S T A R   V O T E S   M-S







Darren McGavin, Gus Sands the gambler in The Natural (1984)
May 7 1922 - February 25 2006
The Guardian
- Masked World - Night Stalker






Ian McKellen









Professor Minerva McGonagall  by Maggie Smith
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry





Aimee Semple McPherson   







Lee Meriwether Star Chart
ST 'That Which Survives'
Women of Gotham





Liza Minnelli








Jim Morrison

The Doors




Toni Morrison






Viggo Mortensen

[enlarge to view inscription]










Carrie-Anne Moss








Peter Murphy






Jack Nicolson












Georgia O'Keefe 



Laurence Olivier



Peter O'Toole






Al Pacino 










Jimmy Page Star Chart
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Star Chart
Robert Plant Star Chart







Anna Paquin









 Lucianno Pavarotti Star Menu

Pavarotti and Joan Sutherland










Michelle Pfeiffer Star Chart



  Mary Pickford







Phoenix Brad Pitt Star Chart to check out Spy Game
go Phoenix Flicks page for Moneyball








Michael Praed - Michael Praed special
page as Robin of Sherwood

Robin Hood page




Elvis Presley Star Chart comparison with Graceland interior



     Leontyne Price        






Dennis Quaid









Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
[mirror page - early version]

The Queen Mum


Queen Latifah  







Quicksilver Messenger Service John Cipollina & Gary Duncan
Star Chart ~ Mercury's Children







Daniel Jacob Radcliffe TriWizard Champion
Directory for
Harry Potter and Hogwarts
Divination Class





Bonnie Raitt - Star Chart @ Heartwarmers and World Servers





Otis Redding [9 September 1941, Dawson GA]
solar chart Sun 16�36 Virgo








Robert Redford Spy Game, Mercury in The Signs, Star Menu with Press Club preview ~ Star Chart with Press Club transcription







Christopher Reeve Star Chart











Keanu Reeves Star Chart
Keanu Reeves @ WE'RE GOING INN

 Star Menu - Star Chart @ The Lake House numbers





The Rolling Stones
Keith Richards - Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones








Julia Roberts






John D. Rockefeller
, American industrialist
& philanthropist, and his family
John D. Rockefeller, Sr. star chart
John D. Rockefeller, Jnr., American ecologist & philanthropist
the Antioch Chalice - go
the star faq for Alkes [Crater] here










Nicolas Roerich
Rudolph Schaeffer








Meg Ryan Star Chart
close and personal







Winona Ryder Stars and Winona's Star Menu







George Sand


Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin





Arnold Schwarzenegger Star Menu









Rod Serling 
Twilight Zone 







Jane Seymour  







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