The  Orange Wave

Angels at work here...

The spice of life
 'of especial distinction'





Orange induces transmutation between the lower and higher nature. Orange is often combined with red [alternation of red and orange filters] to balance physical and electro-magnetic energy in the stomach area. The colour tends to restore an optimistic outlook on life after only ten minutes of orange light. Some apply Orange to balance energy in the bedroom/tranquility zone at home. Natural leaders often wear orange and the closely related red-orange wave.

Faber Birren comments that Orange is preferred by "persons of enviable good cheer and with the unique ability to get along with anyone, rich or poor, brilliant or stupid, high or low. Orange personalities are friendly, have a ready smile and a quick wit, and are fluent if not profound in speech. They are good-natured and gregarious and do not like to be left alone." Birren goes on to note those who do not like Orange "can't stand the hail-fellow-well-met type, the politician, preacher, backslapper, quoter of trite aphorisms and poems. Life is a serious business. In several instances the disliker of orange has turned out to be a person, once flighty, who has made a determined effort to give up superficial ways for more sober application and diligence."   -Faber Birren, COLOR AND HUMAN RESPONSE

People who prefer Orange are treasure lovers, often searching hidden nuggets out of dark jungles [Allan Quartermain, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen], excavating ancient monuments and temples as the team of Alice and Augustus Le Plongeon searched out ancient  Maya.  On video game techie ware and now on film it's possible to speculate about future time travel by way of Laura Croft, Tomb Raider. The most well known is the professor with the hat and bullwhip, who went looking for adventure and found it, in the field and the  classroom [Indiana Jones]. In close proximity to this dedicated, heartfelt troupe are those who search for the rare fresh water pink dolphin found only in the rainforest, or true earth essences provided by plants growing in isolated regions. See Shaman and Medicine Man for more information.   Many dedicated to improving the human condition combine knowledge and experience to assist future generations who will live without many of the wonders that surround us in the early years of this millennium.

Ansel Adams is one of our astute nature photographers [see Large Spreading Oak, at Dawn, 1966] with a class-act catalog of treasured Terran images. Richard Gere's first photographic tour of the earth as we know it opens a wondrous  world in Tibet, less geographical in the physical sense, more in the spiritual realm and higher octaves. Gere's camera captured something of the mystic seldom seen on film, a soul quality and mindset we long for in the west and seldom realize. Gere encountered teachers and insulated facets of Tibetan society as a whole in his serenely beautiful collection, Pilgrim. An invitation with one of Pilgrim's photographs.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire
with God,

But only he who sees
takes off his shoes.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning


"There are some performances that could not possibly be acted by anyone other than who played them. Even though we hear stories about (Ronald) Reagan being cast in Casablanca, we know in our gut it just couldn't be right, couldn't happen. God gave Bogart the role. God gave John Wayne Red River. And God cast Charlton Heston as Moses. And Ben Hur. God I think cast Heston as God, because (if I'm not mistaken) his voice is the voice of God in the Ten Commandments, playing against himself. They say Cecil B. DeMille did the voice, but it sounds like Heston to me. I believe it anyway. Makes a better story."

From the Richard Dreyfuss article, He?s Not Moses, but He?s Something Else
My tribute to Charlton Heston

LIFE Drive-in ~ Moses with the Ten Commandments, the exoteric version of The Qabalah [Kabbalah]

Another favorite group of animated  "sun colour" fans locate and restore lost film, rushes, whatever hit the cutting room floor. Orange seems happiest when the story is real or reel, as indicated. If footage can be found,  these devoted people undertake to piece the picture together again for future generations to appreciate. Often they work without sound, as in the case of Lawrence of Arabia. Sometimes their task requires careful discrimination when there is more than one sound track available to clarify dialog and music for new audiences. [Bob Gitt, UCLA restoration of the Laughton-Mitchem classic, Night of The Hunter, a film about the negative orange wave. See work by James C. Katz and Robert A. Harris: includes the restored El Cid, Lawrence of Arabia, and My Fair Lady, all Orange Wave film treasures.] The passion generating the craft of preservation of the story, for our  film archives and printed library, is an orange wave frequency. In religion, the subject of The Shroud of Turin and it's preservation surfaces... visit the Icon of St. Jude.


"When truth becomes legend, print the legend."
-John Ford's, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence

If you can't be famous be infamous...


Orange vibrates at the spontaneous level of  exchange, attracting power people who want to share, exchange ideas, or build relationships. This colour loves psychology and parapsychology, probably because the eye is emphasized; the information sought is more background on what people really desire; the heart level is often reached. Peach is considered good for singles, difficult for some married couples because its attraction is so strong [it is a skin tone and should be used with reservation.] Iced Peach works well with track lighting or hidden fixtures at an entry or in a  'common area' where guests are entertained. 

Orange holds the interest of the waking conscious mind and generates curiosity in pursuit of new subjects. At one time orange was very heavily applied in institutions of learning. Now orange is used in moderation with great success.

Grand Canyon colour waves [orange, terra cotta, and soft lavender/violets] are at the center of the spiritual heart of the United States. These colours establish a warm and serene atmosphere of hospitality in a home or business foyer, lobby and atrium.

Earth tones with hot, dramatic red, scarlet, and flame  create a striking effect.  Recessed peach, umber, and amber light will establish an ideal  universal  atmos-phere.

Buildings, centers, and shared space where large groups, like conventions, should empower every participant scheduled to appear on a public stage benefit from hospitable lighting. Scarlet is associated with the archetype of Horus, The Hawk and Orange with the ambassador Hathor archetype. The Red Solar Disk [Ra, Sun] corresponds to the ruby and red star sapphire, although the sapphire is thought  unlucky among some groups. The outdoor garden should contain lush green plants with flowers of yellow, orange and bright red such as Spring  poppies, bird of paradise, carnations, the tiger lily, tulip and rose. These colours bring joy,  happiness and prosperity. Birds and butterflies are drawn to the garden with these vibrant colours.

Left, 'The Cage,' two part Star Trek television pilot, shows how a superior yet doomed  race with the power of illusion trick and capture members of the Enterprise crew. Included are Captain Pike [Jeffrey Hunter] and Number One [Majel Barrett, later cast as Nurse Chapel.] Mr. Spock [Leonard Nimoy] is also on board for this  suspense  thriller. "Keepers" cannot read through some emotions, most of them in negative mode, that are set on the hottest frequency side of the spectrum. On the positive side, colours in the range of the orange-red wave are associated with Trump XIX THE SUN, the Tarot Card of soul mates during this Piscean Age. Red-orange and red are also colours of behaviour [study and programs for the masses, as well] and the art of divination. Anyone who has seen 'The Cage' certainly realizes the appropriate selection of colour and light for the first episode.

     When Orange is central to an individual's colour scheme, basic agenda check points involve social change, meaningful relationships, and advancement toward personal goals. Orange is growth oriented with an educational interest in new subjects and a healthy respect for what is politically correct without sacrificing anything in the translation

      As the combination of two colours, Orange is a performer's colour, able to 'under study' for red and yellow, and sometimes gold and  even white. There is an association with Mercury [orange candles are often recommended for setting a Wednesday dinner table and altar for the seven candle bond ritual] and the rational conversationalist. People who love Orange seem confident because they constantly improve speaking skills and vocabulary in the interest of using the latest self-help technique to overcome blind spot challenges. They are on the lookout for new  experiences guaranteed to enlarge the waking conscious repertoire that engages an audience. Iced peach is a good colour with formal or tailored black, navy, and dark grey wool. 

     Ideal power stones like amber or carnelian [signature cylinders made of carnelian are consistent with the Hathor archetype] have their transformational properties and healing mythology. Check the months with zodiacal influences associated with The Sun [Leo],  Mars [Aries], and Jupiter [Sagittarius] - and both equinoxes.  A list of zodiac gems, metals, and symbols @ The Stone Gallery.

Queen Cleopatra [Elizabeth Taylor] cut scene from, Cleopatra

The goodwill, constructive PR colour Orange is necessary if healing and new incoming powers are to be facilitated. Tolerance and acceptance of other people is key to working with your objective reality and those who symbolize that paradigm, when you are interacting with those who have an unfamiliar lifestyle.

Orange-Golden Glow & Transparent Veridian Blue Leaves

Orange can help bridge a gap between unaligned group philosophies. The colour wave is uplifting, supportive, freeing, management oriented, and can act as a toner for the anatomical system if taken in through the pores. Rackham's Orange-Gold Aura field around the Grail Angel is an example of serene inner peace experienced within the light of the Orange Wave frequency. The poster art palette selection for INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE resembles an aura glowing with gold-orange-saffron.  Sean Connery wears a similar colour in an outdoor painting by his wife, posted at his homepage - go to Micheline's Gallery.

Alternate application of orange and red on specific areas of the lower torso helps to clear nervous/emotional tension. Alternate the Orange Wave with it's compliment middle blue for help with inner plane balance work and to reinforce the subtle energy system. Orange is an energizer and can bring the system up into an elevated, extroverted field of power. Too much Orange in the system will create problems that lead to burn out. Soft Apricot gels seems to reduce discomfort when applied to arthritic fingers for a ten minute treatment in the morning and evening. Orange gels are sometimes used to help readjust the overall response system, returning reflexes to normal after extreme stress or aggravated wear and tear. The energy is buoyant and will restore positive energy in most circumstances in ten minutes time. This colour is so powerful it is smart to watch the clock. Limit the colour bath to exactly ten minutes or the benefits of the Orange Wave could be reversed. 

The Pythian Apollo

Apollo, the twin brother of Diana, was the son of Jupiter and Latona [Leto], was fully adult at the time of his birth. He was considered to be the first physician, and the inventor of music and song. The Greeks also acclaimed him to be father of the bow and arrow. The famous temple of Apollo at Delphi was rebuilt five times. The first temple was formed only of laurel branches; the second was somewhat similar; the third was circular and entirely of brass; the fourth and fifth were probably of marble, of considerable size and great beauty. No other oracle in Greece equaled in magnificence that of Delphi in the zenith of its power. Writers declared that it contained many statues of solid gold and silver, marvelous ornaments, and implements of the most valuable materials and beautiful workmanship, donated by princes and kings who came from all parts of the civilized world to consult the spirit of Apollo dwelling in this sanctuary.


Dennis Quaid reports to Congress



John 'Duke' Wayne


Colours on this page include

George Harrison

Golden imperial topaz

As when the rainbow, opposite the sun
A thousand intermingled colors throws.
With saffron wings then dewy Iris flies
Through heaven's expanse, a thousand varied dyes
Extracting from the sun, opposed in place.


The Kiss ~ Klimt
For Prosperity~ in center of the home, garden, or office, arrange red, orange and golden flowers for luck, health and happiness. 

Flowers ~ Bird of Paradise, Orchid, Tiger Lily, Roses: The Talisman Rose in Spring and The Autumn Rose [Peach with Strawberry edges] in Autumn.

     In the outside garden, plant red persimmons [joy, prosperity in business], apple and orange trees [good luck]  in the NE corner for extended blessing and good fortune. The center zone of your space is dedicated to health and harmony so the best tones are yellow, orange, terra cotta, brown, and earth tones.

Orange Diet includes the following foods Apricots, Cantaloupes, Carrots, Mango, Orange, Orange Pepper,  Peach, Persim-mon, Pumpkin, Rutabagas, Saffron, Squash, Tangerine

J.K. Rowling was asked: Would you get a mythical pet from one of your books? If you could, which one?

A. If I could, I would choose a Phoenix, because they have such useful properties, as Harry finds out in Book III.

Harry Potter ~ Chamber of Secrets

Orange is a deep wisdom colour as part of the hot flame, an electric power focused and directed to facilitate the extended will of the magician.

Orange robes are often worn to symbolize the directed mind [Mercurial characteristic]. Above, a dueling scene between Malfoy and Harry Potter from, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets; below, the laser showdown version of the final confrontation from the original Trek TV series.

Spock and Captain Kirk take on the ancient computer as the priest of Landreu looks on [also magician in, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad]. Orange robes and the mystical design over the heart help set the tone for another ST show down, between Korab and Sylvia in, Catspaw.

People who choose orange, red, and yellow as favorite colours are electric, positive,  extroverted, and advancing with Type A characteristics. Orange is composed of red and yellow so there is a love of whimsy and turn of the century flirtation.

Gypsy-autumn orange-red personalities love the global renaissance, art and drama. The red is either Paprika or an orange-red silk. Spring and Autumn types are drawn to orange because it is a colour of power and optimism, either as peach (Spring - auspicious) or Apricot (Autumn - dynamic.) Orange and it's variations, like Butterscotch Amber or polished Coral are vibrant accent colours for the staple wardrobe.

The hot colours that move along this wave are often combined with peacock blue, green, and an iridescent effect because they are the colours of the tincture just before alchemical gold is realized.


Power Stones for The Bath include Agate,  Butter Amber, Amulets such as Scarabs, Silver and Gold Coins,  Carnelian, Coral, Garnet [orange-red spessartine, to cure depression], Indian Turquoise [spiritual harmony], Jade, Lemon Yellow Stones such as Lemon Diamonds, Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Topaz; Spessartine Garnet, Terra Cotta or Red Amber Tiles and Amber or Peach lights are invigorating. Specimens listed here can help your research, I hope. They aren't endorsed by or linked with The Divining Nation:  

Stones for throat and wrist may be used for a personal pendulum in sync with The Orange Wave, when they are the vibration of carved and polished  Carnelian Drops [also works with The Red-Orange Wave - as do Cinnabar beads]  Carnelian Agate. Sard is a lesser sister and brother of Carnelian, but coarser, more porous, and considered the "poor man's" Carnelian. Sard works on the same principle but stepped down. Sard begins to initiate the same work as Carnelian and serves to provide strength when a Carnelian energy proves to be more potent than would be desired.

Oils and aromatherapy
Almond-Peach, Chrysanthemum, Citrus or Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Orchid, Palm, Pine,  Rosemary, Sandalwood,  Tangerine or Tangerine-Mango

Walnut [Bach Remedy]

relates to the soul qualities of a new beginning and unaffectedness

Major change in lifestyle, romance, new inner decisions, or a separation from a partner but memories still linger...

Honeysuckle  [Bach Remedy] when easily influenced because the mind is largely dwelling on the past.

For power bath suggestions [Richard Gere and Julia Roberts - both are unavailable at the moment according to reliable sources; print the picture for inspiration; click picture for poster] and see Candles site for candle ritual with even more power stones. Stinson at Dawn. Pick up the special scenes of Mother Nature for still-balance exercise during the bath or right afterward @ Products and services. DVD and VHS



Alain Chartier
Stitching the Standard
Edmund Blair Leighton

The Artist's Bedroom at Arles, 1889
Vincent van Gogh

The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque, 1883-85
Paul C?nne

St. Jude [Icon] Saint of impossible petitions, by Vladimir Ters for the Church of St. Jude, Lakewood, Colorado [go to St. Jude Candles]


Sarah Brightman
06/30/1998  Wea International 
"Something In The Air" with featured guest Tom Jones

The Memory of Trees
12/05/1995  Warner Brothers
Memory of Trees (Instrumental & Voices) (4:18)

Music tapes of the Gyuto Order (also spelled Gy?of Buddhist monks, a Tibetan tantric order founded in 1475 within the Tibetan school of Gelug.
For information on the Gyuto Monks, visit


Flower and Wreath

Power Colour Combinations Matched with the Orange Wave
Raw Umber (dark, dusky brown) Shadings include yellow, almond, buff, pecan, caramel, linen, honey, oak. Used by Springs.

Burnt Umber (reddish brown) Tones include stone, black walnut, ionized teakwoods. Used by some Springs and some Autumns.

Raw Sienna (yellowish brown) tones of wheat, amber, yellow topaz, brass, chamois. Used by some Autumns.

Burnt Sienna basis for terra cotta, brick carnelian, and redwood. Used by Autumns.

Van Dyke Brown Tones range from smoke and otter to bittersweet chocolate and Eastern mink. Used by some Springs, some Autumns and a few Winters. Mixed with fawn brown or taupe, used by Summers.


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Michael Caine, the Old Mill House, purchased by Jimmy Page

How Stairway was written. Jimmy Page talks about How Stairway to Heaven was written on the BBC News, 8 min


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