Trump V and Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Hierophant, The Pope, Jupiter, The Ancestor ancient memory, The Black Pope Jesuits

The lines of communication which connect us to all things in our sphere. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Director Steven Spielberg
Writers Lawrence Kasdan screenplay, George Lucas story
Stars Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies, Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody
1h 55min

Solar energies usually associated with Trump V and the fifth zodiacal sign Leo the Lion include creation and continuation of order, oaths and vows, personal confidence in times of stress, turbulence, and fear. Professions connected with Trump V either utilize or construct a formal play or script based on an existing drama, theme, character, or they can place emphasis on a storyline via the example of a central leader. Often the arts, prophecy, adventure, and history are highlighted, especially art, music and literature. This augury opens a possible door to the activities of both teacher and student for advancement in areas of analysis, archaeology and business. From an exoteric viewpoint, in the words of Joseph Campbell, Follow your bliss.

Positive attribute is compassion. Do what you love and the rest of what your heart desires will follow with few obstructions.
Negative attribute is tyrannical rule based on excessive ambition and the inability to accept others as they are.

Helpful interpretations for Sun cards are drawn from the symbols for the opened heart combined with realization of higher soul powers.
Basic Mental Characteristics of the Sun The mind is executive, ambitious, and possesses unusual organizing ability. The native will give truthful and wise counsel. The individuality is strong, the temperament generous, masterful, honest and creative.
Spiritual Keywords One who constructs, universal consciousness, unconditional love, electric, strong right arm of God, centre of the solar sphere emanation with name of Jesus, self-sacrifice for others, birther-father.
Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics of the Sun Dignified, democratic, versatile, vital, ambitious, constructive, lover of education, problem solver in crisis scenario. Negative representation carries ornamentation to extreme, lacking in ambition, pompous, despotic, loves form more than content, does not share with other children, overly stubborn.

Themes and a short list of storyline topics include the inner child, an open heart, competitiveness, discovery, the pleasure principal, and royalty. King of Kings, The Queen, The Sea Hawk, The Water Diviner, The Quiet Man. Adventure films and serials like the Indiana Jones and Flash Gordon. Movies based on true stories like The Big Miracle. Fantasy, romance and courtship such as Legend, Romeo and Juliet, and especially romantic comedy like One Fine Day, Sleepless in Seattle, and How to Marry a Millionaire starring Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall.

Hero for the atomic age, Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian adventurer, archaeologist, explorer and ethnographer
who organized and led the famous Kon-Tiki in 1947, and Ra, 1969 and 70, transoceanic scientific expeditions.
In 1969 Heyerdahl and a small crew crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to within 600 miles, 965 km,
of Central America in a facsimile of an ancient Egyptian reed boat, the Ra, thus confirming the possibility
that the pre-Columbian cultures of the Western Hemisphere might have been influenced by Egyptian
civilization. Both voyages, RA 1 and RA 2 were described by Heyerdahl in The Ra Expeditions, 1971,
and the subject of two breathtaking documentary films.



Ancient memory and records that itemize the evolution of the human race under human and super-race rulers sometimes surface during hypno-therapy, deep tissue massage and dream work. Three popular references to ancient mysteries studied today begin with the Lemurian Epoch prototype Adam Kadman, never meant to know death, built to last he walked with God in the garden. The Atlantean Epoch and beginning of evolution followed, a time that highlighted co-rulership of a masculine and feminine harmony. There was the introduction of the divisions such as races, nations and sects, with baptism by fire and baptism by water. Following is the discovery of the promises with regard to New Galilee and baptism of the spirit, as purged humanity regains essential dedication to realization of, and universal access to, alchemical gold.

Our current era, the Military Age of Pisces the Fish, now in transition and closing, always attempted to keep the faith and preserve shared ancient lessons and central teaching in some form. Motivation to safeguard knowledge has instituted transformation of basic rules, interpretive codes and guidelines so that we barely recognize them. We may face a modern day dilemma that involves explanation. How do we justify extraordinary experiences that are only a heartbeat outside our established, routine daily patterns of activity. Enter the art of stagecraft, folklore, and the classic mystery play. This sector of creative discovery thrives via Trump V activity such as the parent teacher who passes tradition to the child, then transfers and expands that authority to the schoolteacher, religious guide or instructor, and the hierophant interpreter-analyst who provides testimony about such signposts.

Who can explain the Nazca lines in Peru, fairy phenomena in Celtic Counties, the Oregon Vortex, and digs in Europe such as New Grange, to name a few of them. Such places call the contemporary spiritual traveler take the ticket and make the journey, go on the pilgrimage, follow your bliss in a geographical sense geomancy, like some mountain climbers are called to Everest , K2, or the North Face, though the North Face has started to collapse because of climate change. Henry Jones, Sr. prepared himself for a monumental undertaking during the course of his whole life so when the time arrived, he held a marvelous guidebook in his hand. His Grail Diary contained all the information he needed, the maps, rules, with the test questions and answers therein. The spirit of the Sun effort leans to ideals that are thoroughly for the welfare of humanity rather than for mere personal aggrandizement. People are effected and generosity of spirit results. We become of immense service to society through our natural leadership skills as seen in, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Father and son team up with friends to begin the quest for the Grail and, as the film illustrates, face down the forces of darkness placed to block their path to prevent them from achieving their goal.

Indiana Jones theme 5min 5sec



History shows that early rulers who were both Spiritual and Terrestrial, Divine Hierarchs, with the harmony of masculine and feminine principals, suffered loss of power as the Era of the Goddess began to shift to an incoming set of archetypes. Did the change in power ratio cause the people of Athens to design and construct The Parthenon as a symbol of balance and order in ancient Athens, Greece.
Statecraft, in its highest phase, aims to rule the masses with an eye single to their physical welfare, and the Prophets or Priestcraft benevolently exercised, seeks to guide them solely for soul progress, so conflict must of necessity follow this separation, even though both the spiritual and temporal rulers be actuated by the highest and most unselfish motives. Melchisedec was the symbolical name of the Divine Hierarchs who filled the dual office of king and priest.

Harrison Ford
Legend Sean Connery

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