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PEACE LABYRINTH Light of Christ Center, Huntsville  - Classical
outdoor 7-Ring Classical (Cretan) Labyrinth 30'diameter, installed June 08
4208 Holmes Ave., Huntsville, Alabama 35816, United States -- view map

Traditional Medieval CHARTRES pattern Labyrinth at Madison County Mental Health Center
60 ft. outdoor grass and stone labyrinth, located within healthcare facility, open to the public,

4040 S. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, Alabama 35802

  view map
contact: Marilyn Lands, Phone: 256.705.6338, and Fax: 256.532.4112


Ashland area
Known deposits of graphite are mostly confined to a zone with a NE-SW trend running from the NE corner of Clay Co. to Millerville, widening out southward, then, after a gap, showing up near Goodwater [Coosa Co.] and continuing a short way into Chilton Co, a length of about 60 miles [with widths from 2 to 5 miles.] Associated with graphite are: Feldspar, Biotite and Muscovite micas, Quartz and Sillimanite; the unweathered ore also carries Apatite, Garnet, Limonite and Pyrite.



AURORA BOREALIS, NORTHERN LIGHTS - The ideal time window to view mother nature's beautiful FX light show is from late August through early April.  Current extent and position of the auroral oval in the northern hemisphere, extrapolated from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES satellite.

  • Pioneer Peak south of Palmer in Southcentral Alaska     

  • in winter months, Talkeetna At the junction of the Talkeetna, Chulitna and Susitna rivers,  southeast of Denali] at the foothills of the Alaska Range


CHIEF SHAKES ISLAND  and Community House, north side of Wrangell Island. Historical power site, the replica Tribal House was built in 1939. A typical group house of the Tlingit Indians who lived in communities of fifty or more persons. Several large totem poles are standing in this area.



CHILKOOT TRAIL, 33-mile-long trail begins at the Taiya River bridge near the Dyea townsite and travels over the Chilkoot Pass to Lake Bennett. 3 - 5 days, for experienced hikers.

MOUNT McKINLEY, the tallest peak in North America, known throughout the world as Denali National Park. The park entrance is 237 highway miles north of Anchorage and 125 miles south of Fairbanks.  Mount McKinley itself is about 140 miles north of Anchorage as the raven flies.




MEDICINE WHEEL OVERLOOKING SEDONA [above] - The tremendous power of natural healing and rejuvenation sites in this area is easily absorbed by those visiting for backpacking, spiritual journeys and/or golf. Home of many Native Americans well over ten thousand years ago, you should plan to stay a while once you've found your way to this spot; this is truly one of the spiritual sentries of this continent, the central one is The Grand Canyon. Historically you can begin tracking the tragic 'Trail Of Tears' ~ natural residents were forced from this area to artificial 'reservation' environments in 1875.


CANYON DE CHELLY NATIONAL MONUMENT, ARIZONA - An ancient belief this is, 'where the water comes out of the rock,' thus one of the most important ceremonial sites for Native Americans. Writing and symbols in excellent condition on sandstone columns and cliffs a thousand feet high. Hopi and Navajo believe this is where the Holy Ones instructed people how to live together with Mother Earth using medicine rituals. Legends at every turn, this canyon will capture your imagination so bring plenty of film!


BETATAKIN NAVAJO MONUMENT, Northwest of Canyon de Chelly - Betatakin from the Navajo 'lodge house' ~ one of source for modern day architectural 'earth ships', fulfilling wishes and respecting needs of people and nature in this inspirational blend. Constructed under solid rock overhang on a narrow ledge these dwellings are over 800 feet above the Canyon floor. Permission from State of Arizona required to enter and explore interiors of these homes. This location appears to be a temporary site, inhabited only between 1250 and 1286 A.D.

Healing Site

Mission San Xavier del Bac, situated on an elevation in the Santa Cruz Valley nine miles south of Tucson. Rare and beautiful decorative designs and motifs have been used throughout this historical monument by masters of Spanish colonial baroque architectural art forms. Shrine of pilgrimage throughout the area.  (Construction 1700 A.D.)

Visit Sacred Site




Clinton Presidential Center Project - Located on the banks of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock River Market District, the Clinton Center will house the largest archival collection in American Presidential history.


INDIAN CAVE has walls covered with drawings made by prehistoric people. Located in Petit Jean, southwest of Morrilton.

Southern Arkansas Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley. The Terrapin Rocks look like gigantic turtle backs. Site created in 1923.


Menard-Hodges Mounds, Arkansas County, site dates from the late Prehistoric era to the 1680s, with Baytown and Mississippian components and evidence of contact with Europeans. Archeological: beautiful images can be easily photographed.


Natural Thermal Hot Springs  Hike or drive up "Shaman's Peak". "The American Spa, the small community of Hot Springs, Arkansas [in Garland County] grew up around the springs.  Visit inspirational site, Lake Catherine, thirteen miles southeast of Hot Springs National Park [2,179 acres].


TOLTEC MOUNDS  Archaeological State Park off Highway 165 in Scott, Lonoke County, site of Native American activity from A.D. 700-1800.

Archeological State Parks: Rockhounders can visit archeological state parks like Hampson Museum State Park, Parkin Archeological State Park, Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park, Oil And Brine Museum, Hot Springs National Park, Bauxite Museum, Mid-America Museum, Arkansas Geological Commission, Discovery Museum and Hot Spring County Museum.

In addition: these sites may interest you:

Crater of Diamonds State Park: Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is open for rockhounders on all days and is marked as one of the best place in world for diamond rockhounding. Other minerals that are usually present with diamonds include pink garnet and opaque black shiny grains.

Montgomery Co. Quarry: Montgomery Co. Quarry, aka Mauldin Mountain, in Arkansas is located to the northwest of Mount Ida about 2.5 miles. Wavellite in interesting colors and specials shades like bright green, apple green, and pale green are available at this site.



Klamath Falls and Hobbiton, USA in Klamath County; see Golden Bear on the Klamath Falls bridge

Mt. Shasta-California U.S. Geological Survey: Over the last 10,000 years, Shasta has erupted on average once every 800 years. During the 3,500 years the volcano has erupted about once every 300 years. The most recent eruption may have occurred in 1786 A.D.  Beautiful
Picture Postcards of Mt. Shasta.



MUIR WOODS (picture) - The Primary Path wends its way past the Visitor Center just inside the gate. Stay on the main walkway as it passes that Visitor Center exit to the right. Several paces on down will bring you into a worthwhile power space (to the right, about 40 - 50 feet past the fence). You will feel it ahead of time, but dowse for your exact center - there is a feminine vortex, close to it 3 crossing water lines. About a mile further down there are some "off path" sites as well you can enjoy. Bring a camera and sunscreen - you may decide to stay a while!   John Muir Exhibit



  MYTH~ Power Locations of San Francisco: Seven Ancient Hills

 Below is the list of the seven temples in the City of San Francisco, site of an ancient Atlantean city. If you're going to San Francisco, bring your rods and pendulum! Tlamco, the temple city of seven hills which marked the orbits and diameters of the planets while also forming a map of the Pleiades, is modern day San Francisco. Following locations of the original temples are based on the book, YERMAH THE DORADO:

TEMPLE OF THE SUN: Intersection Haight @ Shraeder Streets
TEMPLE OF JUPITER: Lone Mountain (Campus of USF) now there. Site once an observatory.
TEMPLE OF VENUS: Vacinity of Alamo Park (overlooking SF)
TEMPLE OF MARS: Southwest of Lone Mountain
TEMPLE OF SATURN: Buena Vista Park, facing Corona Heights
TEMPLE OF URANUS: Edge of SF Presidio, upper end of Mountain Lake
TEMPLE OF NEPTUNE:  Golden Gate Park, Strawberry Hill *

Over looking the Golden Gate from the Presidio are three hills understood to symbolize and end of the Bridge of Kinvat; the etheric bridge extending from the star Sirius to earth.


WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE  - Victorian home, designed and built by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, will interest dowsers and interior designers alike. Construction was maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 38 consecutive years at a total cost of 5.5 Million dollars. She received all her instructions for building plans in the seance room, although the central point of power within the whole house is her bedroom, where she was trapped during the 1906 Earthquake. Legend has it that a psychic advised the most propitious way to quiet the spirits of all those who fell because of the Winchester Rifle, was to continue estate construction nonstop without ever completing it. The Winchester Mystery House.

Take I-280 to San Jose. Take Winchester Blvd. exit (near intersecting Hwy. 17). Specific directions: (408) 247-2000, 525 South Winchester Boulevard, SJ CA 95128   In the early 1960s, the Whaley House in San Diego was designated as haunted by the U.S. Commerce Department. California's only other official haunted home is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.   Winchester Mystery House-Ca>



Location: Rocky Mountain National Park (East area) BACKPACKER describes this power site as "small, almost indistinct peak; evidence of more than 3,000 years of vision quest activity".

There are several sites in Colorado claiming "healing waters", for a variety of reasons. The Ute warriors repaired to these hot waters for centuries. Today the chants and drums of ancient rites performed there are sometimes heard by visitors who go to the more modern pools provided for the general public. Another magical healing resort is MEDICINE FOUNTAINS, today known as MANITOU SPRINGS, that rests at the foot of Pikes Peak. Minerals are so prevalent in these restorative fountains and pools they can be recognized by taste.

In the spring of 1992 Ben Nighthorse Campbell wrote Reflections on the Quincentenary for the symposium, Reflections on the Columbus Quincentenary (1492-1992).

Calaverite Mines
 ~  photo 10685  ~ Cripple Creek, Cripple Creek District, Teller Co.
El Paso Mine, Cripple Creek, Cripple Creek District, Teller Co.



Locality:  Roncari quarry (Tilcon quarry), East Granby, Hartford Co  Calcite, Prehnite
Locality:  Route 72 roadcut, New Britain, Hartford Co  Malachite photo 3961



Power Zone ~ CommunitySpace
Winterthur:  Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
Special for little people: Labyrinth, Tulip Tree House to the Faerie Cottage
Routes 52 ~ Kennett Pike, Winterthur, Delaware 19735 - view map



Power Zone ~ Community Places
CHICAGO:  Crown Fountain
and Cloud Gate [AKA "THE BEAN"] at Millennium Park, downtown lakefront

EVENT  The Cultural & Heritage Tourism Alliance



Power Site
NEW HARMONY is the site of an
American utopian community settlement [with labyrinth], c. early 1800s through the 1940s, founded by Lutheran dissenters from Wurttemburg, Germany.

Directions: Historic New Harmony is 40 minutes drive time west of Evansville and is located on Indiana 66. From I-64, take exit 4 to Indiana 69 and Indiana 66 West.




Portland Headlight & Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse  Portland Headlight was commissioned by George Washington and first lit in 1791. Portland Headlight is located in beautiful Fort Williams Park. It is Maine's oldest lighthouse and offers an onsite museum.
Map to Old Orchard Beach, found just under 2 hours north of Boston



Salem  Harry Potter Gathering *  On October 6, 2005, The Witching Hour, a Harry Potter symposium, will commence in Salem, Massachusetts.

Power Zone~Spiritual Places

Milton, Medford, Parks along the Mystic River {near Boston} -  [locals] documented sightings in 2003 and 2004; in the same area, Bigfoot & other creature sightings @ Bridgewater Triangle

Nantucket Island Information, events, tide and weather pages   Whale Chart 1851

Pittsfield Herman Melville was living at Arrowhead when he met Hawthorne in August of 1850 on a picnic on Monument Mountain. LITERARY CIRCLE living there included Fanny Kemble, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, and, in Lenox, less than six miles from Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Arrowhead is located at 780 Holmes Road. DIRECTIONS: From the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), take Exit 2 (Lee). Follow Route 20 West for 8.5 miles.; it will merge with Route 7 North. Turn right onto Holmes Road at the traffic light. Arrowhead is 1.5 miles ahead on the left.

From points north: Take Route 2 (The Mohawk Trail) to Route 7 South. Follow Route 7 South until you cross the Pittsfield-Lenox town line. Turn left onto Holmes Road at the traffic light. Arrowhead is 1.5 miles ahead on the left.

Locality:    Malachite   Manhan Mines (Loudville Mines), Easthampton, Hampshire Co.




PYRAMID LAKE  Ancient Lake Lahontan and Pyramid Lake
Calcium-Carbonate rich waters produce Tufa Formations of great beauty. The Pyramid, the Needles, Indian Head, Popcorn and others formed in geothermal water. Since the completion of Derby Dam 1/2 of Truckee River water has been diverted to Fallon, changing the disposition of this power zone in contrast to it's dramatically stunning appearance in 1867. Museum on site has a collection of historical Native-American Indian photographs and ancient stone writing, background research about site in terms of then and now. Bonus: Pleistocene horse skull. Long drive, so leave with a full tank and plenty of film.    


Tonopah in the Fish Lake Valley, to find a unique Apache Tears cache. See also The Mystic White Wave.



MYSTERY HILL, North of Salem, Southeastern NH
The USA Stonehenge is the mystical astronomical site located near the State?s southern boarder line. This powerful site has been dated to the ancient Celtic period by various inscriptions, aligned stones in keeping with the movements of Moon and Sun through the heavens (matched to the dates in Celtic Calendar). The megalith stones almost identical to the structuring style of Stonehenge in England. There are 22 huge stones, weighing tons, the Oracle Chamber, a deep crystalline reserve, and many other features making these ruins well worth your effort to visit there




BRANCHES WATERFALL GARDEN  All traces of the blacktop located at the north side of Branches is gone, and the romantic outdoor Waterfall Garden, with a seven foot high waterfall, several gentle pooling areas and a 60-foot endless stream now graces the space. 
123 Monmouth Road   [turn onto Monmouth Road/Route 71 at the green arrow]
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
TEL: 732-542-5050 
FAX: 732-542-5149

Mines Zinc-Schefferite 




ALBUQUERQUE West Mesa Petroglyph National Monument covers 17 miles Bernalillo County
CHACO CANYON [Hwy 44 to Hwy 57 to the site. Note that Hwy 57 is unpaved road but safe to drive during most months]
THREE RIVERS 5,000 individual Petroglyphs

TAOS COUNTY Culture Center

Spiritual, archeological, and
dowser research site:  Taos is also an excellent vacation zone. Visit for more about the area, power and cultural site, host to a well known jazz/artist compound in the first half of the twentieth century. [Georgia O'Keefe bio.] If you love skiing the weather will welcome you all year! The Pueblo de Taos shows the general design that evolved from pre-historic Anasazi Indians.



COLUMBUS CIRCLE is an extremely important power site where water lines link together in New York City, and place where the first jazz ever was performed in the northeast. Vaudeville and early cinema also concentrated in this small area In the heyday! Excellent for creative writing and art, reflection and assessment work - recommended as likely to help with clear thinking and emotional equilibrium. Located at ends of Central Park South and Central Park West.



STRAWBERRY FIELDS, filled with beautiful trees, flowers and tranquil space, dedicated to Beatle John Lennon. The circular mosaic has one word ~ "Imagine."  Strawberry Fields is located at West Side between 71st and 74th Streets. When John Lennon lived in the nearby Dakota, this was his favorite area in Central Park.


Temple of Dendur
Located at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - N.Y. Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street


THOMPSON PARK, Near Lake Ontario, Northern New York Take I-81 North, exits 45 through 47
Sacred groves and intermittent time/warp portals with an aeyther-like composition; earth energy center.


Woodstock, upstate New York - town of Woodstock next to ancient spiritual center of the American Indians. It is the location where pilgrims first stepped from the Mayflower on soil of this continent. The new Woodstock Museum, located in Woodstock, VA, is an easy drive on Highway 81. go Bethel Woods Center for the Arts




Oak Ridge
OdinStone Labyrinth The 50 ft. diameter, OdinStone Labyrinth is typical Cretan design with 7 inward spiraling paths. It was created from 12 tons of individually placed stones each worn smooth by river water and a single 4000 lb. hand carved OdinStone featuring a Celtic design waistband. Rune inscriptions on the OdinStone offer timeless advice from the ancients, and it serves as an 8 ft. gnomon for a large size solar clock. Use of the site is free.  Located precisely at 950 ft. 36.173 degrees North latitude and 79.989 degrees West longitude. The site is open during daylight hours by appointment, and is nestled on a hills side overlooking water.

6111 Meadow Bluff Lane, Oak Ridge, NC 27310  Phone: 336 644-0305





Metolius River  Eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, Deschutes National Forest, Central Oregon; Clean, clear water rises up from the ground, in 1988, the river was designated a national Wild and Scenic River, on account of its scenic properties.


houses the deepest lake in North America, with perhaps the purest water in the world. Over 1,300 ft the Klamath Indians hold Wizard Island to be the seat of power of The Spirit Chief guardian of the portal through which pass spirits entering and leaving the mortal world. Serene and still highly charged, the experience is reminiscent of a vision of The White Tara (Savioress) seated on a golden lotus.




Millerstown  Center for Spiritual Formation Retreat Center
73 x 67 feet classical seven circuit design
Directions: Take PA route 322 to the Millerstwon exit. Take Main St. to the square and turn right on route 17. Proceed 1.5 miles to Orchard Way (sign "Center")which will be on your left. At "Y" bear left and proceed up the mountain to the top where labyrinth will be on your right  Orchard Way

Langhorne  Common Ground Labyrinth [Travelling Labyrinth]
Pattern based on Vesica Pisces symbol.  30 x 45 feet designed for TLS World Trade Center Memorial Competition Entry.
29 Golf Club Drive, Pennsylvania 19047 - view map




(Lakota name: Mato Pah) is the historical meeting place of Native American council for Crazy Horse. His spiritual messages and visions were received and healings were celebrated at location near the eastern meadow known as Teaching Hill. Rugged country.



BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK, located in south-central Utah, uppermost point of The Grand Staircase. Visual time machine of geographical steps in development of this region, is literally splendor in stone. From Pink Cliffs that form Bryce to the north rim of The Grand Canyon, Kaibab Plateau, there are multi-dimensional formations to rock your spirit and your mind.


NEWSPAPER ROCK  in Newspaper Rock State Park, off Highway 211. Southeastern Utah road map highly recommended; ask Triple A for a copy of contact Utah Travel Council, Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, UT 04114 online or by mail. Image of the rock.


Southwest Utah holds some of the most mystical, other worldly sites, stretching beyond time and into other dimensions. The Needles area particularly, should not be missed. Go to the Needles District of the Canyonlands; vehicles should be FWD and remember your CB radio as few roads are maintained. Back packers dreamland, and remember your rods, you'll have plenty of opportunity to use them.



Nine Mile Canyon,  northeast of Wellington, Utah. The Bureau of Land Management has called the canyon 'the greatest concentration of rock art sites' in the country. Some ancient Indian petroglyphs depict animals such as bighorn sheep, right, bison, owls, a two-headed snake, scenes of hunters, and the famed Balloon Man. Some call it the world's longest art gallery, a collection of thousands of prehistoric rock carvings and paintings.

Dust clouds from passing trucks travel more than 100 feet and linger in the air for at least 10 minutes before landing on the rock carvings, according to a study.  It is still unclear exactly how the increased dust and continued use of a dust suppressant in the canyon will affect the rock art. Halliburton natural gas exploration vehicles sit stationed by the road where petroglyphs adorn the rock walls. Over the last 4 years, about 70 wells have been evaluated and approved with another 60 or so allowed without a full environmental review. The Bureau of Land Management's newest proposal would allow up to 807 new wells to be drilled over 8 years. (AP  Douglas C. Pizac)




The line of power that extends from Capitol Hill runs directly through the Lincoln Memorial. This is YANG energy, hot, physically empowering. Take time to walk the whole stretch of this awesome path; you'll have the energy!

The whole Arlington Area, starting at the bridge and walking across the Potomac River and through this National Cemetery, leaves a tingling sensation even in your bone marrow. Certainly one of the most mystical and inspiring National Landmarks, this entire area is unforgettable. Give yourself the afternoon for unique discovery.



Camp Creek State Park, two miles off Interstate 77 at exit 20, meditation and retreat territory for the spiritual pilgrim. Site formed from Camp Creek State Forest in 1987

Greenbrier River Trail  @ Williams River, where the water runs through Greenbrier River Trail State Park, surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains. Directions: from Interstate 64 east or west, take Exit 175 (White Sulphur Springs) and follow signs 1 1/2 miles to the forest. Close to U.S. Route  219 from the south.   Call for info  1-800-CALL WVA

on the Guyandotte River, near Huntington, between Beech Fork State Park and Milton, you will enjoy an extremely powerful energy site. Access from I 64. Turn off HWY @ Exit 20. Other attractions include Game Preserves, White Waters, Convention Center (Huntington). Two world renown manufacturers of cranberry, cameo and stained glass (St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY) are at this location.

THE MOTHMAN LEGEND @ POINT PLEASANT  Film location for THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, stars Richard Gere [visit Richard Gere fanpage for more info about the true story that involves a series of phenomena leading to the collapse of The Silver Bridge.]




Southeastern Wisconsin From West Bend, WI go northeast on Route 144 and follow the signs. Park closed from November 15 to April 15

Thirty-one effigy mounds depicting animal and geometric shapes, this mystical site is renown as the most significant effigy site on the face of North America. Used as burial mounds; each individual burial place depicting the vital organs of the power animal that had protected and guided that individual during the course of the incarnation.

Southeastern Wisconsin I-94 between Milwaukee and Madison guides you to the Lake Mills exit; take Water St
reet leaving town and follow signs to the park.

Ancient city where the scholars and philosophers of the day (best guess last occupation began around 1100 A. D.) gathered to build their own "research library in progress". These remains are evidence of the extraordinary capital, including Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, conical mounds and an incredible three mile stone aqueduct to Rock Lake (additionally important as a power site)

Ashmolean Museum, Oxfordshire
Standing Stones  below ~ Gaelic name for Lewis, 'Leodhas,' means marshy
The Indus Valley, or Harrapan
Luxor Engineering close Luxor Karnak Temple
Ritual Stones - Sweden

Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza
The Great Pyramid at Giza, Atlantis and more on audio and video tape

Inverness, Northern Scotland near Loch Ness
Aviemore Ring Cairn and Stone Circle

Well known cathedrals provided labyrinths for pilgrims in Europe when the Holy Land was inaccessible, at the time many aesthetic symbols were based on the circle. Robin of Sherwood locations, referred to and visited, include sacred stone rings, such as the Ring of The Nine Maidens.  Many current European digs  include the sacred journey form. See German Stonehenge unearthed near Goseck in 2002.




    Consider The Source    

   The Labyrinth is a sacred journey. Walk your own Labyrinth
   Movie Trump - Tarot Trump List
 Myth, SciFi and Fantasy
Power Site Link Page - Special Interest

     Temples and sacred sites provide ideas for home decor, especially our pampering/empowering focalizer zones indoors and out back around the yard. Gordon Orians, a professor at University of Washington [zoology] describes, from his  research work about detail people prefer in their environment, what people notice and consider truly important in their back yard or garden. First, they invariably want some water, and will feel comfortable with the sand garden because it suggests the waves of the ocean moving around large rocks, which are like islands. Some people substitute portable zen gardens or small fountains; they have charm, are small, and able to withstand constant location changes. See U. S. Capitol architect, Unicorn Garden, and Fountain and Shrine.

* Strawberry Hill, Golden Gate Park is one of the ancient sites attributed to Neptune/Poseidon. It may be a time/space portal, the area may have been used to predict earthquakes long ago. Time and Space Travel are based on Einstein's theory and may eventually include an additional factor - Dimensional Travel, as we have watched run amok in, PLANET OF THE APES, PREDATOR and A BEAUTIFUL MIND. Click on KATE AND LEOPOLD, for SCREENTIME listing.


The Highland Retreat of "Abramelin" better known as Boleskine, on the shore of Loch Ness [part two - this article assesses varied/sundry paranormal events and phenomena.]





* Additional films that have used Alnwick Castle for location work include:

Note that our "national vista" - the distance we are able to see - dimmed 25 percent between 1948 and 1983; because a haze caused by air pollutants can drift hundreds of miles from its source, that cloud obscuring the view of the Grand Canyon could be from Los Angeles.

The Lab backdrop touches on films Escape From New York and Planet of The Apes. [See the Anniversary DVD Planet of the Apes] Astrology information for Charlton Heston: BT October 4, 1923 7:55 AM, Evanston, Illinois, with a Libra  10?18 Sun, Scorpio Ascending @ 3?45 conjunct Vesta [Mt. Sinai scene at the Burning Bush? from The Ten Commandments] and Jupiter in 19? Scorpio 05
  ~ DeMille's Lost City
First shoot of

The Ten Commandments 1923
~ America's Castles

Castles - UK Very Photogenic Alnwick Castle [Harry Potter, Robin, Prince of Thieves, Robin of Sherwood, many more*] and some  interior locations; rt., Gloucester Cathedral, a location for Hogwarts Troll scene [backdrop] in the first Harry Potter film.

~ Ch?au des Briotti?s - Location for movie about the life of Chopin and George Sand, IMPROMPTU, situated in Anjou, an unspoilt corner of France, Fran?s et Hedwige de Valbray - 49330 Champign? FRANCE

 ~ CLEOPATRA Screen Temple 
Description of Cleopatra's
portable temple, in one of the scenes cut
from the final version as it appears now @

~ Coming Home,  Starring  Joanna Lumley, Peter O'Toole, Emily Mortimer, Penelope Kieth, David McCallum
Location: Prideaux Place, Lelant, Godrevy Point, Penzance, Porthgwarra Beach, Marazion  [Giles Foster, 1997]

~ First Knight  ~ Starring Sean Connery as King Arthur and Richard Gere as Lancelot  [Jerry Zucker, 1995] 
Locations include Black Park Country Park, Buckinghamshire, England [also filmed this site: Black Beauty (1994)Supergirl (1984), and more]

~ The Mothman Prophecies
Information @ Richard Gere Pages 

~Name of The Rose filmed at this location
*Film comments are @ Red, Black, and White
* Sean Connery Home Filmography
* Pillars for the Temple appear on Connery's  Star Menu Page.

~ Newquay - Atlantic Hotel, Towan Beach, Bodmin
The Magical Mystery Tour [The Beatles, 1967]
The Witches, stars Anjelika Houston, Rowan Atkinson
Newquay - Headland Hotel  [Nicholas Roeg, 1988]

~ Nice, South of France, The flower market is location for two films, To Catch A Thief (1955), and Maximum Risk (1996)

~ Omen III (The Final Conflict), Star Sam Neill
Location: Penrice - St. Aistell, Luxulyan, Prideaux Place
[Graham Baker, 1981]

Out of Africa,
Starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep   Locations include: Shaba National Game Reserve, Kenya [also location for Born Free]

~ Poltergeist House @ Dowser Page

~ Queenstown, New Zealand
The Lord of The Rings
[Peter Jackson, 2001-2003]
Willow [1988]

~ Robin of Sherwood aka Robin Hood
Alnwick Castle; Boskednan - Nine Maidens standing stones; Rinsey, Mount's Bay

 Rob Roy -filmed on the historical sites in biography accounts of Rob Roy and William Wallace [see Mel Gibson page info related to BRAVEHEART]
- Locations include Fort William area, Loch Morar, Scotland, see  movie trailer

~Sherlock Holmes  221b Baker Street MUSEUM * BACK Inherit
 TV Show,
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Episode 1 The Devil's Foot, Stars Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke, Norman Bowler, Dennis Quilley   [Granada TV, 1988]
Location: Lizard Peninsula - Kynance Cove, Mount's Bay, Lanyion Quoit, West Penwith Moors, Boskednan - Nine Maidens standing stones

~ Snowdonia and North Wales
Sygun copper mines in hills above  Beddgelert,  The Inn of the 6th Happiness, stars Ingrid Bergman
* Lewis Carroll and the family of 'Alice' stayed at Llandudno near the Llan of St Tudno on the Great Orme

Stoke Poges Golf Club on the A332 just north of Slough, Buckinghamshire, James Bond films, GOLDFINGER, and TOMORROW NEVER DIES; also for Bridget Jones's Diary

The Three Musketeers
Locations:  Charlestown, Bocconoc Estate, Lanhydrock, Pentire, Rumps

stars Charlie Sheen, Keifer Sutherland [Walt Disney, 1993]

Tintagel, Cornwall, legendary birthplace of King Arthur.
 Knights of The Round Table,  Stars are Ava Gardner, Stanley Baxter, Robert Taylor, Mel Ferrer
[Richard Thorpe, 1953] Studio MGM
Dracula (Bram Stoker), Stars are Frank Langella, Kate Nelligan, Trevor Eve, Donald Pleasance, Sir Laurence Olivier
[John Badham, 1978]

Twelfth Night, Starring Helena Bonham-Carter, Imogen Stubbs, Nigel Hawthorne, Imelda Staunton
Lanhydrock, Cotehele, Prideaux Place, St. Micael's Mount 

[Trevor Nunn, 1995]


  • The Hal Wallis production of Becket with Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton.
  • Mary Queen of Scots with Vanessa Redgrave - another Hal Wallis production.
  • Ivanhoe starring Anthony Andrews and Sam Neill.
  • Walt Disney's King Arthur and the Spaceman starred the late Kenneth Moore and Jim Dale and recently, their Borders Battle production for Disneyland Paris.
  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner.
  • Elizabeth

    Chateau Roussan, ancestral
    home of Nostradamus

    • Salon-de-Provence,  home of Nostradamus, St. Remy-de-Provence, Nostradamus' birthplace

    • Sacred - scroll down to RHONE RIVER below

    • Unicorn Pond - Energy Management page


    ~ Grandhotel Pupp, located in West Bohemian spa town Karlovy Vary [featured in film Last Holiday - see menu Queen Latifah and Gerard Depardieu]

    ~ Interlaken Grand Hotel Victoria, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

    ~Latrobe's Hammerwood Park
      - Delos, the site inspired
    Hammerwood architect LaTrobe,
    also Sacred

    Le Plongeon 3-D Photography of Sites

    Mt. Everest Ian McKellen Page

    ~ Stockholm ~ A four part panorama from  Mosebacke water tower at S?malm in Stockholm.  62 centimeters wide (360 K).
    Put mouse over different parts to read
    about  Stockholm in 1897


           Medicine Man, Shaman, Shaker 

               ~ The Rhone River mouth. Among the early refugees from the political turmoil in
    1st century Palestine were many of the major
    figures in the Gospels, such as Martha,
     Lazarus, the Roman centurion
     and Mary Magdalene. Arriving in the   
    mid-30's, by 50 CE they converted a
    significant portion of the population to  
     Christianity. One key to this sudden conversion
     was the trophy," or sacred object signified by
    the common St. Trophime legends, which could
    very well be the origin for the story of the Holy Grail.  See Aubagne and on to the grotto of
    Mary Magdalene at Le Ste. Baume.
      Tours available with


    Robin Hood

    Image of Stonehenge during the pagan 'Summer Solstice' festival in 2007. Vandals used a hammer/  screwdriver to vandalize the Stonehenge ancient monument, the first such incident for decades,
    officials said.
    (AFP - Carl de Souza)


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