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Using the radio frequency provided by Gillian Taylor, the crew locate the pair of whales they found at the Cetacean Institute, now at sea. Just as they are about to transport George and Gracie on board the Klingon ship, a whaler ship comes into view, threatening the two mammals. The future of Earth at stake, the Bird-of-Prey valiantly fights off the whaler and beams up the whales, along with tons of water, to the prepared tank in their cargo bay.

The popular name for the whales featured in The Voyage Home is, Humpback Whale, while the scientific name is Megaptera novaeangliai. The nickname is derived from the whale habit of raising and bending its back in preparation for a dive, accentuating the hump in front of the dorsal fin.

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A Whale of a Tale. Starring William Shatner, Marty Allen, and Abby Dalton. The world of whales, dolphins, walruses and other oceanic wonders. Produced and directed by Ewing M. Brown. Copyright Luckris Corp, 1982. Distributed by Hemdale Home Video, L A, California. 97 minutes
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Big Miracle
Big Miracles movie reviews
Big Miracle -- A Whale Rescue Movie With a Deeper Message - Greenpeace article This is a poor pun, but I can't resist -- I had a whale of time last Wednesday night at the DC premiere of Big Miracle, the new Drew Barrymore movie that features a family of grey whales as her co-stars....

Blue Whale: Largest Animal on Earth. Alternate name: Blue Whales: Giants of the Deep.  (ABC) World of Discovery series. Hosted by James Brolin. With oceanographer Bruce Mate and photographer Al Giddings.  ABC (800) 650-4ABC. 48 minutes.

Dolphin: A Magical Musical Journey. Music by Julian Lennon, Van Morrison, Clannad, Enigma, Eddi Reader, Raf Ravenscroft, and Howard Blake. Introduction by Kiefer Sutherland. Poetry read by John Hurt. Directed by Kim Kindersley. 30 minutes.

Dolphins with Robin Williams. PBS series In the Wild. Hosted by Robin Williams. Available from PBS, (800) 329-PBS1.

The Dolphin Story. Written, directed, and produced by Kim Kindersley in association with RTE. Narrated by Keifer Sutherland. Music by Clannad. Wrencrown Ltd., 1993. Zari Productions, 1996. Available from Lightworks, catalogue number SV2464

Gray Whales with Christopher Reeve. PBS series In the Wild. Christopher Reeve traces the migration route of the gray whale.  Available from PBS, (800) 329-PBS1. Grey Whales Documentary pix

In the Company of Whales. CD-ROM for PC and Mac. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. The Discovery Channel School, 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3579, USA


Whaling Wall - Planet Ocean circular mural by Wyland

Guinness Book of World Records listed this as the largest mural in the world. It features southern California marine life.

Location: Long Beach Arena
Address: Shoreline Drive and Linden Ave.
Area: Long Beach Area (mural number 49 in
Street Gallery).


Johnny Mnemonic. (Novelization by Terry Bisson. New York: Pocket Books, 1995.)  Dolphins by military warfare group, can interface with computers in order to solve problems while in cyberspace. Reminiscent of the great navigators in Herbert's DUNE universe who mastered the art of folding space. The film has a cyber-dolphin sequence in virtual reality. Stars Keanu Reeves

Songlines documents the evolution of the intricate and beautiful East Australian Humpback Whale song.

Swimming with Whales. Narrated by Gregory Peck. NOVA Series. (PBS)  Coronet Film & Video   58 minutes.

Whalesong or Songlines are the sounds made by male whales, according to the Cetacean Institute, at their breeding grounds. The Humpback Whales are well known for singing the longest and most complex songs in the animal kingdom.

Whale Song: Whales and Dolphins of the Pacific. Narrated by Lloyd Bridges. Produced by Earthtrust,  Kailua, Hawaii  Video

Whales. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. Directed by David Clark. Produced by Al Giddings and David Clark.  Advisor: Dr. Roger Payne.  November 15, 1996, at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts   National Wildlife Federation

Whales!. A World of Audubon Special Presentation. Narrated by Johnny Carson. Produced by Hardy Jones and Julia Whitty  National Audubon Society, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., and WETA, Washington, D.C., 1987.

Whales. From The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso series. Narrated by Rod Serling. Produced by Alan Landsburg. Executive produced by Jacques Cousteau    Available from Pacific Arts Video, 1986.  1hr minutes.

Whaling Wall XXXI: Grey Whale Migration. by Wyland  Narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Produced and directed by Millie Benton Paul. Wyland Studios, 1993,   30 minutes  [Available from Wyland Galleries]


Where Have All the Dolphins Gone? The Untold Story of Dolphin Slaughter and the Shameful Coverup.  Narrated: George C. Scott
Miracle Productions   1hr 

World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Cruise A23 film clips            

Star Trek Generations: Enterprise Captains for conservationPatrick Stewart and William Shatner

while onboard ship visit the galley


Secrets of the Humpback Whales. Narrated by Susan Sarandon.  Follows movement of the humpback whales on their 3,000 mile migratory journey. The Discovery Channel, USA. 1998. 52 minutes.

The Singing Whales.  Jacques Cousteau's 1986 Undersea World  Calypso series. Narrated by Rod Serling. Directed by Philippe Cousteau.  Pacific Arts Video, 1986. 24 minutes.

The Sounds of Discovery. From the The New Explorers series  (PBS). Hosted by Bill Kurtis.Tracks of Pod of Spern Whales, underwater footage. Films Incorporated, Chicago IL

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home    Starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley. Produced by Harve Bennett. Directed by Leonard Nimoy. Paramount Pictures Corp., 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038, USA, 1987. 119 minutes.


Thanks to Trisha Lamb for sharing her list of Cetacean Videography
and Visual CDs, DVDs, and TV Programs



The Whale

As the last portion of the Fishes [Pisces] rises, appears the constellation of the Whale,
pursuing Andromeda in heaven as on the sea.

"Moreover, such men [those astrologically influenced by Cetus] will be able to fill great salt-pans, to evaporate the sea, and to extract the sea's venom [salt], they prepare a wide expanse of hardened ground and surround it with firm walls, next conduct therein waters channeled from the nearby sea and then deny them exit by closing sluice-gates, so the floor holds in the waves and begins to glisten as the water is drained off by the sun. When the sea's dry element has collected, Ocean's white locks (salt) are shorn for use at table, and huge mounds are made of the solid foam; and the poison of the deep, which prevents the use of sea-water, vitiating it with a  taste, they commute to life-giving salt and render a source of health.
                                                            -Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD


Cetus is a Latin word for the order Cetacea which includes the whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Derivatives of Latin cetus, Greek ketos: cetacean, cetaceous, cetene, cetyl (an alcoholic substance taken from whale wax and is called cetyl alcohol), spermaceti.

Whales produce blubber, the fat of the whale, the originally meaning was 'bubble, foam'. Compare bleb, blob, the verb blubber, to weep loudly.

Cetus is a whale positioned on the banks of the river Eridanus;  the banks of the Eridanus is where the sisters of Phaeton, the Heliades, were weeping (blubbering) before being turned into poplar trees. From the tears of the Heliades comes amber which floated down the Eridanus River. Whales produce ambergris. The word 'amber' is probably derived from the Arabic word anbar, meaning ambergris, a substance from sperm whales used as a base to make perfume.

The spouting exhale of a whale, creates a steaming misting fountain of air and water, through which the observers, depending on the position they are in reference to the sun, can see the colors of the rainbow in the mist above the head of the whale, giving them a halo, a sort of holy, mystical image (baleen whales are of the genus Balaena mysticetus). This constellation with Roman authors were titled Pristis, Pristix, and Pistrix, these words are related to the word 'prism'. A prism has the same effect as a water-drop in the air where rays of light are decomposed into colored rays of rainbow. [Cetus is not the rainbow itself, Electra is mother of Iris, the rainbow].


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