Richard Harris [Marcus Aurelius] in a Meeting With Russell Crowe [Maximus]
German front: Vindobona - 182 A.D.
Richard the Lionheart, Robin and Marian Sean Connery as Robin Hood 4:30

Name Vibration of Marcus Aurelius and Richard Harris

The One Vibration
The One Vibration is the pioneer, shaman, and magician who introduces a new phase or approach to the status quo extant. The ideal vision is traced back to the leader with this type of originality. The implication is closeness with the powers of creation, although not necessarily a profound understanding of such forces. The One Vibration implies an independent, initiating free spirit, capable of great accomplishments. Usually known for will power, enthusiasm, and potential for binary solutions, the One can be ambitious, original, and outside the confines of cultural back pages. Marcus Aurelius saw structural pillars, support of Rome, in peril or actually breaking down. He knew the demands of the time required Rome adapt with a make-over, if she was going to survive. Shape shifting skills associated with One are usually evident before they are demonstrated because One ideally reshapes the world first to lay a new foundation. Socially, the tendency is to be loyal in friendship, dedicated to partners, children, home, and country. One dreams of the heights still beyond the backdrop of known paradigms, an instigator, adventurer and promoter of new plans and enterprises hitherto unconceived.
The style is marked by poise, self-determination, with a somewhat forceful bearing or presence.

Insight about 1 Vibration leadership could be gained by watching some of the films that highlight inspired authority figures generated by the fiery 1 Soul Power theme. It is not a coincidence an alignment exists between Russell Crowe 1 Soul Urge and the 1 Name Vibration of Marcus Aurelius. The on screen chemistry between Crowe and Harris helped win Crowe many awards, including the Oscar. The secret to the success of the One Vibration is the integrity of Mars. If Mars remains toxin free the One Vibration can enjoy stunning success throughout life. The spectacular gladiatorial film, Spartacus also has a 1 Name Vibration along with the star, Kirk Douglas. The 1 Name Vibration of Charlton Heston matches the classic charioteer Judah Ben Hur, a character betrayed and enslaved, yet he overcame his plight and won his laurels in the epic, Ben Hur.

Gladiator has a 6 Name Vibration, the same 6 Frequency as the Soul Urge-Talents of the name General Aelius Maximus. The Last Days of Pompeii, book and movies set at the time Vesuvius erupted, has the 6 Vibration Soul Urge-Talents as well. The 6 Vibe provides insight into the parable of the Worker in the Vineyard because of the range it embraces. The 6 Frequency refers to the vessel that incases the light, and the karma associated with that container represented by heredity, gender, race, nationality, ergonomics, social standing and so on. The Jupiterian Test proposes the challenge we see past the illusions associated with the vessel. The combination of the One Vibration with toxin free Mars often invites the Jupiterian overview linked to the potter mythology and looks directly into the power of the light being inside the clay vessel, vehicle or ark. Originally, the 6 Frequency represented servants, workers, employees, and slaves, including gladiators. Although Jupiter rules professional sports, gladiators who fought and died in the arena do not come under the heading of competitive sports.

Richard Harris portrayed Marcus Aurelius in, Gladiator, one of his best performances in decades. Harris was cast perfectly as the admired historical figure who was one of the five good emperors of Rome. The first name Richard adds up to 7, the vibration of Soul Urge-Talents of Marcus Aurelius. The sum of the last name Harris is 37, reduced to 10 or the 1 Frequency, the same Name Vibration of Marcus Aurelius. It should also be noted that the film, Noah, starring Russell Crowe in the title role, has the 7 Soul Urge as the first patriarch of the first dynasty after the flood, our current evolutionary period. Marcus Aurelius, who wanted to return Rome to her true self as a Republic, has the 7 Soul Urge as well, the number of the Incarnation. Probably the best director for the film Gladiator, Ridley Scott, has the 6 Name Vibration that is matched to the frequency of Gladiator. Scott mentioned he felt half his work as a director was done if he could cast the film successfully. His spot on intuition surely paid off with Gladiator.
Check Russell Crowe for more about Gladiator and the concurrent vibratory alignments.

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History: Marcus Aurelius pre-battle speech deleted Gladiator, King Arthur in Camelot,
and King Richard in Robin and Marian

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The Tower House was an animated home for Richard Harris from 1968, located at 29 Melbury Road, Kensington, now owned by rock and roll wizard Jimmy Page. Harris discovered that entertainer Liberace had bought the house but not yet put down a deposit, so he paid a cool 75,000 pounds the moment his window of opportunity opened. Additionally, the house is haunted.
Page, known for his fascination with all such historical landmarks linked with architect and designer William Burges, as well as the unusual, paranormal, and unexplained has been in a battle for the integrity of this Victorian jewel. Stranger than fiction, the adversary is not otherworldly, non-corporeal, or from another planet, rather his next door neighbors who want to burrow deep under their homes to construct various rumpus rooms, play rooms, and a swimming pool. The machinery required would probably compromise the fragile house structure, not to mention the street and area behind the Tower House. The powerful solar lines in front of the Tower House could not function as armor should Melbury Road itself be undermined. More about these details here at Dowser Field Journal.

Richard Harris was born in Limerick, Ireland and raised on stories about the Tuatha De Danann, the first cycle of Irish storytelling. He was read bedtime stories about the little people, the Primordial Parents, and other stories still popular among locals there.
go to Footnotes for more information about legends and mythology of Ireland.
The 1875 design by William Burges, an architect, jeweler, and metallurgist, follows the style of a substantial thirteenth century French townhouse. The prominent conical tower facing the street is a double of Hogwarts observatory and the office of Professor Dumbledore, the character played by Harris on the set of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter series. The power of the design, based on an L plan, is simple and elegant, yet with the concrete foundations would be suitable for a fortress. Interior beauty compensates for the plain red brick exterior. Each room has a complex iconographic scheme of decoration. That of the hall is Time, in the drawing room, Love, in the Burges bedroom, the Sea. Massive fireplaces with elaborate overmantels were carved and installed, a castle in the Library and mermaids and sea-monsters of the deep in his own bedroom. The home has long been occupied by a resident child spirit, for whom Harris built a special amusement room so he could get some sleep at night. More Tower House info here.