William Shatner

Star Chart

 Mercury                        7 Aries 04'
Venus                    18 Aquarius 56'
  Mars                  28 Moonchild 31'
  Jupiter                10 Moonchild 49'
  Saturn                  21 Capricorn 51'
  Uranus                         14 Aries 29'
  Neptune                        3 Virgo 43'
  Pluto                   18 Moonchild 43'
Chiron                      15 Taurus 20'
  Ceres                          10 Libra 31'
  Pallas                            0 Virgo10'
  Juno                          29? Pisces 26'
  Vesta                    7 Capricorn 42'

N Node                       15 Aries 21'


      Comments in File for
Enterprise Captains


22 March 1931 BT 04h00 in Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Sol 0 Aries 44'  Luna 3 Taurus 40'
ASC 19 Cap17'

Other points of interest and TransNeptunians

MC 17 Scorpio 49' 

  Part of Fortune 16 Sag 22'   Apollo  7 Virgo
Cupid  27 Leo                       Admetos  9 Aries
Hades  8 Aries                    Vulkanus 12 Gem
Zeus  8 Leo                           Poseidon  0 Libra
  Kronos  9 Taurus                 Regulus 28 Leo 52'

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Specials and Awards include: 2016 Saturn Award Haven, Best Guest Starring Role on Television and the 1983 Saturn Award Best Actor in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
2005: Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or TV Movie, Boston Legal
2004:  Emmy: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, The Practice (ABC)
2001 Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime Director Peter Jaysen, Stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Billy West

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