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Guitar Wizard  -  The Yardbirds, Led  Zeppelin,  The Firm
Jimmy Page Star Chart, Page Trump IX Jupiter Return @ Knebworth

The career name chosen by James Patrick Page, Jimmy Page, refers sympathetically to righteousness and a verb, giving freely.
Page translates in the Qabalah, to wise man of Gotham, and Elder as referred to in the Old Testament.
Subtle energy within the symbol Page used for Led Zeppelin, ZOSO, is layered. This image refers to hidden value that resonates with the umbilical chord connected to the Hall of Music Page never cut.

the Starship

Zeppelin Diner

Legend The Magic of the Page and Plant Tour

Scotland Retreat part 1 and part 2 includes The Tower House

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Recommend Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind Over Europe 1980,
by Dave Lewis, editor of TBL magazine


December 10,  2007