Colour Lab Beats

Zion - Amber cave reminiscent of spiritual temples at Chaco Canyon, Grand Canyon [Havasupai], and Old Oribi [Hopi]
A mandala constructed in solid form is really the plan of a structure - temple, building, house, city - a walled in space.


They descend a wide carving stairwell that follows a natural cave that has been widened in places; pipes run everywhere, a kind of mechanized expression of flowing water. They step down onto a large metal balcony where we find, at last, the bottom of the rabbit hole Zion.

                                                            Never has the Christian world been in possession of those hidden scrolls
                                                            which contain the secret doctrine of Israel, and if the Qabbalists were
                                                            correct in their assumption that the lost books of the Mosaic Mysteries
                                                            have been woven into the fabric of the Torah, then the Scriptures are
                                                            veritably books within books.          -Manly P. Hall


1) The Suits

  • a)  Black or white jacket/robe/pants/shades, shirt and overcoat dominate
         wardrobe for the internal spectrum of characters
    b)  Agent Smith changes from grey, median point between black and white, hesitation or
         vascillation re self-assertive individualism
         to black in Reloaded and Revolutions.
         Agents attire appear to be by military dress code, a taylored uniform.
         Neo wears his signature black robe inside The Matrix as a reflex reaction, similar to a uniform
    c)  Energy suits/energy envelopes also known as Aura layers represented as semi-firm energy
         insulation or shields - a human aura, represented, in part, when characters exit the
         matrix, has seven envelopes
         Black cat appears when glitches in program happen or get sorted out in The Matrix and Revolutions.
         Black cat crossing one's path may be an omen that extent energy foreshadows chaos or could augur good luck.
         Cats defend temples, are symbolic of astral doors, leap into the astral fire.
         The deja vous factor frequently occurs if astral material and a molding clay atmospheric
         texture are available for use.



  •      Neo is in a sub-death status in the first several scenes of The Matrix. He confides in a nocturnal visitor, Choi, his girlfriend duJour, and a group of night flyers with an acquired taste for computer 'short cuts.'

  •      Neo wonders out loud. How does he know whether he's sleeping, stoned, or awake? As 'fate' would have it, all three are correct. Neo is sleeping - in a Samadhi tank from hell. He is in an altered state induced by tyrant machines, and at a higher octave level, he is searching the net day and night - looking for clues that will lead him to a guiding light/folk hero, known as Morpheus.

  •      Gemstones for the Autumn palette of the Oracle include dark or clear amber, tangerine diamond, garnet, imperial, lavender, nephrite, and white jade , and smoky topaz. Metals include copper especially, bronze, oxidized gold, platinum, white gold and all metallic conductors of electricity.


The Oracle's Kitchen is a laboratory, reading room, and sanctuary, intimately connected to Trump XIV Temperance or Art. Ancient cauldron legend, tradition, and mythology is attached, further implying The Oracle provides elders, teachers, leaders, and prophets their own specific type of nurturing sustenance.
The Oracle is in the position of power, seated before her oven, a symbol of the lower furnace or stomach, when Neo first encounters her. The intuitive reading, or first impression, is one reminiscent of the Delphic Oracle who instructed architects, philosophers, and pilgrims to the sacred site. Symbols are a tripod, furnace or stove, and her various formulae, or recipes, into which she constantly pours love, healing power and harmonic energy. The stove alludes to the laboratory Mother Nature turns up during the months of Autumn, when her recycling work begins. This theme is summarized at The Oracle's Lab. Dominant color themes are itemized. Generally the colour accents that set off the sage, evergreen, and green jade worn by the Oracle include the agate, carnelian often associated with Hathor and her mirror, amber, coral, crystal, and the garnet.
It is interesting that Morpheus, the strongest support and champion of the Oracle, visually resembles the Great Python, an undefeated black giant, a Mercurial warrior who protected the Delphic Oracle for many years. Note how similar is the colour theme for Michaelangelo's Oracle in the Sistene Chapel. Morpheus hangs his life on belief in The Prophecy, that The One will reincarnate and find the path to peace between Zion and the machines. There are parallels to the prophecies of the Delphic Oracle who, in company of many ancient prophets, predicted the birth of Jesus Christ. We read similar auguries in the writings of Alice Bailey, a popular theosophist during the psychic revolution in Europe about a hundred years ago.

The negative expression associated with the red-orange garnet, coral, and agate, corresponding to the 22 super number frequency, is Cypher revealed through his disloyal, treacherous betrayal commited against the team Morpheus brings into the matrix for the purpose of Neo's first meeting with the Oracle. Agents cut the hard line, which serves as the exit for "red pills" to leave The Matrix, and the crew is trapped in the building.


Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Neo: You could say that.
Morpheus: I see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that's not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
Morpheus: I know *exactly* what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a  splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

     a) Properties of the mirror - unreliable material at lower octave levels
       [sometimes psychic fly paper]
    b)  Wake up Neo... follow the white rabbit

Morpheus: The pill you took is part of a trace program.
It's designed to disrupt your input/output carrier signal so
we can pinpoint your location.
Neo: What does that mean?
Cypher: It means buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye.
Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?  

3)  Colour Waves

a)  The Matrix and the Real World have their own special 'colour' themes that go a long way to mirror the star charts of the Wachowskis. The sunrise scene is a reference, perhaps, to Sol at dawn the morning of the Summer and Winter Solstices. When the Sun enters Moonchild and Capricorn, he heralds the longest and shortest days of the year. These extremes divide sunlight to moonlight hours that are found in Matrix films as Sol, either way above mysterious, midnight clouds or well beneath the earth surface in the amber chamber of Zion.

b)  The Matrix palette, for the most part, consistently combines four power colours in all three movie concepts. They are used by designers for wardrobe, set, and lighting.

  • Black - The 'shades' are worn inside The Matrix to establish machine environments are sub-death [without soul or that their world is constructed out of ashes after a war] - as the paradigm or  'gameboard' used by the machines to manipulate people for their purposes. The Wachowski brothers describe clothing worn by rebels inside the Matrix as their armor, so it
    is important to note when the glasses are off because of trust issues [Morpheus and the "Let me take a look at you" scene with the Oracle]. Confrontations and pointed statements [Agent Smith, the Architect and the Merovingian try to get rebels to "see" it their way], imply perceived vulnerability. Fishburne was 'shadeless' during part of the Reloaded Freeway Chase.
    He said, When things get really hairy inside the Matrix, when Morpheus isn t sure whether or not he s going to get out, then they come off. He s got to fight with what s inside him as opposed to what s on
    the outside.

  • White - A symbol of spirit, as Lunar whiteness, like water; the albedo in alchemy. It is the silver or cool Moon condition, still waiting to be raised to the Sun condition. Jung refers to the albedo, or lapis albus, as daybreak, adding, not till the rubedo is it sunrise, as illustrated by Sati in her golden dress, in REVOLUTIONS. The radiant white dove [perhaps a reference to gifts of the Paraclete] is called, 'the salt of the metals' in alchemy. The queen, crowned with a silver crown [or diadem of stars, as Trump III] has a white lily in her hand,  strokes a white or silver eagle standing beside her as a symbol of the pure feminine principal. She is personified in Tarot Trump XIV Temperance, or Art.
    Find your seasonal white palette.

  • Green

  • Amber/gold variations - Zion Pow Wow [top of page] refers to Black-Gold expression of Akasha - some colours reminiscent of celebration scenes after fall of Empire in SW VI, Return of The Jedi

  • Golden variations, with suggestion of Maxima - Revolutions scene with Neo in a face to face conversation with Deus Ex Machina, a Machine construct, and offers Smith's destruction in exchange for a truce. The offer is accepted; Neo enters the Matrix to find that the Smith program has copied itself throughout the simulated world, and has turned it into a rainswept dark simulation. Note the colours are variations of dark atmospheric grey, not black. Deus Ex Machina is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, and reminiscent of an ancient Rosicrucian text:
    "...after all these things and near the daybreak there shall be a great calm, and you
    shall see the Day-Star arise and the dawning will appear, and you shall perceive a
    great treasure.
    The chiefest thing in it, and the most perfect, is a certain exalted tincture, with which
    the world [if it served God and were worthy of such gifts] might be tinged and turned
    into most pure gold..."

  • The fifth colour [if you include electricity/lightning/transfiguration] acts as the raw material for animating threads,  'energy waves' in colours of blues, 'jellyfish clear,' and dazzling brilliance. Some degree of similarity with aquamarine-white stones. This energy, sometimes waved, often interwoven with higher octaves, comes across as meshed into the  Transparent Wave, Akasha, and ectoplasmic gel [the Twins, identical albino virus shape-shifters.] See The Etheric Double for more about this. Use of this subtle body for purpose of healing is explored in text at Matrix Fields


Kym Barrett most enjoyed creating wardrobe for the Twins.  Larry and Andy described the Twins as ethereal, so we gave the their costumes a modern twist on the ghostly.



Revolutions, the park scene
Positive lapis lazuli blue plaque in memory of Thomas Anderson where the Oracle and Architect confirm the future agenda for those inside and outside the matrix. Lapis lazuli is a reference to the spiritual lapis sought by philosophers, pilgrims, and the alchemists throughout the ages. The lapis is referred to as The Philosopher Stone in our dreams as observed by Carl G. Jung.

see Psychology and Alchemy, one of Jung's last works.

c)  The Real World atmosphere is cool steel-blue and gun metal, [suggestion of an uneasy reliance on the machines before the war began.] Blue is often thought to be the colour of spiritual focus, trustworthiness, and inner wellness because it is linked with the status of pure, toxin-free blood. The functional palette relies on slow moving winter power colours. They facilitate the magnetic rhythmns, an even predictable pace, though this never implies the world of the machines is less than efficient.


From the middle of the spectrum [Green] beginning at Teal, Deeper Blue-Greens like Transparent Veridian Green, the retreating waves start to turn toward magnetic, slower, and cooler rhythms.

An example is found in Theta colours, favoured by Morpheus and Niobe. They conserve energy.
The traditional triad is black/charcoal,  grey with blue and purple highlights,  and, a red/maroon  that is blended.

    Natural neutrals [clothes made of fabric that appears hand woven in Zion, recycled, or retrieved from
     the city suggest a 'spiritual' and unadorned or 'plain' quality in the Zion underworld retreat. There is
     almost a 'kiva' atmosphere within Zion, although the reference is more obviously to the 'New City' or
     New Jerusalem mentioned in prophecy, built within the heart and based on the name of the community.

     Kym Barrett said, Zion is a city under siege, so the clothes made by and for the people who live there
     emphasize function over fashion. At the same time, they take pride in their history and their craftsman-
     ship, and their wardrobe reflects the true utilitarian spirit of the community.

The climate is responsible for the palette to a degree; Zion is a beacon of Hope, 'the Zone' and last human city; internal weather conditions are most obvious in the wardrobe for Morpheus, as he moves toward a frequency consistent with the truthsayer-searcher who looks for truth wherever it may be found. The words spoken by Morpheus [and the Council] resonate Theta energy, the "OM" frequency that prevails in eastern meditation, aka a sacred syllable.
Most 'treasured words' appear in the deeper blue-purple range. The Mystic Blue-Violet Wave
also carries this energy - as does the 'Sterling Silver Rose.' These are very effective colours for pore breathing meditation techniques because they encourage cell repair that we achieve naturally during level 8 sleep.

On the Nebudchadnezzar, threads for the crew are drawn from maroon, grey, and black options. As Captain of his ship, Morpheus can move into the dark purple range when he enters the Matrix. Pilots generally seem to favor the rose-maroon uniform. Morpheus tends wear his suits are like 'carriers' or aura envelopes within the Matrix. The Theta frequency, associated with his palette, is free of toxins so contains 'clear' and/or transparent gel textures. Some of the matched up colours in the clothes Morpheus favors are visible in a dark room that has a sparkly, atmospheric dust. We see these silver, green, blue, and purple effects as we fall asleep, if we open our eyes right before we cross over. Perhaps opening the way to other realities is a reference to the name Morpheus and his palette goes with his role as psychopompus. [Go to Trinity]

Morpheus chooses a 'pure' solution to the betrayal problem in the first film of the trilogy. His act of self-sacrifice for the sake of The One, the team, and the mission, runs on a Theta Wave integrity. A possible navy blue fabric highlight will imply soul power and centering, confidence, and authority.
He does the right thing, so helps the audience gain more insight into the character of Morpheus. There is a hint that his position as the leader, reformer, and role model for most in Zion is easy for him. Faux purple alligator boots - pampering at it's best, complete the ensemble! Check other 'hot' pages on Colour Navigation like Late Autumn-Early Winter, Red, Black, and White and more improvisation with Winter combinations.



     Club Hel is the inauspicious Lower Octave meeting place for various and sundry programs once in command of a great deal of power.

The Merovingian,  his wife Persephone, and a gang of exiles preside over the 'subterranean' environment, cluttered with remnants of a once great, now shadow of, their former world. Pure colours are mixed with brown, grey, and perhaps a byte of steel blue. They have 'turned' from their true frequency.



     Club Hel [heavy metal],  Le Vrai [an upscale eatery] and the Chateau [hide-out for Cain,   Abel, and other back page secrets] are based on the same  blueprints and fashion codes.

The Merovingian's  template, his own theme song for  decor, art forms highlighting various historical periods, and antiquated  symbolism, suggest members who frequent the club are not conversing  with divine consciousness at any level nor are they likely to be any time soon. Should they want a connection with higher octave reality, they are 'unplugged.' They turn on the TV for stimulation and surround themselves with art, statues, and weapons that suggest the shells and characteristics of immortal players. There is beauty of form with no substance. This level of play-acting is partly brought to the surface by the Twins 'outfit'  - white leather with a cast of mutated greens combined with distorted yellows. Alchemically, these colour combinations refer to negative Venus, and her unfortunate use of form addiction that glues 'victims' into their back pages, or a routine based on solidified, past expiraton date, thought forms. Venus is represented as copper ore so this problem compromises the ability to use energy efficiently. The Twins were probably once a very powerful team. Now their abilities function on a dramatically diminished mode.

     The correct combination of these two colour waves are represented in the aura of Seraph. Emerald green and golden/amber, two pure colour vibrations that suggest a link once existed between the Oracle's guardian and Club Hel, where he was an employee in a former incarnation. The Oracle wears deep, rich colours when Neo enters her 'kitchen' - an intriguing little lab of various Green and Golden Apricot waves. Were it not for the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar taking the chance they did, the atmosphere would probably be that of an early Spring sunshine, perfect for a trip to Martha Stewart's and her chocolate chip cookie jar. Perhaps the Oracle wanted Neo to know how emerald green and carnelian appear when they are properly applied in their natural relationship. That key would help a candidate recognize a friend or foe instantly, since a green tint effects everything inside the Matrix. Seraph suggests a higher octave choir, known as Seraphim shape shifters, so the actual aura colour of his field would be invisible. His field, to those held inside the Matrix, is probably viewed as different than most who want to live forever. He is nearer the perfect median colours that insulate the Oracle sanctuary, as in the picture above. [Emerald green is the middle of the external spectrum, so perfectly seals any physical surface. Perhaps this is why the Machines covered all inside the Matrix with a transparent green layer - the sheen suggests security so no one would suspect how deceptive appearances could be.] Apricot-peach-amber is the warm universal colour that is easily utilized in combination with any seasonal palette. Amber is the stone the Anasazzi favoured at Chaco Canyon, for use in ritual, during ceremonies, and the dance.

      The World Village:  Special-effects wizard John Gaeta says that while he loved creating the gee-whiz stunts for the film, one of his favorite elements of Reloaded is the sacred city's demographics.

     "I think people must expect that Zion is going to be a lot like their hometown ? 80% white, 10% black, 10% other," Gaeta says. "But they're going to be in for a surprise when they see the Wachowskis' worldview."

Aura envelopes are often compared with a character in transit using a specific ship, car, or carrier. Several hovercraft in the Zion fleet are mentioned by name in The Matrix series* and spin offs:

  THE HAMMER, Mjolnir  - Captain Roland's hovercraft. The Mjolnir's commissioning plaque reads "Mark XIV No. 62 Made in the USA Year 2111".

  THE LOGOS, Captain Niobe's sleek hovercraft, designed for a crew of three, the Captain, Ghost, and Sparks.  Mark XIV, No. 14 Made in the USA Year 2101.  Neo and Trinity eventually pilot The Logos [The Word] to the Machine City 

  THE NEBUCHADNEZZAR - Captain Morpheus and Trinity lead the team  able to locate and rescue Neo from The Matrix. "Mark III No. 11 Made in the USA Year 2069"

  THE OSIRIS - Captain Thadeus and crew courageously fight to dispense a red alert warning to Zion. The Last Flight of The Osiris [Animatrix] resurfaces in The Matrix Reloaded and  first level of video game, Enter the Matrix.  The Osiris' commissioning plaque reads "Mark VI No. 16 Made in the USA Year 2079".

  THE VIGILANT, Captain Soren's hovercraft, is prepared to deal with the challenge Morpheus takes to the Zion Council. The Vigilant crew hack in to the City's power grid to cover Neo's team and disable the security systems of the Source building in Reloaded. This is the first attempt to contact The Architect using the front door approach. The Vigilant's commissioning plaque reads "Mark XIII No. 32 Made in the USA Year 2106".


Act Three


Lock's Lieutenant: Sir, their EMP could take out every sentinel up there.
Lock: It could take out more than that. It'll wipe out our entire defense system.
If we blow an EMP inside there we'll lose the dock.
Lock's Lieutenant: Sir, we *already* lost the dock.

     The Pilots of Zion, their ships, and their defense systems appear suspiciously similar to  ancient knowledge symbols for the barques of the gods and goddesses, or in later mythology, various chariots or carts driven by immortals. Power animals pulling the chariot reveal something about 'fuel' or ore associated with the immortal [motivation, variety of energy available, and the defense system in place] often veiled to protect the 'ship.' Saturn's chariot was drawn by dragons [time as his defense]; the chariot of Venus, drawn by a team of swallows [or doves representing the wisdom priests and priestesses], often carried the goddess of love [negotiating and mediation skills] along a pleasant evening breeze to her Island of Cypress. The flock of birds surrounding the Oracle, when Seraph brings Neo to her for a meeting, confirms this idea.  

Golden/amber light reveals to Neo the true composition of the machine city.
This colour is often used at business conventions where large groups of business people meet and discuss complex issues. It is optimistic, hospitable, and warming. Check Golden Glow for more information about the poise of this metal.

Agent Smith:  You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability...     It is the sound of your death...
Goodbye, Mr. Anderson...
Neo: My name... is Neo.


Laurence Fishburne Star Chart
Carrie-Anne Moss Star Chart
Keanu Reeves Star Chart
   with both Oracles


*  Toby Ragaini discusses the source of
the new Hovercraft in The Matrix Online

Are you at liberty to discuss whether the hovercraft
in MxO are new ships, or have the humans repaired
the damaged ones.

Toby - Humans have repaired a few hovercraft, but the majority of Zion's "lift capacity" now comes
from hoverbarges. Constructed mainly of parts salvaged from the destroyed hovercraft fleet, the
hoverbarge is a new type of craft that can carry a large load of redpills to broadcast depth.

Previously such craft were impractical, because the large tunnels to the surface were under strict surveillance by the Machines. Now, however, these enormous vehicles are free to rise slowly up the broadest shafts to perform mass-insertions of redpills into the Matrix.

 In addition, most of Zion's unarmed transport hovercraft were not present at the docks during the battle. Normally
such craft would never be deployed so close to the surface, but with the Truce removing the threat of Sentinel attack,
Zion can now use unarmed transports for Matrix operations.

Some have claimed that there are also permanent broadcast stations being built in tunnels near the surface, where
Zionites can enter the equivalent of the Machines' pods for long-duration operations in the Matrix. Such claims are no
more than rumors at this point, though.



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