of Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis (ARMS).
This event was the first time all three of The Yardbirds lead guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck appeared together.

Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - The ARMS Concert - Tulsa Time
Eric Clapton Jimmy Page Jeff Beck - The ARMS Concert at Royal Albert Hall 1983 - Tulsa Time

The Arms Concert 1983 Part 1 - YouTube
Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page with Steve Winwood
London Arms Concert (9/83) by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Jimmy Page

Eric Clapton The Once And Future Guitar Hero

By Pete Prown, RELIX, Volume 15, No. 4

Everything changed in 1965. Among the leading U.K. guitar proponents, radicals like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton were making bold new noises literally with the Yardbirds and John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, respectively.
Not far behind them were blues expatriates like Peter Green who later formed Fleetwood Mac, future Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, and Ten Years After guitar wizard, Alvin Lee. Within two years, Jimi Hendrix was on the rock scene, mesmerizing fans with his outrageous image and surreal, psychedelic guitar attack. Within the span of time from 1965 to the end of 1967, these players effectively created the role of the guitar hero in modern rock bands and forever changed the sound of rock and roll guitar.

Yet, of all the Sixties greatest guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Mike Bloomfield, and Jimmy Page, only Clapton and Beck are still prominent guitar stars and, of these two, only Clapton has managed to keep himself squarely in the public eye year after year. From his electrifying early days with the Yardbirds, Cream, and Derek and the Dominoes through his stretch as a somewhat subdued pop crooner in the Seventies to his present status as a hard pop superstar and still very exciting guitarist, Clapton has survived the rigors of rock stardom and created a veritable treasure chest of brilliant rock music along the way.

Mars in Pisces

Pisces is governed by Neptune, the Utopia Search

Quick insight into new possibilities; when tact, intuition, and diplomacy prevail, profitable career in big companies, industrial matters, professions that employ the skills of Apollo, or public works.

When there is confrontation, Mars in Pisces does not count losses, but rather, even against great odds, will be so engrossed in his fight, a battle supposed to be a losing one may after all be won. You will fight courageously for the rights of others, you tend to neglect your own right to be free and strong. There can be a display of passion and deep emotion while the desire for harmony and balance is an important consideration as well. This position often leads one to feel misunderstood or to be misunderstood [nebulous influence of Neptune], especially under the parental roof. 

Each month, when the Moon in Pisces transits Mars, there may be a greater energy, physical vitality, and desire to take up tasks that require physical exertion. Hobbies, amusements, and holiday events help to work up an appetite [usually for the Mars innervating diet with hot, spicy foods that further activate the system.] Good time for home improvement, garden schemes, spending time with little people, and sharing creative ideas with friends. When Mars above transits radix Saturn a strong tendency to form alliances with, or enter business transactions, with people who are in established positions of power and authority.

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Rolling Stone 100 best of all time:    3.   "Crossroads"

Cream (1968)

Eric Clapton once described Cream's music as "blues ancient and modern." This track is what he meant. He was not yet 23 when he played this high-velocity version of the Robert Johnson song at San Francisco's Winterland on March 10th, 1968. Everything in Clapton's solos is grounded in the blues vocabulary but pointed to the future. "When Clapton soloed, he wrote wonderful symphonies from classic blues licks in that fantastic tone," Little Steven Van Zandt told Rolling Stone in 2004. "You could sing his solos like songs in themselves."



"Clapton: The Autobiography" by Eric Clapton

Clapton recounts his childhood (he was raised by his grandparents, not knowing for years that his "sister" was actually his biological mother), his time with Cream and the Yardbirds and his solo career, with stops along with way for ...  If Clapton wasn't really, as the graffiti of the 1970s insisted, God, he wasn't exactly the devil, either.
Music History
In addition to their six Top 40 songs, the Yardbirds will be remembered as having produced the top three English blues-based guitarists of the 60s: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Clapton was on board when the group recorded their early bluesy English hits, but he left after recording their first U.S. hit, For Your Love (No. 6, 1965), to eventually join John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.


Crossroads Centre Antigua

The journey of healing begins through a learning process to lead the individual toward the insight and skills necessary to be successful in lifelong recovery.
As an International Centre for Healing, Crossroads Centre Antigua serves as a beginning in the journey toward a new life in recovery, free from the devastating effects of alcohol and other drug dependencies. Founded by music legend, Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre, located on the beautiful island of Antigua, offers residential care in an intensive therapeutic and supportive environment, away from the confusion and distractions of living with addiction. Since 1997, our commitment has been to provide treatment of the highest quality and integrity, while optimally supporting the dignity of individuals and their families suffering from the effects of alcohol and other drug addictions.

USA and Canada: 1-888-452-0091
United Kingdom: 0-800-783-9631
Direct to Antigua: 1-268-562-0035

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