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James Patrick Caviezel was born on September 26, 1968 at 11:14 AM, in Mount Vernon, Washington.
Sun 3 Libra 43' and Moon 1 Sagittarius 02'
Ascendant 18 Scorpio 36' with Midheaven 4 Virgo 56'
5 Destiny Path

Libra Countries include Argentina, Austria, Burma, Ethiopia, Japan, parts of India, Indo-China, Northern China, Portugal Sun 18°10' Libra, Russia, Tibet, Upper Egypt
Cities include Antwerp, Bucharest, Cardiff, Wales , Celaya in Mexico, Charleston, Copenhagen, Culiacan in Mexico, Derby UK, Frankfort, Fribourg, Johannesburg, Leeds, Lisbon, Madrid, Orlando FL, Paris, Richmond VA, San Miguel de Allende, Tegucigalpa, Vienna, Westport CT, Yuma, Zamora in Portugal.

Michael Emerson was born on September 7, 1954 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His time of birth is unknown.
Sun in Virgo is in excellent aspect with Moon in Capricorn. Several factors in Emerson's star chart are on the cusp between two zodiacal signs, including his Mercury at 29 Virgo 02' and his Venus at 0 Scorpio.

Virgo Countries include Assyria, Brazil, State of California, Crete, French Polynesia, part of Greece, Malaysia, Malta, Mesopotamia, Papua New Guinea, Pensacola, Switzerland, Turkey, and the West Indies
Virgo Cities include Boston, Corinth, Heidelberg, Jerusalem, Kolkata in India, Los Angeles, Lyons, Manchester NH, Monterrey in Mexico, Paris, Pensacola FL Sun 0°23' Virgo, Ponce in Puerto Rico, Rockford IL, Singapour, Strasburg, and Toulouse

Michael Emerson fan page
Note that Venus is also conjunct her antidote, Saturn, and her higher octave expression of love, Neptune as spiritualized eros.

Both Caviezel and Emerson have well placed Libra planets and lights. Libra natives are likely to use a professional name or alias at some time in their life. Stage names, epithets, a blogger or pen name and various and sundry titles are functional, descriptive, and appropriate for their station in life.

Jim Caviezel, as John Reese, uses John as his first name alias most of the time, as, John Rooney, John Warren, John Anderson, John Wiley, John Campbell, John Randall, and John Hayes, except for his first alias in the pilot, when he was James J. Manzione. In Mission Creep he used the name Tony Miller. He also goes by "Detective Stills" and "Marshall Jensen", having "borrowed" their shield/star somewhat permanently.

Michael Emerson, as Harold Finch, is a reclusive billionaire software engineer who is known by a series of bird-themed aliases with the first name Harold, like Harold Wren, Crane, Crow, Quail, Gull, Swift and Mr. Partridge, but has used non-bird names including Arthur Bellenger. These characters suggest the constant theme that generates cerebral output from both hemispheres of the brain, just as the dove in Christian symbolism bestows wisdom. The power of understatement also facilitates the Finch-Reese duo in tandem with the machine. Ancient mythology and legend often referred to teachers and messengers who followed bird migrations from temple to temple with the names of various birds depending on the immortal involved. Finch is so secretive and highly conscious of digital security we do not know his real name. He has successfully erased his own digital footprint.

Season 3

The third season has gone into unchartered territory as the fighting can only become more fierce and stun fans with additional numbing twists. Episodes 8 Endgame, 9 The Crossing, and 10 The Devil's Share follow the seasonal changes in the sky as the Sun moves through Scorpio secrets, initiation, and the grim reaper, and Sagittarius philosophy, international themes, self-realization, the two signs most likely to meet up with things that go bump in the night. Both zodiacal signs want justice, fairness, and soul power attunements. They seek an overview by going beneath, around, in back of, and through the illusions that veil the eyes of people with numbers that turn up. Scorpio succeeds as still waters run deep and Sag as a pilgrim in search of truth.
The introduction of the astrological thread running parallel to the POI storyline actually began in, The Perfect Mark, Episode 7, with the hypnotherapist whose number came up. He was, however, able to get out of Dodge before all hell broke loose. The central characters who work with the Machine are compelled to take on the timeless, epic battle in Episode 8, that causes a three-part inside-out make over of the POI foundation.
Plot details with Spoilers
More to come.

The Power of Internet Symbols
The Net and Trident, Symbols of the Age of Aquarius

The net refers to the internet and the Aquarian model calling for us to be fishers of men. The mystical Trident, aka The Sword of Paracelus, is an instrument used by the exorcist. The three-pronged sword is composed of gold, silver, and copper in the romantic version, though other metals are substituted if exorcism is required.
Generally the trend during the transition leans toward the good-natured and humanitarian, compassionate and philanthropic, the tolerant and kind. The mind is broad, sincere, and philosophical. The gradual movement from old to new takes time because nations must reinvent themselves and adjust their new boundary lines.

The Aquarian Age transition over the next three hundred years, that we are just now starting, is about the change from water symbols, codes, and archetypes to the new set we are going to use, based on sky-consciousness and the element of air. The air triplicity represented in the forms of zodiacal signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and their ruling planets Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, provide the clues about the new blueprints to be used by the human race for approximately three thousand years.
Harold Finch and John Reese are personifications of the net and the trident-exorcist, respectively.

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