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Peek inside the new Clooney country manor on the Thames,
the house and four acre property in its first year of complete
renovation. It will have its own cinema, new pool house, and
grand terrace.

Candle for the Refugee of the World
Clooney speaks about money in politics
The Clooneys at Hail Caesar premiere
Money Monster and Hail, Caesar
George Clooney guest on Stephen Colbert 3:24 Sep 9, 2015

April 2015 George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney [Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius, her Mercury in Capricorn] recently dined with a very high-profile, distinguished guest, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The three had dinner at the luxury Italian restaurant Harry Cipriani in New York City on Wednesday, E News learned.
A source said George and Amal arrived at the eatery first and waited for Sotomayor at the bar. The pair looked captivated by Sotormayor as they watched her talking animatedly at the bar. The couple appeared very friendly with the people around them and the actor drank his own Casamigos Tequila, which is served regularly at the venue. They all dined and caught up over several hours.
The dinner also marked a boss and employee reunion. Amal, a Lebanon-born, London-based human rights attorney, used to work as a student law clerk for Sotomayor when the justice was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. At the time, Amal was enrolled in the NYU School of Law. Amal is currently teaching at Columbia Law School, where Sotormayor has lectured for years.

The Monuments Men watch trailer
Monuments Men were civilian volunteers who helped save European treasures during World War II. The survival of priceless works of art goes beyond the importance of the images themselves. Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, for example, survived a bomb blast that cratered the four refractory walls enclosing it and is just one of hundreds of masterpieces that managed to survive during World War II...
The notion of protecting European art and culture from destruction was unheard of in modern day warfare. Under the guidance of FDR, these art experts undertook a nearly impossible mission go behind enemy lines and rescue artistic masterpieces. Among other things, Hitler had wanted to have the largest collection of art in the world. These artistic men and women were assigned to save and preserve as much of the art and culture as they could in the course of the German invasion of Europe.
The Real Monuments Men George Stout arrived at Bernterode on May 1, 1945
The civilians were sent out six weeks ago, Walker Hancock commented to Stout as the two men took the long, slow, dark elevator ride to the bottom of the mine, and the next day German soldiers started pouring in. They worked in complete secrecy. Two weeks later, the mine was sealed. It was April 2, George, the day we entered Siegen.

Monuments Men Foundation Hundreds of thousands of items, worth billions of dollars, remain
missing today. Increasingly these objects are surfacing. In this year alone, it has been
discovered that Cornelius Gurlitt, was holding 1,280 images of partly dubious origin in
his Schwabinger apartment.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock on the red carpet, Venice Film Festival 2014. Both have Sol in the second house of wealth and Jupiter in the twelfth house of the poet, illusionist, remote places. The other business planet, Saturn, is lined up with the Moon the same way. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, lucrative, friendship. Signs are different but the lights and several planets are superimposed. This usually indicates people who do things differently but tend to have common interests and concerns.

Clooney on celebrity activism: You don't want to be a spokesperson unless you are absolutely committed to a cause because you can hurt it. I've been asked to help represent environmental groups. I'm a big proponent of cleaning up the environment. I have two electric cars. But I also have a big weak spot because I've flown on private jets. However, I welcome any of these dumb pundits who make celebrities out to be bad guys to a discussion about Darfur. Because I've been there and I've met all the players, and I guarantee you the pundits haven't.

Trump IX Guidelines
George Clooney discusses his career and body of work with Prof. Richard Brown.
You Tube Published on Mar 19, 2014
Richard Brown's MOVIES101

Astrology observes the position of the two lights, the Sun and Moon, and all heavenly bodies deposited in a star chart as very significant. For example, George Clooney, Rosemary Clooney, David Strathairn, and Edward R. Murrow were all born between 2 AM and 3 AM, so the Sun in all their star charts appear in the same location, that is in or near the third house of communication. This department of life is governed by Mercury as the lower mind, including all that is self taught, analysis, brothers, sisters, the neighborhood, journalism, traveling minstrel, stand up comic, radio, healing, psychic management of atomic drift, self publication, and the beat of the material world properties, such as breathing in and out, and so on. Nick Clooney does not show time of birth, so the locale of his Sun cannot be determined.
George Clooney has a star chart featuring strong and well placed aspects. His Sun 15 Taurus 33 conjunct his Mercury at 20 Taurus 45, in his Second House, is not combust so solar energy combines with analytical Mercury to project an image of a strategist, effective speaker, problem solver, specialist, and collector of fine art. Venus, ruler of Taurus is deposited in the Ascendant. There is a positive alliance between his Sun and Mercury at 5+ degrees of separation that is the perfect distance for production of cognition and flashes of insight without burning up the blueprint that would support transfer of subtle energy to practical physical status. The characters played by Clooney in many of his films seem to have this talent or find it an attractive feature in others. The conjunction is an underlying factor in the moving, inspirational film Monuments Men. Clooney plays the compelling real life leader who launched the campaign to recover stolen art.

The persistent, tireless, and dedicated team gave their all tracking down lost treasures during World War II. Their vision and enormous reserve energy, so often observed when Taurus is involved, helped the effort to return thousands of items to their country of origin.

below right, photo of cover for Magic Moments, The Best of 50s Pop, Director Dylan Williams 2004. Nick Clooney comments about the post WWII collective in US in this brilliant documentary.

The 50s pop scene began to resonate with people out there. What had happened during the second world War, the vocalist had begun to take over. So what we escaped to is much what we escaped to in the 1930s, when the depression was the big elephant in the living room. We escaped to things that were not real. But we wanted them to be real. They were not the way we were. But they were the way we wanted to be.
And that is what Rosemary was singing. She was singing the way we wanted to be. And she was doing it better than anyone.

Alfonso Cuaron Oscar winner 2013
Number 1 movie in the world
Our layered universe is known to harbor several doors that imply other, more inconstant access portals. The functions of these doors were explained to the general population through elaborate initiation rites or mystery drama programs in the temple. Often, a door was suspended high above the center of the temple floor. It looked as though it had been levitated by one or more of the inner circle in the temple. The same technique had been applied to robes and power symbols carried by priests and priestesses in their roles depicting immortals in their day. The first side of the door the candidates, like an audience today, would see revealed the word life. When the door turned round, the word death was written on the reverse side. The mystery of life and death as two sides of the same coin were explained during a variety of rituals and events. The eagle, or symbol of the male principle and phoenix, the feminine principle were often used to suggest the rebirth cycle as one directed through the energy of the feminine. In the film, Gravity, the audience can understand this version of life patterning. The area of boundless space close to the mother ship or hosting vessel, is often classified as part of the astrosome or dream environment, with an astronaut linked between textural layers of gravity and zero-gravity by a kind of cord. The astronaut is able to experience the area outside the ship in a safe, controlled, and limited state of mind. If the cord is cut this secure status will change immediately. The astronaut will be between the astrosome and the doorway to the oversoul, often depicted in our dreams as UFO trans-galaxy travelers. Everything will depend on the development of a new objective paradigm and its relationship with an, as yet, unknown set of laws.

Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone
George Clooney as Matt Kowalski
Ed Harris voice of Mission Control

But the most surprising and impressive thing about "Gravity" isn't its scale, its suspense, or its sense of wonder; it's that, in its heart, it is not primarily a film about astronauts, or space, or even a specific catastrophe. At times it plays like a high-tech version of shipwreck or wilderness survival story that happens to take place among the stars...
For all its stunning exteriors, it's really concerned with emotional interiors, and it goes about exploring them with simplicity and directness, letting the actors's faces and voices carry the burden of meaning. It's about what happens to the psyche as well as the body in the aftermath of catastrophe.

Matt Zoller Seitz


George and Amal Clooney host fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and other democratic candidates in April 2016. See menu below for L.A. event under heading of Gotham Nights. For more about the Meet the Press interview, see Trump XIV The Cauldron, Temperance, Art here.

The Descendants
Director Alexander Payne
Stars George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller
December 2011
time 115 min

James Lipton interviewed George Clooney on a recent two-hour episode of Inside the Actors Studio and discussed The Descendants in detail. Clooney found the script entertaining, and was immediately drawn to Matt Kane, though he knew it would be a challenging role. Clooney said, This is a character that has never had control. He loses every argument to a ten year old. He has to learn to forget all the problems that come his way and learn to forgive himself. I could not have done it five years ago. But now Im ready to dip my toe in something I am uncomfortable with. Its exciting.

The interview was a wealth of information, in a glance, into the acting style of Clooney, as he admitted a few clues as to how he works. He praised Payne for his directing style, and explained, he [Payne] has an incredible capacity for kindness. When you are playing a character with such emotional range, you are not quite sure where you should be. It requires a certain amount of kindness in a director to gently get you there. If they push you there it wont be organic.

George Clooney and Grant Heslov guests on Charlie Rose, full interview
George Clooney and Grant Heslov discuss their film The Monuments Men.
Episode dated 5 February 2014

Alchemical note about transmuting Silver
In the reverberatory furnace, the home life and the domestic relations throughout, should be recognized as steps in the plan of universal construction. Parenthood here should be perceived as the shadow of a still wider and more potent influence having for object the care and development of others.

Trump IV

The King and the land are one.
The metaphysical angle with regard to The Descendants takes in about three layers of insulation wrapped around Hawaiian land baron Matt King, Patriarch of the King clan. He knows he is inside a cocoon, in a stage of intensely private transformation. King enters his house as though his personal karma is interwoven with his clan karma, and both are being wrapped in the national karma. The power of the land itself, perhaps the island Deva, or his wife, in her noncorporeal status, begins to speak to him.

The film embraces many subtext ideas that were foundational to ancient cultures and their calendars, constructed on the inter-active response relationship between Luna and Terra. Ancient civilizations were paced according to three simultaneously active calendars. They were tuned to the activities associated with the temple, or spiritual cycle of the day, their social, and political agenda. All three of the flow charts were superimposed on each other and well established in the style of an international communication exchange.

These themes are highlighted in Trump XIV ART, or as it is known anciently, TEMPERANCE. Keys to the formulae of this Trump are the Angel of 28 faces, [Luna, physical bio-rhythm] and the cauldron. See the Trump XIV entry here for Temperance, Art, Balance, related to the rites that we celebrate on May 1 in The Wild Wood Tarot

Meaning The balance between humanity and nature is vital. The intricate mechanisms that are the arteries and nervous system of the Earth are as sensitive and complex as that of any living organism and we have succeeded in shifting this delicate balance from one of finely tuned interactions to a malignant and polluted environment. The ancient peoples of the Earth long ago recognized their dependence on the ecosystem of the planet to sustain and renew their children. See also Tarot Trump VII and Trump VIII here.

The Moon is linked with national security more than any other heavenly body. The Intelligence of the Moon, St. Gabriel, figures prominently in the destiny of ancient and modern civilizations, usually through dreams, signs, and portents. Two well known script examples generated by Trump XIV are Joseph, betrayed and sold into slavery by his brothers, and the prophet Daniel.

Joseph became the Egyptian CEO, chief advisor and dream analyst to Pharaoh and, with the wisdom of Gabriel, interpreted recurrent, troubled dreams of Pharaoh. Egypt was prepared for the devastating drought in a timely manner and helped to save the ancient world from global famine. Joseph was correct when he predicted seven years of plenty would be followed by seven lean years. Egypt was the only country with storehouses full of grain when the rest of the world was in a state of starvation.

The prophet Daniel is closely associated with the fall of Babylon. Gabriel saved him from the den of lions so he was sought when strange writing appeared on the banquet room walls in the palace of King Baltassar. Daniel was promised a robe of purple, a gold chain around his neck, and position of third prince in the kingdom if he could read the writing or tell what it meant. Daniel refused a reward but told Baltassar what was written. Mane, Thechel, Phares.
This is the meaning of the word Mane: God has numbered your kingdom and has finished it. Thecel: You are weighed in the balance and found wanting. Phares: Your kingdom is divided, and is given to the Medes and the Persians.
The king commanded Daniel be clothed with purple, a chain of gold put around his neck and announced he had power as the third man in the kingdom.
The prophecy of Daniel was fulfilled that very night. The Persians turned the course of the Euphrates River and entered the city by way of the river bed. Baltassar was put to death. After a short battle, the Babylonian army surrendered, and Cyrus became king.




American football is in a class by itself. It began as a college sport and, after more than a century at the school of hard knocks, graduated to our modern NFL. 1925 was a year of pivotal transformations for the professional game that led to the appointment of the first football commissioner. He in turn introduced a book of standard definitions, rituals, and rules. Leatherheads is the prolog that defines the misty origins of football as we know it, when rules were semi-firm, there was no padding, and games were played in cow pastures.

Romance, comedy, and the charisma of the Roaring 20s contribute to a face-off between the players who changed pro football chaos into a game everyone can appreciate. Standing hero Dodge Connelly George Clooney, believes he must recruit Carter Rutherford John Krasinski, a character inspired by Red Grange, if he is going to keep his team relevant and on the field.
George Clooney, who read the script and immediately liked it, remained true to the temperament of the time. Speakeasies were in, flickerdom was fascinated by silent film and people listened to the wireless for entertainment at home. The last game in the film is the best. Duluth vs. Chicago, is alone worth the price of admission. Even the amusing exchanges in the Press Box turn thoughts to memory lane and visions of a simpler America. Leatherheads familiarizes us with early techniques and gags, and how coverage by reporters like Lexy Renee Zellweger expanded mainstream interest in professional football. This way-back machine effect provides sharp contrasts in the characters, dialogue, and scenery. The story moves at a crisp clip without turning to caricatures, predictable banter, or been there-done that locations.
Some people speculate as to real persons, living or dead who inspired these chronicles and characters. Names include Jim Thorpe, Red Grange and Johnny Blood, known in the world of mortals as John McNally. He was an amazing halfback who was captain of the Duluth Eskimos, the Duluth Bulldogs in the film.
Other stars considered being involved with the program but there was no match. Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, and Michael Keaton gradually moved on to other things. Pro-ball gods saw the opening and passed to George Clooney who scored the big touchdown.

IMDB Leatherheads
BACK Gladiators, Fighters, Champions



Michael Clayton

The Truth Can Be Adjusted

Director Tony Gilroy 2007

Soul Urge-Talents

Soul Urge-Talent Numbers for George Clooney in Michael Clayton

George Clooney has Soul Urge and Talents vibration 33, the master number that provides full spectrum access to many characters he has portrayed in his acting career. 33 Talents are discriminating, somewhat conservative, and observant of laws extant. These people seek to blend in with the mainstream seamlessly although there is always something outstanding about them. This vibration does not usually follow the line of least resistance to minimize friction in their own life, but rather out of consideration for the destiny path of others who work in the world of mortals. The 33 Soul Urge Talents are like magnets, able to draw people, raw materials, and natural power by strength of character. They are reliable shepherding folk who prefer natural settings, but when necessary, will endure the hubbub of the cement world. There is an obvious aversion to crime, treachery, and betrayal, so much so that career descriptions may involve the reflex of these covert tendencies. Many interface with allies linked to the rescuer or savior, exorcist, and world server. They brave the frenzy to bring back a lost sheep.

The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 think outside the box and beyond traditional mission statements. They share general interests, concerns, and motivational factors that exist in the Soul Urge-Talent pool of 1-9 vibrations, but do not dominate them.
Super numbers harbor a curiosity, perhaps even deep desire, to pop the hood of the machine and take a look inside.
The film Michael Clayton is about two men who remove the insulation, buffers, and facades that encapsulate the machine itself, then look eyeball to eyeball at the mechanism. Their distinctly different methods and trajectories do not detract from the likelihood both men would have eventually taken the hill with three horses as it is described in the gamers book, Realm and Conquest.

The 11 vibration can summon and isolate best password entry codes. Michael Raymond Clayton was born with the Soul Urge-Talent vibration of 11. He dropped his middle name. Michael Clayton, previously attorney and ADA with Manhattan-Queens Organized Task Force, complains he is 45 years old and broke with no equity. His position in the professional world is shaky because he did little to cultivate his true potential after he signed on with Kenner, Bach, Ledeen seventeen years earlier. Clayton settled for what his boss refers to as a niche, something everyone wants. Director Tony Gilroy says, he proceeded to squander all these amazing talents, all these good looks and this charm, all this easy going, you know, the idea of this slick, good looking fixer, and it is useless to him now, in this movie. The name he goes by professionally, Michael Clayton, carries Soul Urge 22 that doubles the 11 of his birth name. The career identity indicates a greater challenge since 22 needs the universal agent to become fully activated. We discover Clayton still works with an astute sense of observation, as his agile mind shifts into gear and turns its attention away from the superficial summaries about the tragedy of Arthur to the facts of the case. He begins to think like an prosecuting attorney again.

The 22 vibration is hands-on, like a road ready wrangler and pathfinder, on the track of the best way to advance self and company. This vibration encounters mystery, the shadows, what is hidden behind the tapestry, under the bed, or in small print. In this case, Clayton discovers a nest of bad actors when he checks out a will-call printing ticket Arthur left in his copy of, Realm and Conquest.
22 is frequently the first to deal with a new set of unknowns, while lifting veils from the eyes of bystanders, neophytes, or the misinformed. A detective before his time, he can trace barely visible steps, find treasure sites, solve cold cases and resolve their inconsistencies. Unusual gifts include the heightened sense of direction that locates valuable information concealed in some clever way, either by natural defense or human design. More importantly, in this story, Clayton finds the elusive community described in, Realm and Conquest, by utilizing his right brain driving skill, not uncommon for someone with a 22 Soul Urge. Then he is really back in the driver seat.

Metaphysical Alignments
Research on Trump VIII, Trump IX, Trump X, Trump XVII, and Trump XXII

Michael Clayton opens with a narrator speaking over a black screen that sets the audience up for dual consciousness. Throughout the film, double-edged symbols and characters, some innocent, some not, encounter and undergo the trials of Job. At best, they will draw wisdom from the Trump VIII theme: Justice = Fairness = Truth. When they come face to face with night demons they usually find Trump XXII, searching for a level playing field, equal representation under the law, and universal coverage whatever the direction of the pendulum swing. This higher soul search often appeals to our superhero or superhera, and like the god Shiva, will create and destroy in one movement. Michael Clayton [George Clooney] and Arthur Edens [Tom Wilkinson] both claim to be Shiva -- one succeeds, though not without a little help from his friends.

There are two contributing documents - with numerous esoteric allusions. The first, Memorandum #229, details the lethal effects of an agri-business formula [manufactured by u-north] on human tissue and the way it contaminates the well water of small farms. The second document is a book, Realm + Conquest*, viewed as a fantasy-fiction role playing game, superficially linked to Trump XXII. The blueprint supports the existence of, and access route to, well hidden and insulated alternative layers in the physical dimension.

Check the antithesis of u-north and their delivery system in, Unknown, that spirals around a revolutionary new corn offered to the world without patent and copyright fees. It grows in any climate and is pest resistant (Trump VIII) and will help eliminate world hunger (Trump XXII).

Act One of this story suggests an eclipse, new moon, or a transition from a dream to waking consciousness. Magic, in-between moments add textural context, essential as part of the atmospheric condition for both attorneys in the midst of self-reinvention. Arthur is trying to clarify his place in the world even though his peers consider him a legend. Physical survival is also an issue. Arthur believes he has absorbed poison, by osmosis, over the last six years. Arthur in his disembodied voice as continues to address Michael Clayton. Later we learn that Michael has identity issues as well. He is fixer for the firm, but everyone refers to him as a miracle worker. His reflection in the mirror appears to be a janitor -- he feels like part of his soul is fading away.

The initial image we see is the Kenner, Bach and Ledeen office building in downtown New York. The impersonal steel-gray, cool blue palette retreats into midnight black and sets the tone for late night crews as they meticulously mop, polish, and vacuum the halls. There are multiple rows of receding doorways that summon the style of New Grange architecture at dawn on the Winter Solstice. On the other side of iced glass panels ghostly images push mail carts through the winding corridors, back to rooms filled with buzzing attorneys; their efforts are winding down six-years of negotiation on a class action law suit before the new work day begins.

Michael first appears at the tables [this is not Danny Ocean] with a bulldozing group of players--some previously made off with a large chunk of his change. He is a native of Mercurial earth sign Virgo, born on September 9th. Mercury is the patron saint of gamblers (also charmers and fixers) and Virgo is intimately linked to the annual agricultural cycle. He is called away to an emergency consultation with a hit-and-run client, who delivers a litany of verbal abuse Michael must endure in silence; this is a low key marketable skill that comes under the heading of his job description. Michael enlists a local attorney and leaves. Outside the house, under cover of a deep dark sky, Michael sprints off in right-brain driving gear and intuitively finds an unmarked road in the country. He is slipped into an alternate reality that looks like a page from the fantasy fiction game book Henry promotes to his dad and Arthur.

Realm + Conquest describes a parallel place without boundaries or borders, more of a camp, where people go to survive. Those who acquire the knowledge that leads there are all sharing a dream, though unaware they are taking part in a mini-version of the Monad.

Three horses appear in alignment atop a barren hill silhouetted before the dawn sky. This vision compels Michael to stop the car, get out and walk up the hill. Divine Providence [Trump X with the 3 figures on the wheel] is at work. Michael watches in shock as his car explodes and burns by the side of the road. Someone broke a very important rule: Do not scare the horses. Now things will not go well for them. At this juncture the film flips back to the back story that began four days ago.

Marty [Sydney Pollock] is the boss, also a father figure, Trump IX Jupiter-type, and probably mentor for Clayton. Marty is a positive and negative influence on people. He gives Michael the requested $80K loan, call it a bonus, needed to pay off debts rung up by his brother Timmy. Michael can then pay Gabe [Bill Raymond], a low profile collection agent, the type you do not cross. Marty has known Arthur for 30 years and has no idea of the sabotage cooked up by lead counsel Karen Crowder [Tilda Swinton].

Crowder is both overtly abrasive and covertly hostile. She contributes an additional vial of toxins to the mix and effectively serves as her own worst enemy, especially in the art of wardrobe coordination. She lacks finesse and is, at times, painful to watch as she dons what she thinks is effective professional armor. Wardrobe and colour palette signatures are usually attributed to Virgo, sometimes Leo [sense of sight] and/or Libra [rules much of the sensorium and pleasure principle]. Karen Crowder has a full closet but she selects clothes that make her look so off center any audience will collectively shift in their seats.

Co-workers Arthur and Michael get caught in cross hairs as a result of Crowder mismanagement of the u-north case. Her personal sense of awkwardness [negative Mars] combined with her good soldier attitude creates the impatience of a bad actor with too much authority. She let the machine bend her into a pretzel. Crowder is the antithesis of The Madwoman of Chaillot [Katharine Hepburn]. She represents, perhaps, the kind of compromise Arthur made during his six-years of labor on the u-north case until he met Anna [Merritt Wever ].
When he met Anna, Arthur he cognized he had squandered years of his life on something he wanted no part of; he began a molting process, trying to shed past involvement with u-north.

In the midst of this three billion dollar class action suit against client u-north, brought by 450 small business farmers, Arthur begins a transformation. He charges himself as an accomplice in the death of both Annas parents and the serious illness of her brother. He then works up a defense for the plaintiffs, printing thousands of copies of Internal Research Memorandum #229 for distribution. Memo #229 lays out an analysis of the u-north formula that implies the company return to the lab and redo their product that is now sold globally.

Arthur is taken into custody after he melts down [his out-of-control behavior caught on video tape] and strips during a deposition with farmers in Milwaukee. The stripping off all clothes is part of a nigredo = molting, shedding, grief, mourning; it intensifies his need to be freed of guilt. Arthur expects Michael to be sent into the fire to rescue him, so he prepared the obligatory explanation. Part of this monologue we hear at the in the prolog and some we watch when Michael is there. Arthur insists he is not having an episode: I could tear off my skin and still not get down to where this thing is living.. Michael tries reason using a janitor to janitor approach but Arthur will not have that. Once people turn in for the night, he slips out the back window of their hotel and catches the first flight back to New York. Arthur goes off the grid, effectively making himself invisible, a tactic often used re Trump IX and XXII during the eclipse, when immortals cross the bridge.

Clayton tries to reach Arthur via message machine, even as Crowder military cut outs are rummaging through his loft and has to corner him in an alley to speak with him, destined to be their last conversation.
Michael warns Arthur about the knowledge the firm ha; personal contact with Anna who is one of the plaintiffs, and the promise he made to help the farmers win the case. Arthur turns on his computer mind and clicks in to provide a detailed account of the serious trouble Michael et al will face in court should the firm take formal action against him. Michael responds, Arthur, I am not the enemy. Arthur asks, Well then, who are you?

IMDb Michael Clayton
Director Tony Gilroy October 2007

Realm and Conquest Committed to a fully developed back story, Gilroy spent a good deal of time establishing the details of Realm and Conquest with production designer Kevin Thompson. Right from the beginning, when I first read the script, I could tell that Realm and Conquest was going to be a key prop. In the movie it works as a metaphor for truth and justice, explains the production designer.



Edward R. Murrow addresses Joseph McCarthy
full See It Now episode youtube 25:50

From NPR

  • Oct. 7, 2005 'Good Night, and Good Luck': Anatomy of a Witch Hunt
  • Oct. 7, 2005 'Good Night' from George Clooney


    menu check at It's All In The Sauce
    that includes The Walldorf Statement




    Holy Hospitality, Batman

    Batcave soiree for Hillary Clinton April 16.
    Batcave Recommends Fundraiser Menu for Hillary Clinton

    First Course Mixed Baby Greens and Romaine, Julienne Pea Pods, Shaved Watermelon Radish, Ricotta Salata and Lemon Vinaigrette. Second Course Santa Barbara Spot Prawn Risotto, Melted Leeks and Tomato Vinaigrette. Entree Beef Tenderloin, Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce, and Potato Pave and Bundle of Baby Carrots OR Chilean Sea Bass, English Pea Puree, Pee Wee Potatoes, Asparagus Tips and Pea Tendrils. Dessert Warm Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, Fresh Whipped Cream and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Batman and Robin
    Director Joel Schumacher June 1997

    George Clooney is Batman and Bruce Wayne, world server, humanitarian, and the emergency response company for the City of Gotham, with ward Dick Grayson aka Robin, Chris O'Donnell.

    Ultimate Batman home theater cave for 2 million dollars includes the Bat Armor, Batmobile and secret tunnel. Even President Obama outs himself as a fan of The Dark Knight Rises, and he praises Catwoman, Girls of Gotham as well.

    The Bat Cave, like the kiva in North American Indian homes, is located somewhere beneath the main floor of the residence. The museum inside the Grand Canyon contains examples of true bat-cave-like phenomena, as related to Pluto, star fish fossels in the state of transition between plants and animal life. In general, the Bat Cave falls under the heading of Trump IV The Emperor and the Nadir in a Star Chart with a lunar connotation, because of the underground sanctuary of the Oracle, also linked. The Batman is directly linked with Trump VIII Adjustment, Justice and Trump XXII. Both respond to power combinations that include Ultra-violet, Infra-red, akasha black-silver and akasha black-gold.
    Tarot navigation.


    Bat Cave Pizza
    450 F

    Pizza with cheese topping
    Shrmx, variety, evenly sliced and sauted in olive oil
    Garlic, freshly minced
    Pieces of crushed cashew nut, walnut or hazelnuts
    Oregano, fresh, ground
    Tarragon, fresh, ground
    Optional, BBQ fillet mignon, sliced in very thin strips

    All ingredients should be pre-cooked and ready to arrange on top of pizza before going under the grill. Use mortar and pestle to prepare the nut mix and spices. If other ingredients are added, be sure to prepare them for 10 minutes bake time. Remove pizza when the cheese melts.
    variation: Butterfly medium size Scampi lengthwise, then saute lightly in olive oil, with wine and the fresh minced garlic. Set aside. Spread top of cheese pizza evenly with pesto. Arrange Scampi, sun dried tomatoes, shrmx and cashews, or hazelnuts. Dot with garlic from the pan, dust with tarragon and oregano. Pop in the oven and cook until cheese melts, about 10 minutes.
    Serve with wine and parmesan cheese on the side

    Fantastic Mr. Fox wonderful underworld environment, once again with kiva like description.
    Fantastic Mr. Fox Let Her Dance

    Batpersons Batman, Robin, and Batgirl
    George Clooney, Chris O.Donnell, and Alicia Silverstone



    look inside the new English Country House just found by
    George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, 40 miles from London
    Herringbone hardwood floors, rich crown molding, and a wood-burning
    fireplace the estate has all the fine details of a true English manor.

    Taurus rules the following
    Asia Minor, Cyprus, Greek Archipelago, Ireland, Persia, Samos, Scotland, Sweden, parts of Russia
    Cities Bahia Brazil, Cambridge UK, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Dublin, Franconia, Leipzig, Lorraine, Manhattan, New York New York, Mantua, Montreal Quebec, Navarino, St. Louis, San Antonio, Parma, Stockholm, Vaduz Liechtenstein, and Valparaiso in Chile.
    Regions under immediate governance of Venus include Spain, India and Persia.
    Note that Empire State Building event took place on May 1, 1931

    Gourmet dining for Taureans, Sybil Leek says, Taureans are connoisseurs of food and wine. They have the most discriminating of palates and regale themselves on all manner of delicacies. They prefer their favorite foods be prepared the same way at all times and do not take well to deviations from their dining routines.

    Taurus Menu Sulfate of Soda and additional supplements can be obtained from almonds, artichoke heart salad, Bat Cave Pizza, Beef Stroganoff, beets, cabbage, Casamigos Tequila, cassolette of langoustine lobster, cauliflower [especially in the green parts], cucumbers, floating island, gingerbread, grapes, honey, horseradish, hummus, lasagna, lettuce, onions, peach cobbler, plum pudding, pomegranate kefir, pomegranate liquor, porterhouse with lemon thyme butter, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds, radishes, rose wine, spinach, Swiss chard, tacos, tequila sunrise, trout, vichyssoise, wine.

    Teas include Colt.s foot for dry cough, Echinacea, Figwort [bruised root] applied to bruises thought to reduce swelling, Lemon Verbena, Lapsang Souchong, Lovage, from medieval times the root used to clear the skin when boiled down and used as a rinse on the face, Thyme will strengthen lungs and settle stomach, White Pine, Yarrow.
    Cook with Ginger, Sage, Thyme, Coconut Oil and all sweet smelling spices.

    Aquarius rules the following
    Abyssinia, ancient Affghaunistan, now Afghanistan ruled by Leo, Arabia, Denmark, State of Kansas in Lecompton KS, Lithuania, Muscovy, Petrea, parts of Poland, Prussia, parts of Russia, lower Sweden, Tartary, Westphalia
    Cities Bremen, Brighton, Hamburg, Piedmont, Trent
    Regions under immediate governance of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, include Lapland, Finland, and the Poles. Cities are Upsala and Mexico. Traditionally, Aquarius governs UR and a 200 miles radius around it, the birthplace of the ancestors of Abraham.

    Aquarian movers and shakers, Sybil Leek recommends, are happy when the menu is adjusted to the demands of the time. Generally, the best time to serve an Aquarian is at lunch rather than dinner. If Aquarians are forced by the requirements of their work to have their main meal at night they will prefer to dine earlier than most other people. High Tea is frequently a most satisfactory event.

    Sodium Chloride and menu supplements may be obtained from eating apple pie, almond pastry with Cafe Borgia, apricots, artichokes with lemon sauce, asparagus, Bat Cave Pizza, cabbage, carrots, celery, cheese and fruit plate, cheese cake, chestnut crepes with creamy mushroom sauce, crab and cheddar cheese enchilada, cucumbers, double chocolate macaroons, floating island, green tea ice cream, hummus, Irish cheese and potato pie, lentils, lettuce, onions, pistachio financiers, prune and fig ravioli, radishes, spaghettini, spinach and shrmx, steam roasted goose, strawberries and vanilla frozen yogurt, sweet and sour red cabbage, tahini, tangerine angel food cake with tangerine glaze.

    Teas include Comfrey, Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong, Mate, Mint, Skullcap, Valerian, Vervain.
    Cook with Sea Salt, Celery Seed, and Coconut Oil. Mistletoe for the kitchen door during holiday season.

    I'm protected as an actor by a really good screenplay, number one; and then a really good director, number two; and then really good actors, number three - but first and foremost a good screenplay. You cannot make a good film out of a bad script. You can make a bad film out of a good script - easily. I've seen that happen before, but you can't do it the other way around; it always has to be the screenplay.

    I didn't become really successful until I was in my thirties. I can still remember sitting on the closet floor of my buddy's house, completely broke. My friends would want to go out to dinner, to get a hamburger, and I couldn't afford to go. They had the money to pay, but I didn't want them to pay. That happened a lot. At one point, I remember my buddy Brad loaning me a hundred dollars. He's now running our production company. I'm still paying that debt off, you know....


    The Save Darfur Coalition
    An alliance of more than 190 faith-based, advocacy and human rights organizations, raises public awareness about the plight of the civilians being terrorized. See Save Darfur for information about what you can do about the situation.

    George Clooney and Nick Clooney
    information on Coaching Trump XIV

    End Genocide the Sudan crisis and threat of mass starvation in the entire region.

    Your local food bank

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