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The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Sirius Black - Gary Oldman - Sirius & Rupert Grint and Tom Felton - Alkes and Constellation Crater

Regulus Arcturus Black The Moon, Trump XVIII

The Weeping Degree & Progressed Lights - Harry Potter and Sirius Black

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Molly Weasley recipes HP Summer Marathon

Magic Spice lite samples from Prewett-Weasley archives
Mollywobbles Dinner with Black Chanterelle and Gorgonzola Fettucine, and Witches' Brew
Magical Holiday Menu for Harry Potter Marathon

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the leaky cauldron

Making the Great Hall
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The Weasleys
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The Battle of Hogwarts documentary film by Nicholas Acosta

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Deathly Hallows part 2
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The Trio

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter at Dursleys - Ron Weasley
Weasley Tent Quidditch World Cup

Albus Dumbledore - Richard Harris, The Tower House, links to OoP

Diagon Alley Inn Magical Creatures, Diagon Alley Close

Charm - Patronus and the Etheric Double

Hogwarts  Hogwarts Ghosts Hogwarts Feast

Divination Class  ~ Line of Intuition

Magical Creatures at Diagon Alley Close

House of Black ~ The Masked World

The Power of Place ~ Hidden Places quiz

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The Half Blood Prince - Hogwarts Castle


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